Hot dishes for the New Year

New Year's feast always follows one scenario. When snacks and salads have already come to an end, and the holiday is in full swing, the time of the main course comes. His presentation is the culmination of the holiday, so it should not only be tasty, but also beautiful, festive.

If you celebrate New Year in a narrow family circle, then one meal is enough, but if a big company gathers for the celebration and the feast can drag on, then you need to think over several options. Hot dishes for the New Year are prepared from meat, poultry and fish.

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Hot dish is given an important role at the festive table. It should create a solemn mood and cause admiration only by its appearance. Therefore, when decorating your culinary masterpieces, you should not be stingy and generously decorate dishes with vegetables and herbs, pour on sauces and use beautiful dishes for serving.

What else do you need to know when preparing a hot meal at the New Year's table?

  • The main dish is usually large in size, so you need to take care of the appropriate dishes for it beforehand. You can take it hot on a beautiful large plate, a tray or an unusually decorated wooden board.
  • If several main dishes are served, then first take out the fish and then the meat. It is desirable to prepare them in many ways. For example, one bake, the second to boil or put out, and the third to cook on the grill.
  • Together with the hot you need to serve several types of sauces, to choose from.
  • Fish decorate with lemon slices, greens and carrot slices.
  • For meat dishes, in addition to vegetables and greens, beautiful berries and dried fruits, onion rings, as well as olives will serve.
  • To make an edible imitation of a Christmas tree, you can use greens, cucumber, peppers and carrots.
  • Meat dishes are decorated with red pomegranate seeds, green peas, yellow corn and bright pepper.
  • You can put lanterns from paper napkins on the legs of a bird.
  • The festive dish should be different from everyday, for example, a bird is not just baked, but stuffed with apples or oranges, and cook pork with quince or prunes.

Turn on your imagination, and even the simplest dishes will turn into culinary masterpieces!

The best hot dishes for the New Year's table

It's impossible to imagine no festive feast without meat. Meat dishes are served after salads and put in the center of the table, as a side dish, traditional potatoes and other vegetables, baked or boiled.

It is not necessary to prepare a complex dish from a large number of ingredients, there are simple recipes for delicious festive dishes consisting only of meat, spices and vegetables. Distinctive features of a good hot dish, regardless of what kind of meat it is cooked, is a delicious aroma, crispy appetizing crust and juicy structure of meat.

Traditionally hot dishes are served from poultry, fish or a whole piece of meat. Let us dwell on the peculiarities of preparing each of them.

Meat Dishes

Pork, veal or lamb dishes are often baked in whole pieces or in the form of a roll.

Usually mistresses choose their pork. It is faster prepared and always turns out soft and juicy. Pork is usually cooked meat in French, in a merchant manner or rolls with a variety of fillings. Very festively and solemnly on the New Year's table looks baked pork ham.

As for veal or beef, there are fewer options for festive dishes, because there is a risk to dry this meat and make it "rubber".However, there is a dish that always turns juicy. This is a beef tenderloin baked with mushrooms in a puff pastry.

For meat dishes it is necessary not to regret spices, and also it is necessary to serve sauces to them. Prepare a homemade sauce very simply. Ideal option is cranberry sauce. For cooking, take a glass of sugar, water and cranberries. In a saucepan with water, add sugar and boil for 5 minutes stirring, add berries and cook for 5 more minutes.

Fish dishes

Fish dishes are in no way inferior to meat, moreover, they have a number of advantages: they are less caloric, they are faster prepared, easier to digest and differ in variety of tastes.

Fish can be cooked whole or steaks, it can be baked, fried and stuffed, and if you cook a delicious sauce, then this dish has a chance to become crowned on the New Year's table. Exquisite dishes from red fish, for example, salmon or trout in creamy sauce with caviar will look. And also the fish baked entirely, such a dish as stuffed pike, sturgeon or pike perch can make a real sensation among the guests.

It is not necessary to buy expensive red fish, from ordinary carp or mackerel you can cook a royal dish. Alternatively, bake the carp on an onion cushion in the oven or bake mackerel with vegetables. The recipe for fish fillet with mayonnaise, baked in the oven, is very popular.

Very successful fish dishes are combined with white wine.


The most favorite New Year's dish remains a baked bird - chicken, goose, turkey or duck.

Chicken more affordable meat, in addition, it is prepared very quickly. There are a lot of festive dishes from the chicken, the most simple and delicious is a whole-baked chicken with potatoes, cutlets in Kiev and chicken chops.

But still, chicken dishes are often present on the daily table. Therefore, it is preferable to cook another bird on the New Year table, for example, a duck. It is the duck baked with apples that most reflects the spirit of the New Year and Christmas. In addition to apples, a duck is stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage, oranges. But instead of the whole carcass they bake the legs, they are especially tasty in a foil or a sleeve.

Those who do not like duck for a large amount of fat, you can cook a turkey or quail.

The goose is also a holiday bird, but its meat is tougher, so it needs to be cooked longer. To speed up the process and get soft meat, it can be extinguished, for example, in beer.

As for the side dishes, there is room for experiments here. You can cook a variety of mashed potatoes: potato, beet, pumpkin, puree from green peas and celery, also bake potatoes in various ways, such as accordion, wrap the bacon potatoes or cook the potatoes in a rustic way. A successful side dish will be vegetables cooked on the grill or steamed, boiled potatoes, stewed cabbage or friable rice with vegetables.

A delicious New Year recipe: a duck with apples

A duck weighing 2.5 kilograms rubbed with salt and pepper, squeezing juice from an orange and pouring a carcass, put for several hours in the refrigerator.

Two apples and an orange to clean, cut and stuff a duck with fruit, add a sprig of rosemary.

Send the carcass into the oven for 10 minutes to brown at a temperature of 220 degrees. Then reduce to 180 and leave the duck to prepare for 90 minutes, periodically pouring on meat juice.

At the end of cooking, grease the duck with a mixture of honey and duck juice and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

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