Wedding in the style of style

  • The main features of the event in the style of the style
  • Dress and shoes for the bride-dandy
  • The image of the dandy in detail
  • The hairdo, bouquet and make-up of the bride in the style of stylogs
  • Wedding babette - video with the master class
  • The place of celebration and its decoration
  • Contests for the style festival

The dandies are a bright youth movement that originated in the USSR back in the mid-40s and developed with great difficulty because of its rejection of the communist regime. Why a wedding in the style of stiligue is a bright way to make your celebration unforgettable, and how is such a holiday worth organizing? We tell!

The main features of the event in the style of the style of the

The first thing to talk about - the features that make this direction individual, distinguish it from many related styles. How should a wedding look like a stylized fashion?

  • It's worth taking everything that is associated with the fashion of the 50s and the aesthetics of pin-up, common in the US in the war years.
  • The dandies are people who were not afraid of catchy colors, therefore, the brighter the guests and the initiators of the celebration are, the better.
  • For the design of the hall should be used numerous rare details, for example, records, a variety of old cards, colored ribbons and so on.
  • Contests are also worth stylizing under the atmosphere of everyday life style, having arranged merry dances for old music and a real disco with a sparkling ball in the center of the hall.

If the bride and groom give preference to such an event, then they should prepare for the riot of colors. The direction itself arose in opposition to the communist regime, when the ruling party tried to make all residents of the country absolutely equal and identical to each other. Dandies are people who are accustomed to stand out, and this rule is worth remembering on the teeth.

The main thing in organizing such a celebration is a general mood. Vintage music, original outfits, plates in the form of records and tables, decorated with multicolored satin tablecloths - all this will set the tone for the event.
However, the main characters of such a wedding will remain the bride and groom, so do not ignore the thought of their image.

Dress and shoes for the bride-dandy

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a wedding in the style of style, this dress is new look with the length to the middle of the roe. Such outfits are really considered the most popular among brides who chose this direction for the main celebration of their life. How should an ideal dress look like for a celebration, and can you experiment with styles?

  1. The ideal length of the wedding dress - just below the knee, the skirt should be as much as possible starched and flared.
  2. Also the bride can choose a fitted dress above the knee, which is stylized as a style with a bright belt or unusual ornaments.
  3. A girl can easily experiment with flowers, choosing a dress with polka dots or a model of saturated shades. The main thing is that the bride does not merge with a crowd of dressed guests and stand out against their background.
  4. Also, the culprit of the celebration can give preference to a long dress, but it should not be too restrictive, because the style moves very much, they adore dancing and music.

Dresses in the style of stylogs

This is a separate, very interesting topic for conversation. The bride can roam with her imagination to the fullest! You can prefer a fluffy dress with a length just below the knee or even to the ankle. This style goes to almost all the girls, ranging from thin to the ladies with magnificent volumes.

To make the snow-white dress look more interesting, a girl can decorate it with a bright belt in the color of a groom's tie. By the way, imagination can be shown in the decoration, because a lady can manually place on the dress a variety of drawings or applications. Also interesting is the option with a double color of the skirt, when from under the upper layer of the fabric the bright material framing the outfit from below is slightly knocked out. A similar dress will make the girl queen of the holiday.

If a bride has considerable courage, she can prefer a bright wedding image. For example, it is interesting to look the same outfits in the style of new look, but in a large pea. The dress can be with a bright pattern, unusual, for example, purple. The main mistake that can be made by the culprit of the celebration is the introduction of excessive restrictions. The dandies were extremely freedom-loving people, and this manifested itself primarily in their clothes.

In terms of shoes, you can also show imagination, the main thing - it should be comfortable and on the heel. A tiny heel, which will not constrain movements, is an ideal choice for a bride-dandy. By the way, the lady can safely experiment with flowers, picking up red, yellow or green shoes. Also, shoes with a wedge will look great on such a bride.

The image of the groom-style in details

On what image the groom chooses, not only does the overall atmosphere of the celebration depend, but also the compatibility of the appearance of its two principal persons. Fashion designers and experienced wedding organizers advise to include in the images of the groom the following details:

  • bright thin tie or unusual butterfly;
  • jacket bright colors or vest in a colorful cage;
  • will look great and images with colored shirts, which have an incredible print or drawing;
  • a man, dressed in style, always chooses bright pants of a narrowed-down style;
  • is another important feature of the male image - this carefully laid hairstyle a la Elvis Presley.

By the way, the image of Elvis Presley can be taken as the basis of your wedding style. Bright costumes-troika, lacquered, but at the same time comfortable shoes and a stylish hairstyle will make a man king of the party. In such a festive image, details are extremely important, for example, the color of a tie, original cufflinks and so on.

However, wishing to make your bow unforgettable, male-style dancers sometimes cross all bounds. If the bride prefers a bright jacket and trousers, and even unusual shoes, then the tie is better to choose a neutral color. Shades just have to harmoniously blend and look perfect.

