C what you can wear a female cardigan

In the classic sense, under the cardigan is an elongated jacket. The cut of the model is straight, but the collar is missing. Depending on the style in which the cardigan is made, it can strongly deviate from its primary classical appearance. This makes it possible to wear it to girls and women of all ages and social groups.

The combination of cardigans with other garments from your wardrobe depends on their length, the material of which they are made, color, style.

Short cardigans come in different styles, for example, fitted or loose. By the length they can be very short, and can be just below the line of the thighs.

Short short-fitting cardigans can be worn with skinny jeans, tight leather trousers and shoes with a heel or a heel. You can wear them with pencil skirts, and skirt skirts, creating organic business images.

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In the warm season, thin short cardigans, especially openwork, are combined with monotonous T-shirts, breeches( shorts), chiffon dresses, blouses, narrow summer jeans, long dresses made of light natural fabrics.

Fashionable cardigans in the floor are best combined with things in the tightness of a straight cut.

Cardigans of a coat with a volumetric collar are friendly with clothes from costume fabrics of classical cut.

Cardigans made of dense, straight-cut fabrics are suitable for creating business images and are combined with classic-cut pants or cut flares, with dress-cases, with a pencil skirt and a fitted blouse.

The overdrawing cardigans of the bat style fit well with narrow trousers and a thin, fitted blouse. It is better to give preference to such models without buttons.

Cardigans with an emphasis on the waist can be decorated with a strap. If the cardigan is sewn from dense, shape-holding fabrics, you can add it in business, or in the evening or everyday.

Topical are cardigans of neutral colors: gray, white and black. Based on its shade, you can choose clothes for it, making a monochrome or contrast image. You can wear it for work and in everyday life. Not bad will look light jeans and T-shirts with hand-picked accessories in pastel colors.

To wear colored cardigans, stylists recommend that they approach the rest of the clothes according to the color scheme. They are perfect for a romantic meeting, especially when combined with light dresses. At the peak of popularity are cardigans of mint, blue, pink, yellow, green.

Based on the material from which the cardigan is made, things are selected with which it can be worn.

Knitted cardigans can be worn with leggings or narrow jeans and trousers, especially such combinations will look especially bright if the cardigan is decorated with fur. Shoes for this ensemble - boots or high-heeled boots. Some models are suitable for creating images in the style of summer-like.

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Woolen bulky cardigans that are made of coarse wool, well suited to leggings and elk, as well as to things in the style of oversize. You can wear them with skirts, also made of wool, but less dense.

Knitted cardigans are suitable for many styles, ranging from grunge, hippie and ending with ethnic. Therefore, the things for them are selected depending on the style.

Jeans cardigans are suitable for creating youth images. They are suitable for summertime and warm days off-season. Under the denim cardigan, you can put on another element of denim, for example, shorts, trousers or a mini skirt, for the top is suitable top made of chiffon or other thin natural fabrics.

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