How to choose foods for individual meals

Choosing products, you need to take into account not only the taste of people who eat, but also the nature of work, the time of active work and leisure. Before intensive labor, food should contain proteins, while the metabolism increases, the nervous system is stimulated and food remains in the stomach for a long time. For the same reason, such food can not be consumed before going to bed. After all, protein food in a dream is poorly digestible, as at this time digestion subsides.

Selection of meals for meals

Nutritionists recommend to organize meals as follows:

For people engaged in easy work:

  • for breakfast use milk soups, cereals, cottage cheese, cheeses, eggs, fresh vegetables, pancakes;
  • for dinner prepare soup soups with flour products, meat or fish in fried or stewed with a garnish of their potato vegetables, as well as sweet dishes;
  • for dinner use milk soups, cereals, pasta, vegetables, kefir, cottage cheese and tea.

For people engaged in hard work:

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  • breakfast should consist of mucous soups, fried potatoes, fat, fish, milk, cocoa and butter products;
  • dinner of soups with meat, legumes, fried meat or fish with potatoes and fresh vegetables, as well as a sweet dish;
  • dinner from milk soups, cereals, baked meat, cutlet, vegetables, cottage cheese and tea. You can make a variety of pasta from pasta, or vegetables, with the addition of meat ingredients. At the end, serve a sweet dish, the best is marmalade.

Basic principles of nutrition

Food should satisfy hunger and ensure saturation of the body with useful elements. To such food, first of all are meat and fish dishes. Especially they are useful if served with potatoes, vegetables or noodles. In the menu you need to make as many different ingredients as possible, they should not be repeated, for example, if soup with tomato is added, then do not put tomatoes in the salad.

To achieve the correct ratio of useful elements in food, you need to consume more vegetables and a variety of dishes from them, and combine them with fruits, for example, in a salad of cabbage and cucumbers, you can add an apple.

Meat is served with a lot of vegetables, which makes it possible to balance heavy meals with light garnishes. Sweets complete the meal, they contain substances that are missing in the previous dishes. After a fat meal you need to choose a dessert with a small protein and fat content.

Sweet drink also brings a lot of useful elements, and tea and coffee has an invigorating effect and gives the opportunity to tune in to work.

In winter, fresh vegetables are replaced with frozen, pickles, other billets and include available fruits. Very useful dishes from cooked vegetables: beets, potatoes, carrots and others.

With a balanced and balanced diet, a person gets all the necessary nutrients. Thanks to this, a person feels cheerful, fatigue decreases and immunity is strengthened.

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