4 years together: what a wedding, what to give

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  • Where did the name of this anniversary come from?
  • Celebrating the anniversary in the old days
  • Options for celebrating a linen wedding
  • What do the guests give to the newlyweds?
  • How are the guests congratulating the newlyweds?
  • What do the spouses give each other to a linen wedding?
  • How to issue a gift for a linen wedding?

Today in the center of our attention is the anniversary of 4 years: what is the wedding, what are its significance and traditions, what can you give. The celebration, which is arranged about this event, is called a linen wedding. According to a long tradition, the symbol of this milestone is flax and everything that is associated with it in one way or another.

Where did the name of this anniversary come from?

4 years of the wedding. Linen wedding. A beautiful congratulation on the 4th anniversary.
Walking around the old city of Baku. The 4th anniversary of the wedding. Evening tea with N Ahmedova!

Flax and the things made of it differ not only in their beautiful appearance, but also in their wear resistance, so the choice of a wedding symbol is completely justified. It is strength that distinguishes a marriage in length of four years. If the chintz, namely calico, is called the first anniversary of the wedding, it is easy enough to tear, then it is not so easy to make solo. Behind - the first difficulties and problems, the relationship has become stable, and let them are not as passionate as in the first years of their life together, but they bring harmony and pacification.

Also, flax symbolizes well-being and abundance, because only flax people can afford with well-off people, and for a married couple who celebrated four years of marriage, a period of accumulation of moral and material values ​​has come.

  • It is curious that the anniversary of the wedding of 4 years has other, less common names. For example, in the Scandinavian countries it is called silk, in Germany - amber.
  • Sometimes a four-year marriage is called wax, and the choice of symbol has a logical explanation. Young family relationships can take on any form, adapting to the habits and habits of two loving people, they are pliable, like wax.
  • It is noteworthy that the wedding has another name: "rope".The fates of the spouses for this period are so closely intertwined that they can be compared with ropes or fibers of flax. There is an opinion that four years of living together is not easy to destroy, because relations with a married couple have developed strong.

Celebrating the anniversary in the old days

There are many folk customs celebrating the fourth anniversary of the wedding. Very interesting is the tradition, which was called the covering of her husband. According to her, the young wife got up with the first rays of the sun, took off the blanket from her sleeping husband and covered it with a linen blanket symbolizing love and care.

This cloth was weaved by the woman from the very first day after the wedding, but only when the husband spoiled her with gifts coming from the heart, surrounded with love and care. If there were many such happy moments, the canvas also turned out to be long and dense. If the spouse was not attentive enough to the second half, the veil turned out to be short and could not cover it completely. In this case, the man had to think about his behavior and to correct mistakes as soon as possible so as not to upset his wife.

It is not possible to revive this wonderful and instructive custom in modern life, because weaving machines are now nothing more than an attribute of antiquity, however it is quite possible for women to use linen cloth as a material for embroidery. For example, how many happy moments during the years of a short marriage, so many colors are depicted on the fabric.

Another ancient custom - sewing for her husband's shirt and pants made of flax. It is characteristic that the clothes were sewn without preliminary removal of measurements from the spouse, as they say, by eye. This was an "examination" for the wife, is it so well she knows her husband. On the fourth anniversary of the wedding, the husband dressed in products made by his wife, and the newlyweds in linen sarafan.

The spouse's bed was covered with new sheets, which the wife sewed herself. This custom can be realized even today, weaving bedding is certainly problematic, but decorating them with decor elements in the form of embroidery and lace to women of fashion is quite possible.

During the congratulations with the linen wedding the Godfather presented a young woman with a spinning wheel or trunk, the godmother - linen products woven with her own hand, and one of the older relatives - a small doll, meaning family happiness and well-being. The head of the doll was stuffed with linen tow, and the braid was made of washed linen. The longer the spit, the stronger was the affection of the spouses to each other and the longer the family relationship.

