Combined drug for the treatment of hemovirus hemovitis

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gemovit candles The main predisposing factor for the development of hemorrhoids is the lifestyle of a modern person who is distinguished by low physical and motor activity, malnutrition, stress and alcohol abuse.

As a result, the circulation of the pelvic organs is disturbed, stagnant phenomena develop in the vascular plexuses of the rectum, the veins are filled with blood and expand, which in turn leads to the formation of hemorrhoids.


  • Suppositories as a panacea for hemorrhoids
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  • Application in proctology
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Suppositories as panacea for hemorrhoids

One of the most effective means for treating hemorrhoids onThe first and second stages are the use of rectal suppositories.

Candles will quickly relieve the itching and a number of other unpleasant symptoms characteristic of this disease, because they penetrate directly into the tissue and the rectal mucosa.

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In the modern pharmaceutical market, you can find many candles that can cure proctologic pathologies, but the appointment must necessarily come from the attending physician who conducted the examination and clinical analysis.

Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be divided into groups depending on what therapeutic effect they have:

  • painkillers - these suppositories are based on anesthetic components, such drugs are usually prescribed only as part of complex therapy;
  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • haemostatic, their action is aimed at preventing anal bleeding;
  • venotonic - have a positive effect on the index of elasticity of blood vessels;
  • anticoagulants, inhibiting the growth of pre-existing blood clots and preventing blood congestion.

Homeopathic candles

Homeopathy is an alternative method for treating hemorrhoids. The therapeutic effect is as follows: the patient is given in small doses special Homeopathic Candles drugs, leading to the mobilization of their own protective forces. Acceptance of a high dose may on the contrary cause the development of the disease.

For homeopathic medicines, consisting of plant, mineral and animal components, a mild therapeutic effect and a rapid improvement in health are characteristic.

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The use of homeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids helps to eliminate pain, burning, bleeding, itching, and also fighting the cause of the disease.

Gemovit candles are a combined drug that can cure hemorrhoids, proctitis, prostatitis and many other gynecological diseases.

Produced in the following dosage form: suppositories( candles) of 2.0 g.

Therapeutic composition

The candle consists of:

  • propolis;
  • fir oil;
  • homeopathic essence of ginseng;
  • homeopathic essences of echinacea;
  • extract( concentrate) from the therapeutic mud of Lake Tambukan;
  • extract trepanga;
  • suppository base, saturated with propolis.

Each component that is part of the Hemovit candles has its own pharmacological properties and features, namely:

  1. Propolis , prepared in accordance with the original technology, is perfectly absorbed and has a multifaceted Propolis action, both on the surface and inside, namely, it anesthetizes, kills germs, relieves inflammation, heals wounds and relieves itching.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil treats the following diseases: various gastrointestinal ulcers, inflammatory diseases of the cervix, relieves of hard-healing wounds, improves the elasticity of blood vessels, pancreas work, and also increases potency.
  3. Tea Tree Oil fights microbes, fungi and viruses. Effectively eliminates itching, swelling and redness, blocks the growth and division of atypical cells.
  4. Echinacea directs its effect on the increase of both general and intracellular immunity. It allows you to get rid of pathological blood changes, acute autoinfections, boils, weakness, hemorrhoids, frequent and involuntary urination, as well as chronic colds.
  5. Ginseng increases immunity, gives energy, increases the level of mental and physical performance, improves memory and prevents the development of cancer.
  6. Extract( concentrate) from the therapeutic mud of Lake Tambukan is an anti-inflammatory, wound healing, regenerating, immunocorrecting and powerful antimicrobial component. Effective fights against diseases of the genitourinary system, hemorrhoids, ulcers and cracks.

Application in proctology

proctosigmoiditis Gemovit candles can save a person from: hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, proctosigmoiditis, as well as ulcers and cracks in the anus.

How to use and dosage: after completing the hygiene procedures, just before bedtime, you need to put 1 candle into the rectum as deeply as possible.

To facilitate the introduction, you can put the candle in the freezer for 30 minutes, and then immediately enter, because the cocoa butter( suppository base) quickly softens. The duration of treatment directly depends on the severity of the disease and ranges from 10 to 30 days.

Specific guidance, contraindications and overdose

Conducting clinical studies revealed no side effects, including in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as in patients under the age of 18 years.

Despite this fact, only qualified personnel should prescribe treatment with this and other medicines.

Gemovit suppositories are based on plant components - the best option for treating hemorrhoids in the first stage of the disease. In homeopathic preparations there is practically no contraindication, therefore they can be used for pregnant women and children.

However, the constituent components can cause an allergic reaction, due to individual intolerance.

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Gemovit candles contain sea buckthorn oil, which can cause diarrhea or an unpleasant sensation in the form of a burning sensation in the rectum.

Particularly attentive people should be suffering from diseases such as diabetes mellitus, which have high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism.

Reviews about the drug

Reviews of doctors and patients who use gemovit suppositories in practice.

Homoeopathic gemovit suppositories are very popular, since they have practically no contraindications. Sea buckthorn oil, which is part of the composition, accelerates the healing process and suppresses the growth of microorganisms.

Despite the apparent safety, the patient must necessarily visit a doctor.

Valeria Kolosova, doctor-therapist, Bataysk

Has acquired the gemovit candles on the advice of a friend. Impressions are only positive: the suppository does not flow, but immediately absorbed. The crack almost completely healed, only sometimes there is burning.

Marina, Novorossiysk

Used candles for a month. The pain disappeared completely, the stool became stronger, though flatulence remained. The crack gradually heals. I took 2 more packs.

Vladimir, Perm

Purchase of

The price of homeopathic gemovit candles is approximately 300 rubles. Nova Vita

You can buy the drug at the pharmacy. Available without a prescription.

The analogue of the gemovit candles is the homeopathic drug Nova Vita.

These suppositories also treat: hemorrhoids, proctitis, prostatitis and many gynecological diseases.

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