Calico Wedding: Traditions, Gift Ideas for Young People

  • Features of the holiday and its main traditions
  • What to give to his wife for a cotton wedding
  • Gifts for the first anniversary for her husband
  • What to give to friends for a cotton wedding?
  • Present from parents to young couple

The first anniversary of the wedding is called "calico" and is considered very touching, important for the newlyweds in the afternoon. Usually during this period, the couple's relationships are all as intense as they were on the day of marriage, but they are considered extremely fragile. What are the traditions of this celebration, and what to give to the calico wedding for the spouses to please them on such a significant day? We tell.

Features of the holiday and its main traditions

Why is such a significant day called calico wedding? The question, the answer to which is not known to all newlyweds. It turns out that in ancient times it was customary to give cotton diapers for the first anniversary, hinting at the necessity of procreation.

Previously, the newlyweds did not drag out with the advent of the kids, and so many women met the first anniversary of the wedding in an interesting situation. For them cotton calico diapers were an extremely topical present, but in the modern world such a gift is still listed.

  • A gift for a cotton wedding is usually chosen in accordance with the main traditions of the celebration. It is considered a good sign if the mother-in-law presents a beautiful cotton dress to the mistress of the house. It should bring prosperity to the woman and absolute family peace.
  • Another tradition - to lay calico tablecloths festive tables. This material becomes the main motive for gifts, as well as for decorating the house on the 1st anniversary of the wedding.
  • On the table should be present only those treats that the woman cooked with her own hands. It is believed that in this way she confirms her skills as a mistress of the house.
Another popular modern tradition is the exchange of oaths of fidelity. It is considered a very good sign to repeat the confessions of love to friends and relatives, confirming that the feelings of men and women are still strong.

What to give to his wife for a calotte wedding

This is an extremely urgent issue that many men face. I want to get into the theme of the holiday, and to show imagination, and ideas are usually born little. Here is a short list of what can be presented to a sweetheart as a gift:

  • a beautiful cotton dress or a nightdress made of this material;
  • various scarfs, aprons and dressing gowns from this material are considered actual present;
  • permits to another country can lead any lady to delight, and this despite the fact that the present has no direct connection with the celebration;
  • set for embroidery or knitting can be an excellent gift for your beloved wife;
  • technology for both personal and domestic use is always a topical gift, regardless of the specifics of the celebration.

A gift for a calico wedding must be touching, and this is its main characteristic. Many men decide to show imagination, so they give their second half pillows with cotton pillowcases or handkerchiefs with embroidered number "1".You can also choose for your beloved wife a gold chain and a pendant with the number "1", which will mark the first year of their joint happiness.

In many countries of the world there is a tradition to leave a bottle of champagne after the wedding for the first anniversary. To drink her newlyweds must together to bind their bonds. That's why a man can safely choose a romantic gift, namely - arrange a dinner for a lover. No frills: only champagne, fruits and boundless feelings of lovers.

Calico clothing is also a perfect present, completely corresponding to the holiday. It is believed that such a wardrobe thing can bring a woman good luck.

Gifts for the first anniversary for her husband

Women usually find themselves far more inventive than their second half, choosing their husband truly presents virtuoso. What kind of presents will suit the owner of the house?

  1. A lady can boldly choose for her lover clothes made of cotton fabric, for example, a shirt or a home gown.
  2. On the first anniversary, you can organize a trip to the theater or take a photo with a professional.
  3. A woman can safely use her talent to create a gift, for example, by writing a song or by drawing a portrait of a lover.
  4. T-shirts and underwear with funny inscriptions - another version of the original gift.
  5. If the soul of a woman gravitates to a touching presentation, then it is worthwhile to think about more expensive gifts. For example, you can choose paired coulombs, on which it is necessary to make engraving with the initials of the spouses and the date of their wedding. Such pendants will not just be beautiful, but they will also bring luck to the newlyweds. Couple pendants with the inscription will make the holiday even more touching.

Before choosing a present, you need to determine its nature. If a woman wants to present her husband something funny, then a beautiful T-shirt with a funny inscription will be irreplaceable. Another version of a funny presentation is a cake in the form of a number "1" with an original congratulation on it.