The festive table was decorated with figures from the flax stems, which the owner of the house was doing. These figures were carefully preserved and burned during the next anniversary of the wedding.

During the feast the guests congratulated the "newlyweds" and sprinkled them with flax seeds and candies. They conducted a thematic game. They put the couple on chairs and securely tied with strong ropes. If the husband and wife could not get out, this was a good sign and showed that it is impossible to break family ties.

Options for celebrating a linen wedding

4 years of wedding. Linen wedding. A beautiful congratulation on the 4th anniversary.
Linen wedding
"Linen wedding."Andrei Talanov is singing.

Many believe that if the date is not round, then there is no point in marking it on a grand scale, inviting a large number of guests to the celebration. As a rule, they hold an event in the circle of close friends and relatives, the godfathers and mothers on both sides are invited.

A good idea of ​​a wedding will be a cheerful cabbage party or a theme party, during which guests dress in linen clothes.

It's not customary for a linen wedding to arrange expensive feasts with exquisite dishes. It is appropriate to make a menu consisting of simple and hearty dishes: salads, appetizing hot. However, if the hostess wants to surprise the talented culinary field, nothing prevents them from demonstrating. A young spouse can offer guests own wine.

On the table you should definitely have sweets: nuts, honey, homemade muffins, jam, cooked by the hostess. It is believed that these dishes symbolize fertility and health, especially they are relevant if the young couple do not yet have children.

If the weather allows, the celebration can be celebrated outdoors and eat kebabs. A picnic on nature will be remembered for a long time by the guests and will leave a lot of positive emotions.

What do the guests give to the newlyweds?

what to give for a linen wedding
A gift to her husband for a wedding. Husband in shock!
What to Present to my husband on the anniversary. Original Gift to her husband!

On the celebration it is customary to give things related to the name of the wedding.

Linen items can be presented as gifts:

Bed linen, decorated with embroidery, applique.
  • Curtains.
  • Bedspreads.
  • Tapestries.
  • Tablecloths, napkins.
  • Stands for hot, made of linen twine.
  • Wardrobe items.
  • Patchwork covers and covers for upholstered furniture, especially relevant for interior, for example, in the Provencal style.
  • Puppets made of linen fabric.
  • A set of linen cloth sachets stuffed with aromatic herbs, coffee beans, cinnamon, dried citrus peel, intended for the aromatization of cabinets.
  • Bags in which you can store various trifles.
  • Gifts for a linen wedding intended for newlyweds do not need to fully answer the wedding theme. It is quite enough if they are packed in a linen cloth or decorated with a braid of this material.

    You can put anything in elegant packaging, from expensive vintage wines to household appliances. An exquisite present will be a jewelry in a beautiful linen bag. Budget option - a postcard or a photo album made with their own hands and decorated with linen braid.

    Things made from linen can not be called cheap, but they will not only bring joy to young people, but they will last for many years, and they will perfectly fit into any interior. By the way, textiles can be decorated with embroidery, which is a monogram with interlaced spouses initials. Embroidered patterns can be made with a cross or smooth. And if the mastery skill allows, then a unique gift can be presented in the form of a set of table cloth, napkins and kitchen towels, made in the same style. Such an exquisite and luxurious present will not go unnoticed and will cause a storm of enthusiasm among the newlyweds.

    Parents can give children sets of children's linen clothes and bedding, these gifts are quite appropriate, because in many families on this anniversary there are already kids or their appearance is scheduled.

    What else can you give to a linen wedding? If guests find it difficult to choose a presentation, then you can remember about the second symbol of the wedding - wax. It is not forbidden to give beautiful candles to spouses, including flavored ones, candlesticks, candelabra, as well as beekeeping products.

    If you focus on the third name of the wedding( "rope"), then you can present a gift of exquisite products macrame, embodying the strength of family relationships. This can be a panel or curtains.

    How are the guests congratulating the newlyweds?

