List of adventure films about jungles and treasures

Who did not dream to go on a dangerous journey to the distant unknown coasts to find a long-lost treasure? Thanks to the directors of the world cinema, each of us can go on an expedition into the dense jungle, to excavate the gold of the pharaohs themselves or to go swimming for the treasures of long-sunken ships. You can choose for yourself what incredible adventure you want to go today, choose a list of adventure films about jungles and treasures.


In the family relations, Sergei and Marina had a black streak. After another quarrel the spouses decide to go on an exotic journey and find themselves lost in the ocean on an uninhabited island. But instead of compromising and working together to survive, Marina and Sergey are also continuing to find out the relationship. The situation is heated and a real fighting begins between the pair.

Journey 2: The mysterious island of

Sean Anderson catches an inexplicable signal for help from a mysterious island that is located in the most dangerous part of the ocean, from a place where in principle there should not be any island at all. Stephen's stepfather, and unable to stop his stepson, sent along with him in search of a mysterious island. Mysterious shores hide mountains of gold, strange life forms and more than one shocking mystery.

After AD

A thousand years after the global catastrophe on Earth, humanity finds a new home - the planet New Prime. Returning to his family after another assignment, the legendary General Cypher Rage plans to become a real father to his 13-year-old son, China. But the aircraft on board with a dad and his son during the asteroid storm crashes and gets straight to the unknown and dangerous Earth. Raj senior, having been seriously wounded during the disaster, lies among the wreckage of the spaceship. And only the son can save them by running a rescue beacon.

Welcome to the jungle

The young specialist Chris has developed a new product packaging design for one of the customers, subsequently successfully stealing and presenting his colleague Phil. Chris turns to his boss for help, though, and here the young designer waits a failure - the boss decides to rally the team, sending a unique two-day training in extreme wild conditions under the experienced guidance of certified instructor Storm Rothschild. Who, if not he can make real business sharks from office plankton?

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600 kg of gold

In the rebel camp Virgil learns that having accumulated the right mass of valuable metal, the militants hastily take him out of the country. He has a clever plan, which can be realized with the help of his five old friends. However, adventurers make an unacceptable mistake. The chase begins, the companions find themselves in the middle of the jungle, but continue their way to the border on foot. The insurgents follow them on their heels, the heavy burden does not give the opportunity to go quickly, and the relationship between the team is very heated.

Jungle is called

Career of the famous TV presenter Dan Geraldo has visibly declined. In search of a sensation, the journalist travels to the unknown country of Palombia. In the company of local adventurer Pablito, Dan comes out on the trail of the most mysterious beast - Marsupilami. A cute animal is declared a hunt, because in some mysterious way it is connected with the secret of eternal youth. Tireless travelers will have to save Marsupili from military, insane scientists and avaricious poachers.

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Salamander Key

In Bangkok, the head of the Farm-Line corporation makes a sensational statement about the elixir of life. The innovative drug was derived thanks to research on the unique properties of the salamander. At this time the newspapers filled the disturbing news about the frequent suicides. One of the best people in the Thai police is being investigated for investigating a series of unusual deaths. Parallel to the island in South-East Asia, a scientific expedition disappears in a mysterious way. What can unite all these mysterious events? The key to the solution is to look in the dangerous Asian jungle.

The perfect escape

Sidney and Clif go to their honeymoon in Hawaii. On the beach, the newlyweds get acquainted with Gina and Nick. After meeting the couple decide to continue their journey together. The journey is overshadowed by the message that on the island, a couple of murderers - a man and a woman. Soon it becomes clear who are the real killers, and from this moment the romantic rest slowly turns into a bloody pursuit.

Jungle Child

Together with his wife and three children, the German linguist Klaus Kügler sets off for the unexplored jungles of New Guinea to learn the language of the newly discovered mysterious native tribe. Eight-year Sabina surprisingly very quickly settles in a new place. After nine years, Sabina is forced to leave her native New Guinea and go to Switzerland to a boarding school, where she again must face a totally alien world for herself, which is full of difficulties and conflicts.

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From under the ground

Daren McCall is a famous treasure hunter. In the hope of catching the legendary precious dagger, Daren collects the best archaeological expedition and goes to the very depths of the dangerous jungle. The legendary artifact is buried in the ancient cemetery. But invading the sacred ground, McCall awakens a bloodthirsty creature that has been hiding in the bowels of the earth for millennia. A merciless monster begins its bloody hunt.

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Jurassic Park 4

After the events of the "Jurassic Park" it's been almost 22 years. But the dream of John Hammond is carried out, and on the island of Nublas the park he has conceived is functioning. Unfortunately, the attendance of the park begins to fall significantly, and to attract new visitors, the park owners decide to open a new attraction. In the park there is a new kind of dinosaur - Indominus-Rex. After a while, aggression awakens in the dinosaur. The next morning was marked by the death of one of the visitors.

Anaconda 2: Hunting for the damned orchid

In search of the mysterious Black Orchid, a scientific expedition goes to the island of Borneo. According to legend, the unique orchid has truly incredible qualities: it not only significantly prolongs life, but also returns youth. All the legends about the legendary flower are true: the Black Orchid really exists and gives strength to all the inhabitants of the jungle, even the anacondas. The snakes have reached incredible sizes and have become incredibly fast.


Over the jungle, there was a terrible plane crash of an American airliner. During the crash, all the passengers died, except for one baby. A flock of wild monkeys has become a new adoptive family kid. They taught us how to survive a young man in the wild world, and now it's time to protect his world and family from enemies. Most importantly, he must again become a man.

Dungeon of the Dead

According to legend, in South-East Asia, the gold of Yamashita was hidden. The son of wealthy parents, along with his girlfriend, engineers and a security team, travels deep into the jungles of Indonesia in search of a lost treasure. The detachment will have a hard time, because where there is no living for a long time, something still protects the forbidden gold. Will the team be able to withstand the otherworldly forces?

The art of traveling

Only a true traveler can make his own way. One day, Connor Lane unexpectedly changes his life for his family and goes on an exciting journey through Central America. Together with new friends Connor finds himself in the dangerous jungles of the Darien gap, visits Peru, Panama, Colombia, and also sees the salt lake of Uyuni and the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.


And here I do not really like the "Jungle" with Svetlakov and Brezhnev. But it is possible that this is only my subjective opinion.

Another thing - "Tarzan" and "Jurassic Park".These films can be watched many times. Not a bad picture and "After our era" - on a solid four.

And it's very strange that the "Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role did not hit this list. That's where the really exciting movie!

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