Complex of exercises for the press on a horizontal bar

It would be erroneous to consider exercises on the horizontal bar as a means only for training the muscles of the shoulder girdle in men. With the help of a horizontal bar, women can effortlessly pull up the stomach and pump up the press, and this will be even more effective than conventional training. Let's look at the basic exercises that will help to form a beautiful relief and emphasize the waistline.

  • Exercise complex
  • Lifting of knee-bended legs
  • Raising straight legs parallel to the floor
  • Raising the knees bent at the chest level
  • Lifting the knees bent at the feet
  • Lifting the straight legs up
  • Lifting the straight legs
  • Raising the body inhead down
  • Advantages of
  • Recommendations

Complex of exercises

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Lifting of knees bent at the feet

Take the position of the vertical hanging in the straight position on the horizontal bar. Fix your arms wide apart on the crossbar. Bend your knees and start lifting them up, straining the muscles of the bottom of the press. When lifting, try to reach out with your knees to your chest. When the feet are at the level of the head, slowly lower your legs into the starting position. Perform 10-15 lifts. This exercise perfectly coaches not only the muscles of the lower part of the press, but also the lateral muscles of the abdomen.

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Raise the straight legs parallel to the floor

Take the position of the vertical hanging on the horizontal bar, fixing the hands on the width of the shoulders. The legs are straight. Raise your legs, keeping them together until they reach a position parallel to the floor. Hold your legs at a height for a second, straining the press, and slowly start to lower them down. Direct muscles of the press participate in the work. Perform 10 lifts.

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Raising the knees bent at the knees to the chest level

Fix your hands on the bar, assuming the position of a wide grip. Bend your knees. In this case, the feet should be wound back, and the toes to look at the floor. Begin lifting your legs without bending your knees. Raise to the height of the chest level. Then gradually lower your legs into the starting position, maximally straining the press. Repeat 15 times.

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Raising the knees bent at the sides

In the previous starting position, bend your knees. Feet together, your toes pointing forward. Begin lifting of the legs, pulling them to the left shoulder. Try to touch the knees of your chest. At the correct height, slowly lower your legs without bending your knees. Similar movements make in the right side. The muscles of the press constantly keep in suspense. Perform 12 lifts in each direction.

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Rise of the straight legs up

Hang on the bar, hands in the position of wide grip, the legs are pulled down. Having fixed your hands, start lifting both feet upwards. When the legs are parallel to the floor, hold the position for a second. Then continue to raise your legs higher, planting your feet on the bar. Hold your legs up for a second, feel how strained the muscles of the press. Then start slowly lowering them down. Complete 10 approaches. This exercise allows you to work through all the muscle groups of the press.

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Lifting straight legs to the sides

Starting position - vertical hanging on the horizontal bar, arms width apart, legs straight. Start lifting the legs up, and when the feet are at the level of the horizontal bar, lower the straight legs to the left. After fixing the position for a second, lift your legs up, then lower them to the right. In the work involved only the muscles of the press. Keep your back on, you can not bend the spine. Complete 10 approaches. The exercise is aimed at working out the straight and oblique muscles of the press.

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Body hanging in a hanging head

Hang on the bar top down, holding it with your legs, bent at the knees. Either fasten the legs in the calf muscle area with the help of locks. Cross your arms over your chest. Perform lifting of the body, straining the press. The back should be relaxed. Rise to the maximum possible height. Do 15 approaches. Such training helps to work out the upper part of the press.

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Advantages of

The first thing to note is the fact that the bar is a public sports equipment that can be found not only in the fitness room, but in any yard. Many have a horizontal bar at home, which is very convenient, since you can train at any time of the day and in any weather.

The main advantage of training for the muscles of the press on the horizontal bar is their high efficiency. The fact is that when performing exercises, a significant load is necessary for muscle fibers, including deep muscles of the press, which is impossible with other types of exercises. This is due to the large amplitude of movements and significant burdening. To achieve such a result with the help of the well-known method to pump a press-lifting of the housing from the floor is practically impossible. In addition, classes on the bar allow you to get rid of fat deposits on the buttocks and in the lumbar region.

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The effectiveness of training for the press depends not so much on the number of approaches and frequency of classes as on the correctness of the performance of movements. In order to get as close as possible to the desired result, a number of rules should be followed, which are described below.

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  • Monitor your breathing during class. Lifting should be performed on exhalation, and lowering on inhalation.
  • It is important to have a reliable grip with the bar. In order not to slip your palms, they can be treated with a special powder.
  • To avoid injury when playing on a horizontal bar, it is recommended that you keep your thumbs below( under the crossbar).
  • When doing press exercises, which require gripping with a horizontal bar, it is recommended to use special straps for fixing the legs.
  • During training, you need to concentrate on a certain group of muscles, controlling their work. When performing exercises in the work must primarily be the muscles of the press, and to a lesser extent - buttocks and thighs. Do not strain your back.
  • Do not swing the body when lifting the legs, otherwise the muscles of the press will have a lower load, since the swing is due to the force of inertia.
  • When practicing vertical climbing in a straight position, try not to relax the muscles of the press after you lower your legs.
  • During the training sessions, you need to perform smoothly, without jerking, otherwise you risk damaging the muscles and ligaments of the hands or back.

Before classes make sure to warm up. To do this, it will be enough to perform the usual exercises and a couple of cardio exercises - a light jog or jumping rope. It is worth noting that with a weak muscular corset of the shoulder girdle, performing exercises will not be easy. Therefore, it is recommended to practice this group of muscles for the beginning.

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