That the cookie does not burn in the oven

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With home baking, no bought cake can compare. Banal cookies - and then turns into a masterpiece, when it undertakes to do a skillful hostess, and even with a soul. Kitchen appliances in this case to help. But even her programs do not guarantee that the cookie will not burn at the end of cooking.

And our grandmothers have contrived and without technology to cope with pastries - lick your fingers. They just scrupulously observed some simple rules:

  1. The first thing that is important to keep in the cookie cookie is the proportions of the ingredients. Often mistresses experiment, reducing the amount of fat in the recipe, or replacing some products with others. As a result of experiments, the cookie does not work out as it should be. All because the recipe has already been tested and the products are matched in the right amount.
  2. The form on which you are going to lay out cookies, it is necessary to grease with vegetable oil, even if it is silicone. Do not like the vegetable( the taste of the product is afraid to change)?You can grease the bottom and the walls of the mold with a piece of margarine. Yes, you do not forget the walls either. The risen dough is quite capable of sticking to the dry sides, the more so with metallic pallets.
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  3. Another nuance: the cookies are laid out on a preheated oven. Just the oven warms up to the baking process. If you send cookies to the cold surface, then with a high degree of probability will stick and burn.
  4. A delicate crispy dough is baked on a sheet of oiled cooking paper. Then it is easy to take out and the product remains whole and not burnt.
  5. Cookies are not left in the oven longer than the time specified in the recipe. With intelligent technology, set the time program to 3 minutes less. It is better to check, make sure that the cookie is ready, and take out. Not yet burnt. Is the readiness questionable? Then send the form back to the 3-5 minutes that are needed before the full baking of the test.
  6. Too dough stick to the form( you have been tested many times)?It is worth trying to put a pallet with a small amount of water on the lower tier, and cookies to determine the average. Proven way: the dough will not burn under the influence of steam.
  7. It's easy to put one pallet in another. A double bottom will not miss a temperature that can burn cookies.

You should also take a closer look at the oven. Maybe you burn only the lower part or only the upper one. Then you will have to check the blowing function and check the heating elements. Perhaps some decided to break down, because the cookies and burns.

Rules and Tricks of Cooking
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