    How to congratulate newlyweds
    Wedding in the USA congratulations to newlyweds from guests Gorko!
    Guests give the newlyweds funny gifts Funny weddings

    As the thematic anniversary is celebrated in the circle of friends and relatives, congratulations on a linen wedding should be fun, original and memorable.

    Traditionally, the first toast for the health and happiness of young people is pronounced by parents. Then followed by solemn speeches from the invited guests, which are a fun congratulation with a linen wedding with the wishes of love, happiness and abundance. For example, if the bed linen is presented to young people, it can be mentioned that for four years the old sheets have worn to holes, and the new ones will serve for amorous pleasures for many more years.

    After reception of gifts reciprocal speeches of spouses with words of gratitude sound.

    After that comes the informal part of the celebration, during which the guests are having fun and participating in various competitions. This part is better to think in advance. As a rule, the honorable duty of carrying out the event rests on the witness of the wedding or on the most active and outgoing guest who plays the role of toastmaster.

    What do the spouses give each other to a linen wedding?

    what to give for a linen wedding
    GIFT for Linen wedding
    4 years of wedding. Linen wedding. A beautiful congratulation on the 4th anniversary.

    The best gifts embodying the symbol of the wedding will be linen items made from hand-made or simply decorated with decor elements.

    Universal gifts:

    1. Original cases for phone, e-book or camera.
    2. Beautiful pictures with the image of the newlyweds.
    3. Jewelery with topaz, as these stones patronize the fourth anniversary of the wedding. It's great if the rings or pendants are paired.

    What to give to my wife

    A gift to my husband for a wedding. Husband in shock!
    gift for a silver wedding to his wife
    Congratulation on a golden wedding for 50 years. Slideshow in verses with voice acting
    1. Exquisite bouquets, in which are inserted twigs of flax.
    2. Accessories using linen threads: a bag, cosmetic bag filled with cosmetics.
    3. Perfume in a linen bag.
    4. Funny toys made of flax( "lazy").
    5. Notepad or photo album, decorated with linen braid.
    6. Candles.

    Gifts for her husband

    A gift to her husband for the wedding. Husband in shock!
    gift for a linen wedding to her husband
    4 years of the wedding. Linen wedding. A beautiful congratulation on the 4th anniversary.
    1. Souvenirs.
    2. New electronics( phone, tablet).
    3. Set for a hobby.
    4. A bottle of expensive wine.

    Of course, gifts must be packed in a linen cloth.

    If the wedding is decided to celebrate together, then the original and memorable surprise of its second half will be dinner in a restaurant or a warm home atmosphere. Candles - an obligatory attribute of a surprise, as well as linen tablecloths, napkins and, of course, fine linens.

    Spouses who are keen on extreme sports can plan horse riding, hot air ballooning and other unusual activities. A good option for celebrating the wedding anniversary will be a visit to the spa.

    The main thing that this day was filled with love and romance, in this case, the anniversary will leave after itself exceptionally pleasant memories.

    How to apply for a wedding gift?

    How to pack a gift( mittens)
    How beautiful it is to pack a gift in paper with your own hands
    Gift design

    As mentioned above, the presents "newlyweds" may not correspond to the wedding theme, but packingmust necessarily include elements of the symbolism of the celebration.

    You can, for example, make a charming bow that will decorate the present. To make it, you will need the following tools:

    • rags of linen cloth;
    • sharp scissors;
    • stapler;
    • double-sided adhesive tape, superglue or "Moment".

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Cut the fabric with medium strips in width.
    2. Collapse from the fabric strips of the "eight" and fasten them in the center with a stapler.
    3. Collect a bow from the blanks using a stapler or glue.
    4. Insert a metal ring into the center of the bow, which should be glued in such a way to hide the place of attachment of the "eights".
    5. Attach a bow to the gift box.

    Now that you know which wedding is celebrated for 4 years of living together, you can prepare for it with knowledge. Remember that choosing a gift for a significant date is a way to take care of a young family, express your love and affection, so you should give only such presents that are really useful to the couple and will serve them for many years.

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