Fashionable and comfortable men's shoes of the spring-summer season 2016

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In the coming year, footwear will please representatives of the strong half of humanity by a variety of models and colors. If in 2015 the conservative style and traditional black and brown colors were in the lead, then in the spring-summer season the products represented by eminent manufacturers look brighter and more original, while remaining stylish and comfortable.

Fashionable men's shoes for the summer are characterized by a combination of sports and classical trends, versatility and good taste, luxury and democracy.

The main trends of

Today fashionable men's footwear departs from the classics of the genre and has a pronounced youth character. In the latest design collections you can observe an abundance of free and sports styles.

Adherents of minimalism can be calm - strictness will not disappear anywhere, but it will be present in its best manifestation, allowing it to adapt to the everyday image of a man, to make it more vivid and stylish.

The main trend of men's shoes in the spring-summer season is that style affiliation is not so pronounced. Sports elements can be traced almost in every second model. This is a significant plus, as the choice of wardrobe items, suitable for this or that shoe, significantly expands. For example, sneakers in combination with costume pants are now not considered a sign of bad taste.

Designers still rely on comfort, using only quality textiles in the manufacture of products, but models have become more creative.

Men's fashion shoes impress with bold color solutions, unexpected combinations, a variety of decor elements. In the collections, spring-summer 2017 is represented by products that most successfully combine everyday and sports styles. Such an innovative approach has found response in the hearts of many male representatives, regardless of age and social status.

The main features of men's shoes spring-summer season:

  1. Fashionable outsole. Products on a thick platform perfectly combined with ordinary pants or a universal suit, but jeans and shorts look better losers or moccasins on thin soles. This can not be irrelevant for a hot period.
  2. Stylish lacing does not go out of fashion, it will not surrender its positions in the coming season. Boots and sneakers with laces are typically men's shoes, which, in addition, can easily be combined with all items of the wardrobe.
  3. Practical perforation. Mega popular models have recently become models with numerous vented holes. The original design and practicality, the value of which rises on hot days, when the legs are able to "breathe", is its main advantages.
  4. Ornate decor. Men, who value creativity above all, like specimens that are generously decorated with various elements of decor.
It can be bright unusual prints( geometric, ethnic, animalistic, under the skin of reptiles), applications, patches.

Texture and color palette

For the production of shoes, genuine leather is most often used, this texture has already proved itself in a positive way thanks to its durability, presentability and practicality. Designers have remained faithful to the established traditions and for the most part they have chosen this material for making men's shoes for the spring-summer season.

In models made of fine exclusive leather, it is convenient even in hot weather, but it is more appropriate to postpone the nubuck before the onset of cold weather.

Very popular are specimens made from combination skin of contrasting shades, inserts from other textures. Models made of artificial look equally impressive and cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but their feet are not so comfortable.

Also fashion men's shoes can be made of canvas, linen, textiles, patent leather.

Dark colors give way to flashy shades:

  • yellow;
  • to orange;
  • purple;
  • claret;
  • red;
  • to the color of the sea wave.

Not necessarily products intended for the summer period, should be flashy, but it is desirable if they have any catchy accent.

The most current models of

The variety of summer models allows men to pick up shoes for all occasions, do not confine themselves to moccasins or slaps. It should be understood that the fashion model for the office is absolutely not suitable for walking outdoors or relaxing.


They are not going to give up the palm tree in 2017.Thanks to the versatility and convenience, many men fell in love. They not only sit perfectly on the leg and provide air circulation, but also perfectly combined with other items of the wardrobe, whether it's jeans, shorts or light trousers, including classic ones. Trend of the season were stylish leather models, decorated with fringe or thick brushes. The most actual colors for the summer continue to be brown, black and beige, but if a man chooses bright shades, it will profitably set him apart from the crowd.


