English diet

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The English diet is interesting because it contradicts one of the basic principles of dietetics, because it introduces the system: minimum calories in the morning, maximum for dinner. Therefore, it is suitable for those who do not like to eat in the morning, preferring to eat more tightly in the evening. True, the caloric content of the daily diet of the English diet is very low, about 1000 kcal, so it provides a good weight loss. For a week, which is calculated diet, it allows you to lose 2-3 kilograms.

The diet on this diet is three meals a day, and the dinner should be no later than 19:00.For each meal, you can choose any of the options below, in any order and combination, trying only not to repeat the same option often, and even more so for two days in a row.

Breakfast( 200 kcal)

I option: one boiled egg or fried eggs from it, a slice of dried bread from wholemeal flour, 100 g of fresh juice.
II option: 1/3 cup oatmeal porridge with a glass of skim milk, art.a spoonful of raisins, 150 g of fruit juice.

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III version: 2 tbsp.spoons of cereal from whole grains with a glass of skimmed milk, an apple.
IV version: 200 g of fruit salad, 150 g of kefir or curdled milk from skimmed milk.

Lunch( about 300 kcal)

I version: of potato baked in a uniform, stuffed with 100 grams of cottage cheese with sweet fruit( or steamed dried fruits), vegetable salad dressed with a spoonful of sunflower oil, orange, apple or pear.
II option: Vegetarian broth, 25 g grated cheese, whole grain bun( 50 g), pear or apple.
III version: 2 slices of dried bread, 50 g of baked beans( beans), 100 g of fresh fruit.
IV version: omelette from vegetables, cheese and two eggs with slices of tomato, green pepper and mushrooms, apple.

Dinner( about 500 kcal)

I option: hot dish of beans or beans, 100 g of fresh fruit.
II version: semi-dairy soup from vegetables, 25 grams of grated skim cheese( brynza), whole grain bun( dried) from whole grains, 50 grams of dried apricots soaked with cheese.
III version: large potato baked in a uniform, 60 g of baked beans or beans, carrots, cabbage, 2 cups of kefir, which is added several pieces of crushed dry apricots.

In the intervals between meals you can drink plain water, how much you want, without any restrictions.

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