Exercises on the ball for losing weight

The Swiss ball, more often called "fitball", was invented by Susan Kleinfogelbach. A well-known physiotherapist used this sports equipment for therapeutic gymnastics. The exercises with the ball were aimed at restoring the physical abilities of people with diseases of the nervous system and spine. Currently, this sports equipment is widely used in many fitness programs for weight loss. Exercise with its use, as it turned out, help people with excess weight. Today, let's talk about the effectiveness of gymnastics with the ball for weight loss.

  • How to choose the Swiss ball
  • The effectiveness of weight loss exercises on the fitball
  • Weight loss exercise on the fitball
  • Exercise 1 - Rolling the ball
  • Exercise 2 - Pulling up the
  • Exercise 3 - Strengthening the muscles of the hips and buttocks
  • Exercise 4 - Squeezing from the floor
  • Exercise 5 - Strengthening the side muscles of the
  • press Exercise 6 - Balance keeping
  • Exercise 7 - Ball push-ups
  • Exercise 8 - Rolling
  • Exercise 9 - Lifting the ballfeet

How to choose the Swiss ball

You can buy this projectile in any sports shop. The choice of balls is quite large, but for gymnastics is not important appearance, and the characteristics and dimensions of the fitball. The size is selected depending on your height. The main sizes of balls are as follows:

  • Diameter 45 cm - height to 152 cm.

  • 55 cm - height from 152 to 164 cm.
  • 65 cm - height from 165 to 180 cm.
  • 75 cm - height from 180 to 2 m.
  • 85 cm - height above 2 meters.

Balls of this size can be found on the shelves of the sports store. Choose the right size of the ball in the following simple way. Sit on the ball, keeping your back straight. If in this position your knees are bent at 90 degrees, and the hips are parallel to the floor, then the size of the ball is right for you.

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Efficiency of weight loss exercises on fitball

During lessons on the ball, you must try to keep the balance. For this, the body requires a large amount of energy and an intensive load on the muscles of the whole body. It is thanks to this result of this gymnastics is losing weight. Training with the ball strengthens the muscles of the press and helps to develop such qualities as:

  • flexibility. Exercises for stretching with the help of fitball allow you to train muscles that are difficult to work out, doing other types of fitness. This produces the flexibility and plasticity of the whole body;
  • beautiful posture. Gymnastics with the ball requires maintaining the balance of the body, and for this involved the muscles of the back. With regular and regular training, you will be able to develop a correct posture, since trained muscles will keep your back in the correct position even during rest;Endurance and coordination. Constant loading on all groups of muscles allows to keep the body in a tonus and to develop strength and endurance of the whole body. And the need to maintain the correct position of the body during training develops coordination.
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Complex of weight loss exercises on fitball

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Exercise 1 - Rolling the ball

With your hands on the floor, put your feet on the ball. The legs should be pressed against the ball in the region of the legs, the sight directed to the floor. Keeping this position, strain the muscles of the press and gradually bend your knees, while rolling the ball to yourself. Try not to let the fitball slip out from under your feet. Bend your knees, hold the position for a few seconds, then take the starting position. The exercise must be repeated 10 times.

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Exercise 2 - Pulling up the

Lie on the ball sideways. Relax the case, for stability, kick yourself into the wall. Hands stretch over your head, crossing your hands. Begin lifting the body, straining the side muscles of the press. At each lift, hold the position for a second and slowly lower the housing down. Perform 10 lifts.

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Exercise 3 - Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and buttocks

Lie down on the floor face up. Place the shank on the fitball and straighten the body so that the back and legs are parallel to the floor. When carrying out movements, make sure that the load is applied only to the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Then lift the body even higher, bending the knees and rolling the ball to your heels. After straightening your legs, roll out the fitball and gradually lower the lower body to the floor, returning to its original position. Perform 10-15 lifts.

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Activity 4 - Push-ups from the floor

Take a horizontal position. Put your feet on the ball so that your knees are centered on the ball. Put your hands on the floor. The palms should be parallel to the floor, elbows straightened. Start push-ups from the floor while keeping the ball under your feet. Perform 15-20 push-ups. Exercise trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest and arms.

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Exercise 5 - Strengthening the lateral muscles of the

Press the fitball with your pelvis, bend your knees. In this position, start lifting the case to the side, straining the muscles of the press. During the exercise, keep your back straight. Perform 10 lifts in each direction. Exercise trains the lateral muscles of the abdomen.

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Exercise 6 - Balance retention

This exercise helps to work out the muscles of the whole body and develops coordination. Lie on the ball with your chest. Legs will rest on the floor. Move a little and "catch" the point of equilibrium. Then raise your hands, stretching them in front of you, and try to maintain balance by straining the muscles of your back, legs and press. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Then roll the ball closer to the pelvis and try to maintain balance by holding the body on the ball with the right hand and left foot. The body from the vertex to the heel must form a straight line parallel to the floor. Do the same, leaning on the left arm and right foot.

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Exercise 7 - Push-ups from the ball

Take the horizontal position - place the palms on the fitball, with your fingers in the sides. Rest on the floor with your toes. For a more stable position, you can rest your heels against the wall. Begin lowering the body, bending your arms at the elbows. Try to bring your chest as close as possible to the ball. Perform 10-15 push-ups. This exercise trains the muscles of the arms, the shoulder girdle, and perfectly tightens the muscles of the chest.

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Exercise 8 - Rolling

Sit on the ball, put your feet slightly wider than shoulders, hips parallel to the floor. Move forward, making moves with your feet, gradually lowering the body. The ball should roll over the back. Stop the movement when the upper part of the back and the back of the head rest on the fitball. Try to roll the ball first to the right, then the left shoulder. Keep the body body straight, do not bend the lower back. This exercise trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, buttocks and thighs.

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Exercise 9 - Raising the ball with your feet

Lie on the floor, put your hands along the trunk. Clamp the ball between the feet so that it is comfortable to hold it with your feet. Raise the ball up, keep your legs straight, your knees should be straightened. Hold in position for a second, then lower your legs. Perform 10-15 lifts. This exercise strengthens and tightens the muscles of the press and the inner surface of the thighs.


I would like to know if there are exercises for pregnant women with fitball? Heard that there are those that help strengthen the muscles before birth.

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