100 Reasons Why I Love You

  1. You are the most cheerful and kindest.
  2. You make me happier.
  3. Your smell drives me crazy.
  4. My heart is thrilled at the thought of you.
  5. I love your sincere and kind eyes, you want to drown in them.
  6. You do not notice my shortcomings.
  7. You forgive me all my whims and blunders.
  8. Thanks to you, I understood the true meaning of love.
  9. You have the most beautiful smile.
  10. I'm near you, I feel loved.
  11. You just like being with me.
  12. You do not care about the opinion of others
  13. You, like me, like to look at the stars.

  14. You make the most delicious coffee.
  15. You're worried if I'm warmly dressed.
  16. You spoil me with delicious food.
  17. You're the best lover.
  18. Only you know how to say such compliments.
  19. My mother loves you.
  20. My dad treats you well.
  21. You understand me from the half-word.
  22. You always feel, if I feel bad.
  23. Your arms are the most affectionate and cozy.
  24. You believe in miracles.
  25. You trust me.
  26. You'll never end the conversation first.
  27. You always take my side.
  28. You are always ready to help me.
  29. It's not boring with you.
  30. You admire my beauty, in whatever condition I was.
  31. You can chat with you about anything with you for hours.
  32. Every moment spent with you fills my heart with joy and warmth.
  33. You are unreal beautiful when you sleep.
  34. You always know how to raise my spirits.
  35. With the advent of you smile does not come off my face.
  36. Looking at you, I understand that I have found the meaning of life.
  37. You are not just my favorite, but my best friend.
  38. We are the most beautiful couple.
  39. Your kisses are the sweetest.
  40. You're gonna kiss me in the morning.
  41. You're the most beautiful.
  42. You are my universe.
  43. You know how to surprise.
  44. Your surprises and gifts are unpredictable.
  45. You always remind me of my merits.
  46. You're the best of all I know.
  47. You never betray me.
  48. You do not swear bad words.
  49. You are very educated.
  50. You like to read books.
  51. You do not like to play computer games.
  52. You are the most responsible.
  53. You always tell me the truth.
  54. You are my second half.
  55. I am very easy and comfortable with you.
  56. You inspire me to new culinary feats.
  57. You always know how to calm me down.
  58. With you, I'm not afraid of looking ridiculous or stupid.
  59. You excite my blood.
  60. You admit to me in love every day.
  61. I like to walk with you by the hand.
  62. You do not quit at a difficult moment.
  63. Your opinion is authoritative for me.
  64. You miss me.
  65. You kiss me always when you come and go.
  66. You stroke my tummy when it hurts.
  67. You motivate me to do sports.
  68. You arrange romantic evenings.
  69. You're the smartest.
  70. I like my state of happiness next to you.
  71. You make me eat right.
  72. You follow my health.
  73. You are a cheerful and soulful company.
  74. You do not try to change me, but you perceive what I am.
  75. You are the most patient.
  76. You are an interesting companion.
  77. I'm always looking forward to your return.
  78. You think I'm seductive and sexy.
  79. You notice every little thing in my image.
  80. I'm sure of your loyalty to me.
  81. I love our walks in the evenings.
  82. You inspire me to write poems about love.
  83. You listen to my opinion.
  84. I fell in love with you at first sight.
  85. You have a beautiful smile.
  86. You are self-confident.
  87. You are proud, but at the same time judicious.
  88. You like to spend time with me.
  89. Your feelings for me are sincere.
  90. You wish me only happiness.
  91. When you embrace me, my body is shaking.
  92. Family for you is the most important thing in life.
  93. You're jealous, but in moderation.
  94. You call me "my little one" and "princess".
  95. You like to be photographed with me.
  96. You dream of becoming the father of our children.
  97. You sing me songs.
  98. You're funny in the morning.
  99. You say you'll never let me go.
  100. Just because it's the most wonderful feeling in the world and it's you who are calling me in me.
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Sometimes it's hard for us to admit to love. Many people are for some reason panic afraid of saying "I love you", considering these three cherished words as a kind of taboo. Today we have prepared a selection of interesting ideas and a list of 100 reasons that will help you to explain your feelings to a close person in an original way.

  • Reasons for
  • Ideas for gift design

Reasons for

So, I love you because:

Of course, do not literally stick to the above options, because each person is unique, so the reasons are better based on his individual merits, habits andqualities. Remember your special words, common jokes and traditions - and create your own "one hundred reasons why I love you."Such a gift, which you can give for your birthday or Valentine's Day, will be equally pleasing to both the guy and the girl. And now let's make such an unusual gift.

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Ideas for gift design

So, you have compiled your list of confessions, and now it remains only to present the original presentation.

Ideas for decoration of such a gift set - it can be a poster, a big postcard, a scroll, a letter, a notebook or a beautiful notebook.

The main thing when designing do not forget about visual effects: write each new item in a different color, decorate the paper. For example, you can paste a lot of small hearts, butterflies, draw cute drawings or burn the edges of paper to stylize it under the old days. In addition, you can create a photo album or a bank with confessions. Let's consider these two unusual options in more detail.

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  • Photo album with confessions of love. This is a rather complicated version of the gift, which requires certain costs and time to create it. However, such a gift certainly will have a liking for the donor. So, take 100 photos of your favorite person with you or yourself( if you do not find such a quantity, then add the album with beautiful romantic pictures that can be found on the Internet), insert them into the album and write a declaration of love under each photo.
  • Bank with confessions. This is no less interesting and original version of the gift design. To do this, you will need to write the reasons not in the general list, but each on a separate small leaf. Then take the jar, decorate it at your discretion( you can use ribbons, sequins, seashells, beads, sequins, stickers, etc.), roll your confessions with tubes and fill the jar. In addition, your set of confessions does not need to be added to the bank - it can be a bag, a box, a box, an envelope and any other capacity. This variant of registration of confessions is still original in that one can not read all the confessions at once, but, for example, take 2-3 leaves a day and thus extend the pleasure of pleasant words for a long time.
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As you can see, there are a lot of options for the original design of a gift to a loved one. The main thing is to connect fantasy, tune in to a wave of love and ideas will come by themselves. Love and be loved, and do not forget to pamper dear people's hearts with romantic and sincere gifts.

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