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Today we will tell you how to donate money for a wedding. Present cash to the young is an excellent solution. Money is never superfluous, the newlyweds can themselves acquire what they need, at their own volition. But to give bills in a purchase card-envelope is too banal. It should be interesting and original to play a gift, so that it becomes unforgettable!

To create a "house" for money, you need to show imagination and creativity of thinking. Not all guests can afford to bring to the newlyweds an astronomical amount, and this is not too convenient. Therefore, the main attention should be paid to packaging, which will allow to introduce a sacrament in the present.

There are many ways to donate money for a wedding, which will be remembered forever. The simplest way is to issue a cash gift with your own hands.

Such beautiful boxes!. .

Put the gift in a box - the easiest way to present it to the young. It remains only to choose the right packaging. It can be made to order in the workshop or create yourself. The options can be the following:

  1. To issue a mini safe for money to which to order a lock and two keys. This is an excellent option for keeping the family budget, and the first payment will be a gift note, which young people will find in this small storehouse.
  2. A wooden box with many compartments is also suitable for a gift. She herself will be a great place where you can store all kinds of little things. The main thing is to decorate it correctly.
  3. You can choose from a transparent box. It is especially interesting, when all the guests will put their notes in it. We can say that the first family piggy bank will be filled with the presents of friends already on the day of the wedding, and most importantly, that in the future it will not become empty.


A wedding box for money. How to make

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Wedding Treasury.

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A wedding ship made of chocolates. Master Class. Wedding ship of candy

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A ship made from cash bills.

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As an interesting presentation, a ship from money is perfect. To make it it is possible in several ways:

  1. To issue a picture with images of a boat made of bills and coins.
  2. Make a ship with your own hands of sweets, and use sails as sails.
  3. A ship made of paper squares with inserts from real bills, for its creation skills of modular origami will be useful.
  4. Buy a toy in the form of a pirate ship, on which there is a treasure chest.

Cash cake

Of course, this will not be a real cream madness, but a simple box of round or square shape, which is stylized for cake. You can decorate it in many different ways: paint or paste, make modular flowers and leaflets, cover with a rich cloth and embroider with beads, you can use beads and sequins. The main thing is that the cake looked chic and reminded of a real treat. And inside it young will be waiting for a cash surprise.

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How to make a cake of cash bills.

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You can go further and create a wedding auction in several tiers. This will require boxes of different sizes. They can be filled with various presenters - postcards, bows, soft toys, paper with wishes, sweets, and at the very top or bottom of the construction put banknotes.

How much money to give to the wedding?

There are many more ways to make a cash presentation for a wedding. But many are concerned about another important question: how much money is it supposed to give? Not everyone can afford to pay a large sum, and the young in this case will feel uncomfortable.

You should find a solution that will not confuse the young, make them feel obligated, do not hit hard on the pocket of the guest.

The amount of money gift depends on the place of residence. The sizes of the presents in a large metropolis and a provincial town are different. This is due to the average "cost" of life and income level.

To begin with, it is worth considering the financial situation of the newlyweds. Be sure to take into account the costs that the young family incurred to organize the celebration. As a rule, the family reimburses the expenses for the holiday with donated money. More impressive is a monetary gift, if several people act as donors.

There are certain customs, rules, about which it would be nice to learn before the start of the celebration. The size of a monetary gift depends on the degree of kinship with the young, their solvency.

Naturally, the financial status of the donor is taken into account. The sum should not be for the guest of the beyond and lead him to financial problems in the future. It is not necessary to please your beloved friend, get into debt, which then will be difficult to pay off.

As a rule, the following calculation is used to determine the average amount of the presentation: it is learned in young people how much one place is at a banquet, and the amount is multiplied by two. The amount can be reduced if there is still a gift, even if it is inexpensive.

How beautifully to donate money - video


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