Useful properties and recipes for applying prunes

Thanks to its exquisite taste and a range of medicinal properties, prunes have become a priority among dried fruits. It is made from plum by drying exclusively ripe and juicy fruit. With proper processing, all their useful properties are preserved, and prunes become not only a treat, but also a cure for many diseases.

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Chemical composition

Prunes have a high energy value and caloric value.

In 100 grams of the product contains approximately 250 kcal.

This is achieved due to the content in its composition of a significant amount of carbohydrates( 57.5 grams per 100 grams of dried fruit).And the main part is simple carbohydrates, while complex ones occupy only 0.6 grams.

Energy value per 100 grams of dried plum:

  • 2.3 grams of protein( 9 kcal),
  • 0.7 grams of fat( 6 kcal),
  • 57.5 grams of carbohydrates( 230 kcal).

Among the nutrients in 100 grams of the product are:

  • organic acids( ascorbic, apple, folic, salicylic, lemon, oxalic) - 3.5 grams;
  • fiber( dietary fiber) - 9 grams;
  • water - 25 grams;
  • ash - 1.9 grams.

Prunes are rich in vitamins, the leader among them is vitamin C( 3 milligrams per 100 grams of product).This explains the sour taste. In addition, prunes are present and other vitamins( per 100 grams):

  • E - 1.8 milligrams;
  • PP - 1,7 milligrams;
  • B2 - 0.1 milligram;
  • beta-carotene - 0.06 milligrams;
  • B1 - 00.2 milligrams;
  • A - 10 micrograms.

Minerals( in milligrams) per 100 grams of dried plums:

  • potassium - 864;
  • magnesium - 102;
  • phosphorus - 83;
  • calcium - 80;
  • sodium - 10;
  • iron - 3;
  • zinc - 0.54;
  • copper - 424 μg;
  • selenium - 2.3 μg.

In the dried plum there are pectins, which makes it an excellent sorbent, tannin and nitrogenous substances.

Useful properties, methods of application and contra-indications of forest and garden blueberries
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Useful properties

Prunes are the recommended product in a diet with numerous diseases. This is due to its medicinal properties.

  • Beneficial effect on human digestion. Ballast substances( cellulose, pectins) organize purification of the body of harmful substances( toxins, excess cholesterol), improve the motility of the tract, metabolism. With choleretic and diuretic action, the dried fruit normalizes the water-salt balance, which is useful in kidney diseases, gout, rheumatism, psoriasis.
  • Has a significant antibacterial effect, it can suppress the bacteria of Salmonella and Escherichia coli and has a harmful effect on the pathogens of diseases of the mouth.
  • A large number of micro- and macro elements positively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels. Potassium and magnesium are necessary for strengthening the myocardium and for transmitting nerve impulses with muscle contractions. Coarse dietary fibers help to neutralize cholesterol plaques. Prunes help reduce blood pressure, polyphenols strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Dry fruit reduces the viscosity of the blood, it is justified in its use in varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.
  • The use of prunes is undoubtedly beneficial to the body of a woman and a man. Having a positive effect on blood vessels, it promotes blood filling of the genital organs. It is believed that taking prunes 2-3 times a week helps reduce the risk of serious pathologies in the genital area, increase men's sexual stamina. In women, menopause is used to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Prunes - a way to combat avitaminosis. B vitamins strengthen and calm the nervous system. Vitamin C increases the body's defenses. Justified the use of prunes in iron deficiency anemia, including in pregnant women, it also positively affects the eyesight and skin condition.
  • Antioxidant properties of dried fruit have a suppressive effect on free radicals that damage healthy human cells. Also, the presence of phytonutrients and carotenoids is important for the prevention of oncology, atherosclerosis, general sanitation and rejuvenation.
  • Prunes contribute to weight loss. A low rate of energy release for a long time leaves a feeling of satiety. This property, as well as a small glycemic index, makes it possible to use dried fruit in diabetes mellitus.
  • Prunes are widely used in cooking not only as an ingredient that gives a piquant taste and possesses useful qualities, but also for the purpose of preserving the freshness of the product. For example, in meat, it is able to reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria to 90%.
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Application of

Prunes are recommended for use in diets with numerous diseases. In combination with the main treatment, he is able to significantly improve the dynamics of the disease. Prunes can be used in kind or as part of various recipes.

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With locks

Dried plums are widely known and one of the main ways to treat constipation. The use of prunes for the intestines and the safety of its use allows it to be consumed even by children, starting from the age of six months( in baby food).

The mechanism of action of dried fruit with constipation is due to a significant amount in the composition of non-digestible substances moving along the intestine, stimulating its motor skills. But it should be noted that a surplus of prunes can also cause frustration of the stool, lead to diarrhea, so it is recommended to use it moderately, not abusing.

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Recipe 1

Eat 15-20 berries a day, drinking yogurt.

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Recipe 2

Pour the dried fruit with boiling water for 10 minutes, and then eat it with a decoction.

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Recipe 3

From 400 grams of prunes to make a mash, add liquid honey and mix well. Eat 1 teaspoonful during dinner, with water.

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Recipe 4

Pour 15 berries with steep boiling water and leave overnight. Received infusion take 3 times a day in equal portions. This recipe is suitable for pregnant women.

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Recipe 5

Mix crushed prunes and dried apricots in equal proportions and season with honey. Use the mixture daily on an empty stomach for 1 teaspoonful. If there are no contraindications, you can give children over 1 year, reducing the dose by half.