The second most popular model, won recognition due to its multifunctionality. They are perfectly combined with any jeans or trousers, which significantly increases their price in the eyes of men who adhere to conservatism in clothing and do not like experiments. Loffers made of perforated leather or textiles on a flat sole with a small wide heel are an excellent option for the summer, besides, the quality of this footwear is beyond praise, it serves its owner for more than one season.

By the way, loafers and loaches are informal shoes that need to be worn without socks. However, if the dress code requires this, the socks are selected in tone to the trousers or, conversely, the contrasting shade.


Another model designed for fans of the traditional style. Laconic, elegant and strict oxfords are not inferior to fashionable moccasins and are invariably present in designer collections. The black and brown models are actual, but white and blue are the undoubted favorite. Suitable literally for all items of the wardrobe.


Designers recommend elegant derby made of leather, perforated suede and tweed of kakuniversal noble colors, and informal shades.

If you prefer suede, then you will not regret the choice, it perfectly passes the air. In suede stylish derby there will not be the slightest feeling of discomfort. It looks great both with pants and shorts, with the only difference that if you put on shorts, then do not even think about socks.


This type of footwear appeared in the 80's, when the yachting flourished. Now it is not necessary to have a yacht, but top-siders are in the wardrobe of almost every man. Outwardly they resemble loafers, but front and back on the heel are fixed with laces of genuine leather for better fit. Wear them on a bare foot, without socks. Are popular both classical shades, and bright.


The hit of the season will be sandals made in Greek style. Not all men will dare to purchase such outrageous copies, but is not summer a time for courageous decisions? Classic brown and black models are also not going to be canceled, but designers are advised to give preference to bright options.

Classic sandals with wide straps are more familiar to the look, they can be worn with both trousers and shorts. It should be taken into account that the products should be made of natural materials( leather, textiles, cotton), and the soles of rubber, as cheaper models on the rubber can cause an unpleasant odor from the feet.

By the way, the question of whether it is possible to wear socks with sandals this year received an unequivocal answer: yes, it is possible! Now this controversial duet is not a crime against taste, but a hot trend, proof is fashion shows of famous designers.


Lightweight, like slippers, on a thin and flexible sole, with a tongue on the rise and without special fastening on the foot, they have been out of fashion for many seasons.

This summer, popular models are made of dense textiles and denim.


Semi-closed lightweight textile flat-soled shoes with no laces and fasteners, outwardly reminiscent of cozy slippers, have for some time grown fond of both men and women. Female slippers look more elegant and can even have a small heel. Men are much more modest, this season popular models of bright shiny colors.

Some stylists claim that this kind of footwear can be worn almost with a classic suit, but most designers still agree that this is a non-standard kind of footwear that looks better with shorts, light cotton pants and jeans. Wear sneakers and siphons without socks.


Where is without this all favorite sports shoes? Designers recommend giving preference to products that combine comfort, practicality and creativity. For example, I will be very actual models of black color with a metallic gleam and bright sneakers( claret, scarlet, orange) from a light texture. A universal combination of black and white colors is relevant at all times.

heavy-duty sneakers Do you prefer anything easier than crosses? Then at your service sneakers. This summer will be very popular models on thick soles. They can be made of leather or textiles. Lightweight stylish products will be pleased with the riot of colors and various prints, such as bold leopard or strict geometric.


The most affordable and simple type of summer shoes, a significant thing in the wardrobe, intended for vacation. They come in two flavors: flip-flops and classic, without straps and lintels. Light flip flops are more popular, they look great not only on the beach, but also at a friendly party.

To attract attention to this type of footwear, modern designers decorate it with branded stickers, appliqués and other decor elements.

The sole of the veneer is made of rubber or rubber, which makes them almost weightless.

Sneakers with a high boot

For young men, leading an energetic way of life, stylists offer a creative version of sneakers fashion model with an overstretched boot. This is a real hit of the summer season.

Men's fashion shoes for the summer of 2017 offers to try men's creative style.

Finally, you can change something, experiment. The assortment of models is so great that men can change the habitual style in clothes and give vent to fantasy, choose between universal options and cardinal decisions in the issue of image change.

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