List of Turkish TV series

Turkish films are permeated with oriental colors. Burning beauties and stately macho fall in love, suffer and live their lives. The histories of families are full of secrets and mysteries. Your attention is given to the list of Turkish TV series, where the best films of its category are selected. Before the audience unfolds serious passions, dynamic stories and touching love stories.

Waiting for the sun

Mother and daughter from the TV series "Waiting for the Sun" live in the province. The store they have does not give the necessary income. Therefore, when the mother of Demet receives an offer from an old friend to move to Istanbul, she gladly agrees. She hopes that her daughter Zeynep will receive a decent education. What will be the fate of the provincials in the big city?

If I became a cloud

The heroes of the series "If I became a cloud" live in a large mansion. Here, the families of the two brothers - the elder Aslan and the younger Kadir - coexist. Their children are in love with each other. Despite the protests of the relatives and the young age of the bride, Mustafa Bulut marries his cousin Narin. The newlyweds will have to undergo many tests in order to preserve the love.

Saw. Return home

Parents of the heroine of the short story "Syla. Returning home "because of his deplorable financial situation, they give the three-year-old daughter to a rich family. Years later, her own brother falls in love with the daughter of a rich man and abducts her. According to tradition, now Syla is obliged to marry one of the abducted brothers. But the girl is categorically against it.

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Valley of the Wolves. Zapadnya

After the attempt on the businessman in the TV series "Valley of the Wolves. Zapadnya "is the detention of criminals. However, Polat Alemdar - the protagonist of the novel is not satisfied with the result of the investigation and begins an independent search of the organizers of the incident. To do this, he tries to establish a monetary trace and establish contact with the family of the injured Chagry Toros.

Forbidden Love

The protagonist of the series "Forbidden Love" Adnan is a widower who brings up two children. After 11 years of solitude, he meets young Bichter and falls in love. But their happiness can be prevented by the mother of the girl, who after the death of her husband is looking for new pleasures. The relationship between the mother and her daughter is already strained, worsening. After all, the daughter accuses the mother of the death of her father.

Magnificent Age

The main heroine of the series "Magnificent Age" Ukrainian beauty - Alexandra was presented to Sultan Suleiman as a concubine. Thanks to her intellect and charm, she took a worthy place in the life of the Ottoman ruler. After the girl converted to Islam, she was called Hurrem. She will do her best to realize her ambitions.


Childhood and youth of Yaman, the protagonist of the novel "Tide", takes place in the troubled region of Istanbul. His father abandoned his family long ago, and the boy contacted Kenan-bey, who is not a good example to follow. One day, because of him, Yaman nearly fell into prison. Thanks to the lawyer Selim Seraz, the young man avoids imprisonment and gets a chance to change his life. Will Yaman take advantage of this opportunity?

Korolek - bird singing

Left orphaned, the main heroine of the novel "Korolek - birdie singing" - Feride is studying in a boarding house. On vacation the girl comes to Aunt Besima. For restlessness, the heroine is called a queen. Once, Feride understands that she fell in love with Kamran's cousin. When its secret is recognized by local residents, the girl understands that the one who loves her is also not indifferent.

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The mother left the father of the main character of the series "Iffet" with her two daughters. He brought them up in rigor and obedience. The eldest daughter - Iffet meets with Jamil and dreams of marriage. But the wealth of the taxi driver does not allow him to take such a serious step. Then Cemil decides to get a job. This step can change the life and aspirations of the girl.

Kuzej Güney

In the center of the plot of the series "Kuzey Guney" - the relationship of siblings. They are completely different. Younger Kuzey is an outspoken and absurd, and the senior Gyuney is a modest student of the Economics Department. After the girl, beloved by both young men, chooses Guney, the brothers get into an accident. Kuzey takes the brother's guilt on himself and gets to prison, from which he will emerge a completely different person.

The fate of the sisters

The fate of the girls from the series "The fate of the sisters" bursts into tragedy - their parents are dying. Now the life of the five sisters is drastically changing. They will have to grow up ahead of time. Especially hard will have a twenty-year-old Elif - she is the eldest of the sisters. Tragedy unites girls in the struggle for survival in an unpredictable world.

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1001 night

Scheherazade heroine of the novella "1001 night" - impregnable and proud beauty. Her husband was killed, and the son is fatally ill to be healed, money is needed. His help to the woman is offered by her boss Onur - a successful interesting man who was disappointed in love before meeting with Scheherazade. Now he is ready to go almost on everything to win the favor of the heroine.

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Dangerous love

The protagonist of the series "Dangerous Love" - ​​Nejat, madly in love with his cousin Zulal. However, this girl responds only with contempt and ridicule. To further "annoy" the guy, the heroine marries his friend. The offended young man leaves the city. When the years later Nejat returns to his hometown, he learns that the family life of Zyulyal did not work out.

Love and punishment

Having lost faith in love, Yasemin is the heroine of the novella Love and Punishment, moves to Bodrum. Blame all the groom of the girl who changed her on the eve of the wedding. Disappointment leads Yasemin to the bar, where she meets a guy named Savash, and spends the night with him on a yacht. This meeting changes the life of both young people.

Ms Gülli

The heroine of the series "Mistress Gülli" has few reasons for joy. Heavy conditions at work and unbearable conditions at home. But Gulli hopes for a happy life with his beloved Kemal. However, the girl's plans were not allowed to come true. Due to a combination of circumstances she had to marry another. Her husband was the owner of the factory, with which Gülli found happiness. But it did not last long.

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