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Recipe 6

Regular reception of compote of dried fruits with the addition of dried plums is an excellent tool for cleansing the body and preventing constipation.

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With diabetes

With this disease, the use of dried fruits is strictly limited due to the content of many of them high glycemic index, which provokes sharp jumps in the level of sugar. But this does not apply to prunes, since it has the lowest rate of digestibility of carbohydrates. Its glycemic index is 29, for comparison it is 146 in the dates, and 65 in the raisins.

As a sugar in prunes, sorbitol and fructose are contained, which do not provoke a sharp rise in the level of glucose in the blood. Prunes are not only safe for diabetes, but also have healing properties.

  • He replenishes the stock of vitamins, minerals.
  • Antioxidants reduce the risk of complications in diabetes, chronic diseases.
  • In dried plums, a small calorie, low fat, cholesterol and sodium, which is very important in this disease.

Prunes make variety in the menu of people with diabetes, where the list of dishes is very limited. Nutritionists recommend in this case to combine dry fruit with other products, add to porridge, salads.

With diabetes it is possible to consume 2-3 pieces of prunes a day.
  • It is recommended to add crushed dried fruit into bread products, this additionally contributes to the normalization of the balance of fats and cholesterol.
  • Combining prunes and oat flakes for breakfast tones and strengthens the body.
  • The crushed dry plum can be added to snacks and salads. For example, popular is a layered salad with chicken breast, fresh cucumbers, egg and prunes. As a dressing, use yogurt with a small amount of mustard.
  • A dessert for diabetics can serve as a jam with dried plum and lemon. Ingredients grind and boil in a saucepan until smooth, then add the sweetener, and the mixture is cooked for another 5 minutes. After preparation, the jam should be infused.
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For weight loss

Prunes are often used in the preparation of a diet, when the goal is to reduce weight. The main properties of dried fruit that help to lose weight are:

  • high nutritional value - the prunes value is that being much less caloric than many foods, it is much more nutritious than them.
  • natural cleansing properties. Pectin, being a natural sorbent, helps to free the intestines of excess unnecessary and harmful substances, thereby contributing to weight loss;
  • appetite control. To get rid of hunger, it is enough to use 5 berries, which will cover the need for fiber by 13%.Due to the low content of fats, it can be used during snacks before main meals, without fear that it will be deposited in unnecessary places.
Sitting on a diet, it is advisable to eat 6 prunes a day. You can prepare cocktails based on yogurt, yogurt, adding dried fruit - they perfectly satiate and contribute to weight reduction.

For healthy people, it is possible to carry out unloading days with this dried fruit. In this case it is allowed to eat 100 grams of prunes in one session every 2.5-3 hours.

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From edema

Dried plum has not only a natural laxative effect, but also a diuretic. Pectins in its composition help the body get rid of excess fluid in the body. In addition, having a large amount of potassium in the composition, dried fruit improves kidney function and stabilizes the water-salt balance.

As a remedy for edema, it can also be used in pregnant women. As a diuretic, tea from prunes or compote benefits. To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to combine this dried fruit with dried apricots.

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To increase the immunity of

A large amount of vitamin C in the composition of prunes, the presence of organic acids and antioxidants ensure the uninterrupted operation of the body's defenses, tones up and improves performance.

For a more effective result, mixtures of dried fruits and nuts filled with honey are used. This includes crushed prunes, dried apricots, raisins, walnuts, figs, honey in the same volume( 200 grams).You can add 1 lemon. The mixture is taken 1 tablespoon before meals and stored in the refrigerator. To children this delicacy for increase of immunity can be given in the form of sweets, rolling mass into balls.

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Harm and contraindications

Contraindications to the use of dried fruit are possible in the following cases:

  • for allergies to the product;
  • for breastfeeding mothers to prevent the child from having digestive problems;
  • to persons suffering from a disorder of stool, in particular, diarrhea;
  • should be used with caution in obesity and diabetes, at strictly recommended doses.
  • should be used with caution in kidney stones and hypotension;
  • should be used with caution, correlating the benefits and harm of prunes, during pregnancy.
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How to choose

It is believed that the best prune is a dried fruit with a bone, naturally dried from ripe plum.

When selecting a few rules to consider.

  • A quality dried fruit of rich black color with a light shine. If the gloss is excessive, it indicates the treatment with glycerin for an attractive look. If the color is not black, such prunes are dangerous to buy, because it can be treated with sulfur dioxide, a toxic substance. With this treatment, the usual color of the fruit remains, the quality dried fruit necessarily turns black.
  • Prunes should be fleshy, not very hard and not stick together.
  • To check the quality, you can rub the dried plum on the hand, and there should be no traces left. If there are dark spots, it is possible that this dried fruit was smoked. The benefits and harm of smoked prunes speak in favor of the second. Such berries are stored longer, but also on useful properties strongly inferior to usual ones.
  • If the dried fruit has a coffee color, it is likely that it was treated with boiling water - this reduces the utility.
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How to cook

Delicious and healthy prunes are prepared in 3 stages:

  • blanching in boiling water;
  • cooling in running water;
  • steam drying.

In terms of production from 5 kilograms of plums, 1 kilogram of prunes is obtained. With this treatment, the therapeutic and taste qualities of this unique dried fruit are completely preserved.

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