If a man bends a stick with the number of colors, his image will become ridiculous, not fashionable.

Hairstyle, bouquet and make-up of the bride in the style of stylogs

The image of the culprit of the celebration will not be complete without the original festive hairstyle. That's why girls begin to choose in advance the ideal way of laying based on the characteristics of their own type of face. For the style feast, the following patterns are suitable:

  • square with curved outward tips in combination with a bright rim;
  • tail on the vertex with carefully curled locks that will gently fall over the shoulders;
  • all babbety-style hairstyles made using a special lining;
  • hairstyles on one side with voluminous curls;
  • loose, curly locks that can be decorated with sequins and a variety of hairpins.

When creating such packages, it is worth studying photos of women of fashion 60 years ago. Then in honor were the original hairstyles, which, moreover, were decorated in every possible way.

If the bride is the owner of short hair, this does not mean that she can not create a vivid image of the style. To do this, it is sufficient to straighten the strands, laying them on a straight part and curling the ends outwards. Next, it remains only to fix the bright bezel in the color of the dress or shoes, and the image is ready.

Another bright version of the hairstyle is babbet. Through a special bagel you should skip all your hair, after which you will need to curl the curl behind the curl on the nozzle. The resulting hair can be decorated at the very base with a ribbon tied in the form of a bow. Such a strict and simultaneously playful styling will decorate any lady, regardless of her age.

Wedding Babette - video with master class

Incredible styling with a mass of various hairpins, high hairstyles that amaze with their complexity - all this does not fit into the idea of ​​styli. Remember that the whole created image should look harmonious and in no way interfere with the bride, because she can go to a dance at any moment.

Another important point is the bride's makeup. Now in vogue wedding wedding make-up, when cosmetics are barely visible on the face of the culprit of the celebration. However, the girls who belonged to the stylog party, adored to paint brightly, and it is worth to beat this trend in its own way. Bright lipstick on the lips combined with clear, drawn eyebrows will make the image complete.

The bouquet of the girl must be small, but consist of bright colors of various sizes. A girl can safely snatch and ordinary chamomiles, bandaging them with a bright satin ribbon. This bouquet is an expression of the creative mood of one's own mistress. For a bouquet in the style of stylig do not fit huge buds or pathos roses, because it is much better here to look ordinary chamomile or cornflowers.

Place of celebration and its decoration

It is possible to hold a wedding in the style of styliges anywhere, and this is no joke. If the room is adorned correctly and tastefully, it will fit perfectly into the aesthetics, even if the bride and groom celebrate such an important day in the apartment.

Usually, the culprits of the celebration prefer the restaurant, where you can eat and dance. What can decorate such a festive hall?

  1. Objects of antiquity, for example, records, gramophones, phones with disks and so on.
  2. A variety of agitation posters and flags hails from the USSR.
  3. Sequins and a variety of disco-balls to the event resembled a fun disco in a rural club.
  4. Decorate the hall with real and colored fabrics of all colors, which can be used as decorating elements, and as tablecloths, and even as floor coverings.

The abundance of color and historical artifacts is the main thing that should be taken care of when designing the hall. The style culture originated and developed inseparably from the party situation in the country, so a variety of Soviet slogans and flags, perhaps even tweaked and crossed out, will look extremely relevant.

Also, the culprits of the celebration can put on the tables rare items that can be easily found in their own home: for example, old telephones, Zenit cameras and other trivia that will be relevant here.

In bright dresses of guests and the initiators of the celebration, in the hall design the atmosphere of the holiday and its main idea will be guessed unerringly.

Contests for the feast stilyag

To the atmosphere of a bright celebration did not dispel from the sluggishness of the host, the bride and groom will have to take care of the competitions.

Here you can safely use your imagination, placing your dancing and singing talents at the forefront. For example, you can arrange a contest for the best twist or organize a karaoke battle. Such fun will be brighter and more interesting than ordinary contests, which have already filled everyone's nails.

You can also arrange a contest for the most incendiary dance to the music of "The Beatles" or Elvis Presley. The dancers loved foreign music, so if at the celebration such motifs would be heard from the gramophone, all guests would definitely start dancing.

At the wedding in the style of stylig guests can come up with poems and songs in honor of the newlyweds on the instructions of the toastmaster, which should be recorded on the records. You can also arrange a regular disco with hits of those times, which will pass with a bang, especially in such a specific atmosphere.

A bride and groom can not sit out during such a celebration, because the dildos adored to have fun and be in the spotlight. That's why the perfect ending of the holiday will be funny dances until the fall and until the morning under the ageless hits that adored our grandparents.

Wedding in style of stiligue is a bright event, and not only for the newlyweds, but also for their friends. If everyone attending the wedding chooses the original costume, will actively participate in the competition, playing along with it to the organizers, the impressions of the holiday will remain for life!

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