With what you can wear a yellow coat

  • Overseas clothing, the basics of fashionable combinations
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A yellow coat can hardly be called a popular version of outerwear, since such a bright thing does not fit farevery lady. It can be used competently, but here it is important to calculate the nuances of color combinations, as well as to choose clothes according to the shape, so that the image as a whole looked harmonious. With what to wear a yellow coat to those who chose it as the main outerwear, we tell further.

Overseas clothing, the basics of fashionable combinations of

In 2017, overweight models of overcoats are at the peak of popularity. Such variants completely correspond to modern tendencies of mixing of elements of female and man's fashion. Androgyny, reigning on all the catwalks of the world, migrated to the everyday wardrobe of women of fashion.

Here only wide, shapeless coats need to be competently combined with other elements of the wardrobe, because such clothes can overload the onion, making it not relevant, but ridiculous. With what to combine such a bright thing of oversize size?

  1. With straight or narrowed trousers and a variety of blouses.
  2. With dresses of direct and formal-business style.
  3. With medium-length shorts made of jeans and dense fabric.
  4. With midi skirts or mini skirts.

The final choice depends not only on the style of the coat, but also on its length:

  • So, for example, models with length above the knee can be combined with almost any clothing, including short skirts, long dresses and various trousers.
  • If a girl needs to create a formal-business bow, she needs to choose a dress with a reserved shade, for example, black and gray. In combination with a bright yellow coat, this image will have its own highlight, attractiveness and originality. You can complement the image with a wide scarf and shoes on a small heel.
If the lady's arsenal has a knee-length coat, it should be combined with mini skirts, various shorts and trousers.
Dresses with a length below the knee, as well as midi skirts, are better to exclude from the options for creating onions, since such things with an oversized over-sized coat look bad. Layering of tissues can visually shorten the ladies' legs, adding a few kilograms to the figure.

The basis of color combination with bright coats is almost always the game on contrast. A girl can choose a gray or brown dress, which together with the outer clothing will look original and unusual.

The simplest blue jeans or jeans shorts in combination with a black blouse are also in perfect harmony with the bright outerwear.

Direct coat and nuances of its daily use

Perhaps the most popular version of outerwear is a straight coat just below the knee. Such clothing usually has a small belt and a few buttons than its decor and is limited. That is why, to make the everyday image in the autumn season vivid, the ladies prefer the models of bright yellow, green, blue.

It is possible to combine the direct coat of all shades of yellow with a variety of clothes. The huge advantage of the style is that such models look good in elegant, business images, and in the youth style with sportive notes. Create an image with a yellow coat of straight cut can be using the following things:

  • a variety of overalls of low-key colors without bright prints;
  • the original image can be created with a dress of a straight style of unusual color;
  • within the formal-business style can use straight trousers and leggings;
  • clothing from the skin of all possible styles can also be effectively combined with a direct coat.

If a girl makes a choice in favor of a classic dress, straight cut, it is important to avoid the common banality of her appearance. To make the look does not seem too simple, it is better to choose a bright color, for example, blue or red. If there is also a yellow print on it, then the image as a whole will be extremely successful. Accessories for this bow on the contrary should be restrained. For example, a classic black small-sized bag and ankle boots with low heels are suitable.

If a lady wants to fit a mustard coat in the framework of a youthful bow, then she should choose as the basis of the image a leather skirt that is knee-length. It can be supplemented with masculine shoes and a loose T-shirt. Thus, the classic, at first glance, outerwear will look daring and bright.

Such a bright thing looks great with straight and narrowed pants of very different colors. The classic version of the combination with black trousers can be diluted with a warm jacket of a large mating green or blue. This image will look great in the winter, because it not only corresponds to the aesthetic tastes of the girl, but also fits into the fashion trends.

If the girl is the owner of a coat without a collar, then she can safely use huge scarves of various colors.
Similar accessories look very successful both with winter and spring images, emphasizing the fragility of a lady's figure.

Long coats: what to combine in the everyday image of

In the last couple of seasons, a coat below the ankles is very popular. Similar models are produced and a direct cut, and cocoon style, but not all ladies know how to properly wear and combine them. What things in any case can not be used in a duet with such outerwear:

  1. Long skirts and dresses on the floor.
  2. Various styles of dresses with flared skirt.
  3. Sports overalls and trousers with wide trousers.
  4. If the girl stops on a sleeveless coat with a length to the heel, then she should pick up a knitted sweater of contrasting bright color and black trousers.
  5. If a girl chooses a yellow coat for her toes, she should avoid layering the tissues, otherwise her legs will visually appear thick and short.

The main feature of such clothes lies in the fact that it can visually weight the image, adding a few kilograms to the lady. Despite this, many fashion houses from Dior to Chanel do not represent today's collections without such outerwear.

  • Black trousers combined with a blue or green jacket - that's the perfect bow for such heavy outer clothing.
  • Also look great with a similar overcoat-size dress with a knee length. You can pick up a variety of dresses, shirts, long, tight blouses, which should be supplemented with leather leggings. Any of the listed options will look harmonious and successful both in autumn and winter.
  • If a girl loves to shock an audience, she should play on the contrast of length.
    So, for example, a coat in the floor will be very interesting to look with short skirts made of leather and dense straight fabric.
    The shortened pencil skirts, combined with shoes on a low, thick heel, will add an image of seductiveness and youthful daring, making it extremely sexy.
  • By the way, almost all designers recommend combining a long coat with shoes on the heel. It will help visually lengthen the legs, skimming extra pounds. Look great with such top clothes, ankle boots on a platform and high heels, low-heeled shoes with medium-sized heels and men's shoes on a flat sole. The latter option is suitable for tall ladies, on which such long coats look particularly successful.

Combination of a yellow coat with accessories

Many ladies naively believe that the yellow outerwear so looks too bright and original, so complement it with accessories is not worth it. But this is fundamentally wrong. To such clothes, you need to carefully select and headwear, and scarves with gloves, so that the image as a whole looked harmonious.

  • Of course, the easiest option is to combine black accessories. So, for example, a wide-brimmed hat instantly raises the face in price, making the girl's bow as stylish and attractive as possible.
  • You can also add a yellow coat with a red hat with a veil or an elegant beret.
  • Sports variants of headdresses should be avoided, as they will make the image ridiculous, not allowing the woman to realize all their fashionable ideas.

Scarves are carefully selected and scarves:

  1. Now popular models with large viscous, which are worn out.
    The accessories of blue, mustard and green look particularly good with the yellow coat.
  2. If a girl is afraid to look too bright, then a gray scarf of large size, which can be wrapped around the neck more than once, will suit her.

Gloves should be selected not for the color of the coat, but guided by a harmonious combination with the headdress and scarf. It's great if a girl can choose one set in the most suitable color. In terms of material should be on leather or knitted models. Leather gloves optimally complement the elegant and business bow, but knitted models will suit lovers of youth and street style.

Modern women of fashion try to avoid cliches both in color combinations, and when choosing the style of outerwear. Experiments with the use of a yellow coat will help a girl to always look stylish, correctly writing such clothes in both street style and formal-business bow.

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