List of films for pregnant women

The pregnancy period is a very difficult time for a woman, when hormones storm in the body, the mood changes 10 times an hour, and sometimes not the most pleasant and useful thoughts come to mind. Mom's emotions are noticeably reflected in the baby's condition, causing the crump to get nervous or spinning. There is nothing better for raising the mood and morale of mom and child than watching good and positive films with a happy ending, especially if they are dedicated to pregnant women, children, love, kindness, fun adventures, funny situations and leave only pleasant emotions after themselves.

The list of the best films for pregnant women got:

Nine Months

Samuel and Rebecca are a happy couple, but when Rebecca announces her pregnancy, the family horizon begins to tighten the clouds. According to Samuel, they are already so happy, they have everything and he is not ready to change anything, Samuel's best friend is pouring oil on the fire. In order to understand whether he wants to be a father, Samuel has only 9 months and the clock is ticking. ..


Two male doctors are working on a new medicine for miscarriage. Studies conducted, tests on monkeys were successful, but the supervisory board freezes the project. Doctor Arbogast picks his colleague on an unthinkable scam - a drug test on people, or rather - on the Dr. Alex! To do this, he kidnaps a donor egg in the university's laboratory, fertilizes it and puts it into the abdominal cavity of Alex. ..

Love and pigeons

Vasily Kuzyakin is a simple logging worker, a happy husband and father of three children. The well-adjusted life of the family is interrupted unexpectedly: after an industrial trauma, Vasya gets a ticket to the sea. At the resort, his attention is attracted by the city lady, he loses his head and returns from vacation not to his native village, but to Raisa Zakharovny's town apartment. Vasya tries to fit into the new world, but his love for Nadia, the children and pigeons does not let him go. ..

letter to you Kathleen Kelly is the mistress of a small bookstore, a symbol of human warmth and family values ​​for his customers and employees. Joe Fox is the owner of a network of large bookstores, fanatically ravaging his small competitors.

They are at enmity, not suspecting that they already know each other by correspondence! With each letter, a virtual romance is gaining ground, as is tough competition in trade. ..

Proposal of

Canada Margaret Tate is a successful executive editor of a major US publishing house that subordinates are not tolerated for arrogance. The obsession at work plays with it a cruel joke - a working visa is over, and there is no time to extend it. Margot finds, it seems to her, a successful way out of the situation - to marry her personal assistant urgently to avoid deportation and dismissal. ..


I've been living in Iowa motel for half a year. .. a real angel! Such a message is received by the editors of the publication of the "yellow" sensations from Chicago. Three disappointed in his life, losers are given the task to bring him to the office. .. Hunters behind the sensation are met by a man in a dirty T-shirt, with a penchant for cigarettes, booze, feminine delights, foul language and idle life, but with huge white wings.

Leave for exchange

Two unfamiliar women are in a similar situation - they are unsuccessful in love. Iris Simpkins, the author of the popular wedding column in a London newspaper, is irresponsibly in love. Amada Woods, the owner of an advertising agency in Southern California, discovers a betrayal of a loved one. They find each other on the housing exchange site during their holidays and decide to exchange lives for 2 Christmas weeks.

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Love by the rules and without

The aging playboy Harry Sanborn got intoan incidental situation: a passionate weekend with a young passion cut off a heart attack. Now Harry has to stay in Marin's country house under the care of her mother Erika, an intelligent and attractive lady. For the first time in many years, the playboy finds herself in the company of her contemporary, opening relationships with women entirely on the new side.

While you were sleeping

Lonely cashier Lucy is in love with a stranger who passes her every day. Before Christmas, she saves him from perishing under the wheels of a train. In the hospital, Peter's family accepts Lucy for his bride, and surrounds her with attention, especially his brother Jack. Peter himself can not remember Lucy, but makes her an offer, and the girl is unable to tell the truth and is torn between feelings for the two brothers.

The Naked Truth

Abby Richter is a young and serious host of the morning show on TV.She is smart and resourceful in her work, but unsuccessful in her personal life. She is invited to a couple scandalous journalist Mike Chadway, with obscene humor and chauvinistic views. Abby turns to Mike for help: she wants to win the heart of her pretty neighbor doctor by all available means.

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Oh who would say

30-year-old accountant Molly meets his client Albert. Molly learns that she is pregnant and decides to leave the child, but shortly before the birth, Albert throws it for the sake of a young passion. In the hospital, Molly helps to get a taxi driver James, whom doctors accept as his father and allow him to attend childbirth. After the birth of Mikey, James agrees to be his nanny for him, while Molly arranges her personal life.

There is no better

A romantic comedy about a quick-tempered writer Melvin Yudella, who fenced off from the outside world due to pathological fears and misanthropy. Melvin's friends were the waitress Carol Connelly and his neighbor, gay Simon Bishop. The wall of indifference and egoism Melvin begins to crack when he is forced by circumstances to take part in the affairs of Carol and Simon.

Big Daddy

32-year-old Sunny Coffax is a big child, shifting all the efforts to the shoulders of his girlfriend. By chance, he needs to look after the little boy. Life Sunny is full of entertainment, he always takes the boy with him, everything resolves and he delays himself to the full, but gradually he comes to the realization of responsibility for the child.

Oh, Moms

Successful business woman Keith Holbrook is looking for a surrogate mother for her child. This role was chosen by Angie's broken young woman, whose behavior and way of life leaves much to be desired. Pregnant Angie moves to Kate's house, turning him upside down.


Tragicomedy about the problems of teenage pregnancy and its consequences.16-year-old schoolgirl Juno in position, but decides to give birth to a child, then to give it to adopt a self-selected couple. Hardly this choice is made by the parents of Juneau and her friend, the father of the child, and the relationship between the couple chosen for adoption is not easy.

A bit pregnant

Alison and the long-time slacker Ben, mixed in his career, spent one night together, but immediately realized that there was nothing in common between them. Nothing but a child! Alison decides to leave the baby, and Ben agrees to help her. Young people even want to establish relationships, which is very difficult, given their radically different views on life.

How long will it take?

Graduate student Darcy discovers that she is expecting a baby. She and her boyfriend Stan have already received scholarships in prestigious colleges, but, contrary to the will of their parents, they decide to save the child. Many problems fall on the shoulders of young people: Stan has to give up his studies and work too hard to support his family, and Darcy suffers from postpartum depression.

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