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  • Advantages of such a manicure
  • What is needed for shellac at home?
  • Step-by-step instruction for working with shellac
  • Is it possible to work with shellac without an ultraviolet lamp?

Recently, shellac has gained incredible popularity among girls who dream of a durable and beautiful manicure. Can I create a design with shellac at home, and what will it take? We tell in our article.

Advantages of such a manicure

Shellak home - a procedure that only at first glance seems simple. In fact, because of the density and stickiness of the remedy itself, not every girl can solve it from the first time.

Shellac itself is a versatile and resistant coating that helps create a spectacular manicure that lasts no less than three weeks on the nails. What are the advantages of this procedure can be called?

  1. The durability of the coating allows you to save a spectacular design for several weeks, significantly saving time.
  2. Shellac is considered absolutely safe for nails, and therefore the risk of some problems with the plates is extremely low.
  3. Shellac is quite easily removed with the help of a nail file or special plastic sticks.
  4. The variety of shades of this coating guarantees a wide choice of design and ideas for manicure. Of course, the main advantage of this procedure is the longevity of the manicure. Due to the fact that shellac keeps on the nails for a long time without correction, the manicure looks fresh and beautiful even after 10-15 days after coating.

    Now in the specialty shops you can find a wide variety of shades of shellac. Even for the French manicure there are several options for decoration. For example, for a hole you can use lighter or darker shades, use a colored varnish.

    Specialists advise newcomers to first master a one-color painting, and only then to proceed to experiments with various drawings and a jacket. Otherwise, the procedure for creating a beautiful drawing can take a whole day, and the result will be questionable.

    That's just to create a similar design is not enough of one desire and shellack, because you will have to purchase a series of additional devices.

    What is needed for shellac at home?

    What you need for this kind of manicure - a fairly common question. The thing is that inexperienced ladies first try to apply shellac as a normal varnish, and face a number of problems.

    That's why, before an independent procedure, many are recommended to visit a professional master to see how it works with this compound, how it does it.

    For the qualitative application of this product to the marigold, the following devices will be needed:

    • special set for dry manicure, which can be found in specialized stores;
    • shellac of the desired shade;
    • special fixing coating, which will help make the manicure more resistant to external influences;
    • for the base coat and for removing shellac;
    • special ultraviolet lamp;
    • degreaser, which will help ease the procedure for applying shellac on the nails.

    The shellac kit is usually available in any specialized store, and no problems arise with its purchase. Also, experts recommend that you stock up on cotton pads and damp napkins, with which you can remove the remains of varnish, accidentally caught on the surface of the skin or cuticle.

    When doing such a manicure it is important to follow the instructions that have long become habitual for a professional. Apply a different base, shellac and fixing agent can not, because the sequence of actions depends on the quality of the final manicure.

    Step-by-step instruction for working with shellac

    Performing such a manicure step by step is always convenient and simple, because a girl can notice any flaws in the procedure and eliminate them in the future. In addition, a step-by-step instruction prevents any risk of damage to the nails, which means that you can apply shellac without unnecessary anxiety for the condition of your own nail plates. So, what are the stages of the procedure?

    1. Brushing the nails in order, removing the cuticles and removing the shiny layer from the plates with the help of a nail file.
    2. Surface preparation with degreaser and primer.
    3. Application of the base layer and its subsequent drying.
    4. Application of shellac itself.
    5. Applying the finishing coat to fix the entire manicure.
    6. Final degreasing of the nail and application of special nutrient oil to the cuticle.

    Of course, for beginners all these works seem very complicated, but in reality the professional takes only a couple of hours. The first thing to do is bring your own nails in order. Cuticles are carefully removed, the nails are attached to the desired shape using the nail file, and the upper shiny layer of the plate is also removed. This is necessary due to the fact that shellac is kept on a shiny layer, which means that the manicure itself will not last longer than a few days.

    The first stages of work are performed without a lamp. For example, the primer applied to the surface of the plate should dry naturally. Drying of the base layer is best achieved by using a UV lamp, as this will noticeably speed up the work. After the base has dried, it is necessary to apply the first layer of shellac, without sealing the ends of the nail. As soon as the shellac dries, it is necessary to apply a second layer, so that the color becomes more saturated and opaque.

    Then it will only be necessary to carry out the finishing operations to remove the sticky shellac layer using a conventional napkin with a drop of acetone. It is necessary to do this so that the manicure looks more impressive and lasts longer. After the final degreasing, we can assume that the manicure is done.

    Experts advise novices not to care about drawings and complex design, because to begin with they need to master the procedure itself. All that is necessary for shellac, you can find in specialized stores, but only having patience and considerable desire, a person will be able to finish the procedure.

    Is it possible to work with shellac without an ultraviolet lamp?

    Everything you need for shellac, you can buy yourself, but there are a lot of such materials. After spending a variety of sets for beginners in front of a woman stands the prospect of buying a special lamp for drying nails. Professionals argue that without such an adaptation to achieve a spectacular and persistent manicure is almost impossible. There are following alternatives:

    • to purchase a special lamp( average cost of the order of 2000-3000 rubles) and to carry out the drying of shellac with its help;
    • try to carry out the procedure without the help of such an adaptation, in advance prepared for the fact that the manicure will be short-lived;
    • use a special lacquer with the effect of gel coating instead of shellac, because it does not require special drying.

    It is more preferable to purchase the cnd shellac set with the lamp, as this will simplify the very procedure of applying all the necessary coatings and will improve the manicure resistance. When drying shellac naturally the lady will have to wait for about an hour, until the layer dries, and at the same time its durability will be doubtful.

    An alternative, of course, can be a special lacquer with the effect of gel coating, but its durability causes fears. Usually a manicure looks scruffy after a week.

    It's quite easy to work with a lamp, because in it shellac is dried in 3-5 minutes. If the girl feels a burning sensation in the process, you should pull your fingers out of the device, blow them, then send them back.

    Now even special launch kits for shellac with a lamp, which has a small power and a fairly low price, are sold. But only in the future, if the girl decides to do a manicure not only for herself, but also for her numerous girlfriends, the lamp will have to be replaced, because insufficient power will significantly reduce the speed of the master.

    The shellac shell cnd helps in the early stages to deal more effectively with the application of several layers of various coatings on the nails. Perhaps, initially this procedure will seem complicated, but gradually you can get used to it. In addition, a spectacular and durable manicure will be a great reward for all your time!

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