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Collected hairstyles are an excellent option for weddings and other celebrations. Such stacking allows you to look reserved and tidy. It is enough to add a couple of strokes or ornaments to make the image effective and elegant. In this article, we consider the simplest but elegant high hairstyles, as well as the ways to create them.

What is good for stacking?

Loose hair is not comfortable in all situations. Sometimes strands are easier to pick up. Stylists pay attention to this every season, inventing new options for laying. What are good hairstyles collected?

  1. You can pick up or back hair of almost any length. Exception - very short hair.
  2. Such hairstyles go to all.
  3. This is a great way to tune in to work. Loosened head of hair often hinders, and the collected does not allow to be distracted from the working process.
  4. Sometimes this way you can disguise dirty roots or strands that need coloring.
  5. The image becomes elegant and romantic. The neck opens. Such hairstyles very well emphasize the eyes.
  6. With the hair harnessed it is convenient to walk in the heat.

Hairstyles for short hair

Sometimes strands of even this length are very interfere. If you want to remove the curls in a high hairstyle, you should use the following options.

  1. Strands for this hairstyle should be below the middle of the face, otherwise they will not turn into bundles. Instruction:
    • It is good to comb your hair. Select a large area of ​​hair at the forehead. Twist it in a tourniquet and stab it back.
    • Take in turn small strands and also twist into strands. To lay at the base.
    • Similarly, wind all the strands. Get a gentle and romantic styling on short hair.
  2. Styling in a pin-up style. This option can be both daily and festive. In the first case, it is sufficient to use a conventional bandage, and in the second case, a band decorated with stones. Scheme of creation:
    • divide the whole mass into an oblique parting;
    • on the vertex to separate the thick strand and comb it;
    • neatly fasten the tops of the crown with the help of studs;
    • remove hair from the sides of the head back and lay;
    • add a padding to the rim or stylish.

Hair style in pin-up - video

On medium and long hair

Such hairstyles can be everyday and solemn. The first are very simple and do not require much time. The peculiarity of simple daily folds is their carelessness and dishevelment. This makes the image natural. Consider the options.

  1. Careless bunch. The hair should be clean and well combed. It is necessary to carefully fold them into bundles and lay them at the base. Instead of plaits you can use braids. Similar bundles can be made both on the vertex, and on the back of the head, and also from the side. A great option for every day.
  2. Hair style from pigtails. An unusual and elegant French braid can be used here. There are lots of options. You can simply braid such a braid all over your head, and carefully trim the tips. There is another way: braid to make a braid, and then wrap it around the head. If the strands are long, it is necessary to securely fasten the pile with hairpins, otherwise the hairdo will quickly disintegrate.
  3. In the office, disheveled laying is often unacceptable, so it's worth mastering the creation of smooth ones. It is not difficult. To work perfectly suited shell. First, put the wax on the curls for styling. Then all the head of hear should be taken in one hand. Gently fold into the roller. Secure the finished roller with the studs. You can do it differently: braid the braid, and then gently lay it at the base.
  4. Bow from hair. The bow of his own hair looks graceful and fervent. This hairstyle will suit both young girls and adults. Instruction:
    • pick up the curls in the high tail, but do not stretch to the end, but form a loop;
    • a loop to divide into two parts, a tip to close a middle of a bow;
    • fix the whole hair style with hairpins and sprinkle with varnish.

Festive assembled stackings of

Separate attention deserves holiday hairstyles. They are part of the image, so they should be creatively created. Below are the most charming styling with the hair taken away.


  1. Greek hairstyle.

    Looks romantic and perfectly combined with a flying silk dress. It can be made for a wedding or graduation. In detail:

    • it is good to wash and dry a head of hear;
    • make a parting from ear to ear;
    • strands from below until picked up, so as not to interfere;
    • at the forehead to allocate a small area and prick the earlets, taking small strands on the side;
    • girdle the spikelets to the end;
    • take the bezel or a soft bandage, put on the head;
    • take the remaining lower strands, twist and tuck under the rim, gently wrapping around it.
    The Greek hairstyle should be well fixed with lacquer and studs. Especially it concerns heavy long hair: the rim is difficult to hold them.
  2. Evening option - styling with harnesses. Scheme of creation:
    • hair pick up in high tail( head pre-wash optional);
    • split the tail into two parts;
    • from both halves twist the bundles or braid the braids, put them in the form of a figure-eight;
    • fix with studs;
    • hammered hairs to pinch invisible.


  1. With weaving. All sorts of braids look great on long and well-groomed hair. They emphasize their strength and health. For the wedding, a hairstyle with an effectively laid French braid will do.


    • wash your hair, but do not dry until the end;
    • apply a little gel or mousse;
    • to separate a small part of hair from the forehead and braid first the usual braid;
    • gradually add strands on the right and left sides, repeat similar actions until the end of the weaving;
    • reach the neck;
    • then lay the curls in a delicate low beam.

    Another option: continue the braiding of the usual braid. The solemnity and festiveness of such a hairstyle will add a beautiful hairpin with rhinestones.

  2. With a tiara.

    No wedding is complete without jewelry for hair. Even if there is no veil, you can use a diadem with rhinestones and stones. Read more:

    • prepare in advance all accessories: hairpins, invisible, tongs, iron, varnish and mousse for styling;
    • rinses thoroughly rinse and dry;
    • apply a little mousse and evenly spread the entire length of the strands;
    • to allocate on a vertex a small site of hair and slightly to comb a comb with small teeth;
    • the remaining strands wound using forceps or ironing, gather on the back of the head;
    • remove the hair back and fasten it with studs;
    • before wearing a diadem, back at will to attach a veil;
    • the whole construction is fixed with studs and treated with varnish. Wedding styling is ready.
  3. With a soldering iron. Tongs and irons are indispensable tools in creating holiday images. It's enough just to wind your hair, and then effectively put it on the top or bottom. In this case, the bundle of curls should be voluminous. To do this, you need to fix the curls well with the studs.

What to do with a bang? If it is thick and unruly, it is worth putting mousse or gel on it, and then laying it on one side. There is another option - to weave a bang in the braid. You can comb it back and pin it with studs.

Useful advices

  1. Wedding hairstyle deserves special attention, because it should be in harmony with the dress and make-up of the bride. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can refer to the advice of fashion magazines or professional stylists.
  2. Girls with short necks are perfect for shells and babettes. But from low volume beams it is better to refuse, they will spoil the image.
  3. The ideal face shape is emphasized by smooth styling. And hide the flaws will help lush careless hair.
  4. Before creating smooth beams and shells, straighten the strands or apply a smoothing mousse on them. Such tools will make the curls perfectly smooth.
  5. Your own short hair can be complemented with overhead strands.
  6. Beautiful high styling looks good only on well-groomed hair. The mistake of many girls is the lack of a long-term systematic care. It is necessary to nourish and moisturize your hair, do not expose it to frequent exposure to forceps and irons.
  7. Stylish accessories, hair clips, flowers - indispensable companions of wedding styles. It is thanks to them that the hairdress looks solemn.
  8. At the graduation to the school it is enough to take the curls in a beautiful smooth shell or babette. The image of a young graduate will be complemented by a gentle silk dress.

Collected hairstyles are very popular due to their elegance, tenderness, beauty and elegance. Properly selected styling is already half the beautiful image.

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