The ideal gift for the first anniversary is something created by yourself. A woman can embroider a handkerchief for a man, come up with a poem or even a song for him. Such a present is good first of all for its creativity and uniqueness. Writing herself a portrait of her husband, a woman will make him a gift that no one else will have!

What to give to friends for a cotton wedding?

Traditions say that a cotton wedding must necessarily invite witnesses, relatives, and close friends. Of course, every such guest has a question about the gift. To friends on such an important day, you can present the following presents:

  • any clothes made of cotton fabric;
  • a variety of towels, tablecloths, bed linen;The
  • does not have a traditional color for a cotton wedding, so you can easily give jewelry with iridescent and pearly stones;
  • twin jerseys or mugs with unusual inscriptions - a creative version of the presentation;
  • friends can make a video presentation with photos of the newlyweds and excerpts from their wedding video.

Usually gifts from friends are the most original and bold. So, if a friend knows that the perpetrators of the celebration adore thrill, he can give them a certificate for a parachute jump. Such a present will surely be remembered and will give a lot of impressions to the lovers.

You can stop on a variety of jewelry. Beautiful pair pendants with bright stones or rings, individually matched for the wife and husband, will certainly please the culprits of the holiday.

If guests of the celebration are used to approaching the choice of a gift with a sense of humor, then the pair of T-shirts with amusing inscriptions are a good option. Named glasses, funny mugs - all this is suitable for the first anniversary.

Unlike more serious jubilees, a cotton wedding is considered a holiday easy and simple, which means that the gift itself does not have to be expensive.

In medieval times, there was a rite, according to which, the newlyweds had to tie knots, each - on his calico scarf. Friends can remind the culprits of the celebration of this tradition by giving them such handkerchiefs. The more a person manifests a fantasy, the brighter will be his gift, which is sure to be remembered by young spouses.

Presents from parents to young couple

What to give to young people on the day of their first anniversary is an extremely important issue for the parents of spouses. The traditional gift, which our great-grandmothers resorted to, are sliders and various diapers. Previously, many couples immediately got kids, as soon as they were married, and so these gifts were relevant. What should be given to the young at the cotton wedding, given the peculiarity of the holiday, and modern traditions?

  1. To the mistress of the house from the mother-in-law must have a beautiful cotton dress as a sign of family blessing and continuity of generations.
  2. Beautiful paintings, embroidered on the fabric, which was performed by the mother-in-law herself, is a magnificent, extremely original present.
  3. Very often parents of spouses prefer to support a young family financially.
  4. You can give a pair of original and key fobs, made of cloth and stuffed with cotton, which in the future will bring good luck to the house.
  5. Beautiful horseshoe is a traditional gift that will help to bring prosperity to the house.

Of course, the present should have a direct relation to the very celebration, express the attitude of parents to the newlyweds. So, mother-in-law can give a beloved son-in-law a beautiful knitted sweater, and her own daughter - an unusual scarf of the same color, emphasizing the unity of the couple. Any clothes made of chintz will be relevant for this holiday.

Cash gifts are also not forbidden, as young couples often experience financial problems, especially in the early stages of their relationship. Presenting a cash gift, you should come up with an original congratulation in verse or independently make a postcard to emphasize your careful preparation for the holiday.

A variety of gifts in the house are very in demand, including bed linen, tablecloths, household appliances. All this will not only please the newlyweds, but also help them to build a better life.
Also parents can safely purchase jewelry for newlyweds, jewelry. A variety of pair pendants, beautiful pendants with the number "1" will be very suitable for such a holiday.

If it is known that a young child is just about to appear, all the presents should concern this topic in one way or another. With the advent of the child, young parents will have to shoulder a lot of trouble, which means that their relatives should facilitate the upcoming tests. Mountains of diapers, a variety of walkers, strollers - all this is sure to come in handy for future parents and will become a wonderful gift for a cotton wedding.

Young couples often think that they will live together all their lives without a single quarrel, and so the cotton wedding lovers are accustomed to meet with incomparable optimism. This first milestone turns out to be very joyful, but it is worth remembering that ahead of the lovers there are still many interesting events and difficult situations that you can cope with only by your love.

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