How women wear socks with shoes: fashion ideas

  • The world is full of contradictions
  • Proportional correspondence
  • Initial preparation
  • Experiments in the sunlight
  • Forget for good

More recently, stylists have claimed that wearing socks with shoes is a mauveon, a bad taste. The socks were hidden under the trousers, and if they were worn, then necessarily skin color. Moreover, the more natural - the better: no one should have guessed that under an elegant slipper hidden unsightly socks and stockings. But times change, and what once seemed absolutely ridiculous and tasteless, is now more important than ever. How to wear socks with shoes to look stylish and interesting?

A world full of contradictions

Socks in combination with shoes are a bold and contradictory step. Admirers of an eccentric image among modern girls are enough now. But there are those whom such "strangeness" does not attract. Therefore, having decided to try a slippery-toe combination on yourself, be prepared for the fact that not everyone will be able to understand you.

Dared at socks with shoes remember: the new trends - it's old, but trumped up in the right perspective. What to wear an outfit, coined by Coco Chanel back in the 1930s. White short products, decorated with frills, provided for elegant shoes with heels-glasses. Trends echoed by other designers:

  • Karl Lagerfeld. He works for the fashion house Chanel, and that says it all. The brand's master advises to select monochrome combinations, do not disdain to wear cotton or mohair leggings even in the office.
  • Miu Miu recommend to insulate. Warm socks-leggings are worn with ankle boots or winter boots.
  • Marc Jacobs makes everything simpler and stops on unobtrusive black products. He combines short socks with dresses-tulips, shorts and coats.
  • Prada is played like Beckham. Sports leggings modelers of the brand embroider rhinestones, stones or pearls. Shoes are selected different - from sandals to classic options.
  • Saint Laurent returns in the 90's. Brilliant lurex, ballet shoes on heels with leather inserts - chic disco, for a change - with kapron tights.
  • DKNY justifies the law of unity of opposites. Brand - for white low-backed socks in the spirit of the 80's.

Images, which creates a small, but necessary part of the wardrobe, can not be counted. It is enough to be able to combine, at first glance, incongruous things, becoming tender, daring, feminine or eccentric.

Proportional matching

How to wear socks with shoes, if you own a non-standard figure? Or, on the contrary, are your proportions so perfect that every thing sits like a poured one? Act boldly: the right combination will help correct some shortcomings and emphasize virtues.

  • Socks in combination with shoes make of girls seductive lolit, nymphets with childishly naive eyes. True, in this style it is worth to dress young ladies or women, a miracle hiding their age.
  • A bold combination is suitable for girls with thin ankles: short socks accentuate the fragility of the limbs.
  • Miniature beauties better to refrain from long gaiters, as the legs are visually shortened.
A classic stern image requires tight hosiery. They should not be gathered with ugly wrinkles, if the pants accidentally get caught.
The absence of a strict dress code gives vent to fantasy: colored, patterned, dense, thin, openwork, striped, of absolutely any kind and shape of socks.

Remember the bow of Japanese baby-dollars: stop on long socks in combination with a mini-skirt. Knitted dense or open-work items fit for shorts. Short "sporting" socks look perfect with all the clothes.

Initial preparation

Change of image is the most pleasant experience for modern girls. How to wear socks on shoes, will prompt a favorite image. Simple sporty style, elegant retro, charming vintage, everyday cache, progressive military, raucous grunge, naive cheek-herl, prestigious preppy. .. The options are mass, but they all provide for certain rules:

  1. So that the does not look odd, choose the texture, length, color and density of the socks, respectively, of the shoes. With boots, shoes or sandals on a rough "tractor" sole is better to wear thick short knee socks, you can with three-dimensional braids and other elements. If you prefer a more feminine shoe, for example, classic boats, thin sandals or ankle boots, then choose thin accessories that are not burdened with large relief patterns.
  2. Socks, leg warmers, high-quality socks. Items purchased in the transition, leave on a very rainy day. In them you will look ugly, cheap and unattractive.
  3. Repeat the part of the wardrobe on your socks. This technique will provide a stylish and attractive bow. Lacy harmoniously look with a lace on the blouse. Simple cotton things provide for similar toe products - unobtrusive and practical.
  4. Knee-length socks, leg warmers, stockings are matched to the color of shoes. For monochrome, calm color shoes stop on the socks of bright colors, with motley prints. Cheerful colors of products relevant only with high-heeled shoes. Think about how much such a bold decision fits into everyday life and the environment.
  5. Do not wear short socks with open shoes, leave this inspiration for designer shows. Otherwise, the growing trend will turn into kitsch.

Can not think through the image yourself? There are examples from the pages of magazines and fashion blogs. However, most of them in reality look inappropriate and ridiculous.

Experiments in the sunshine

The best time for change than spring, it is impossible to think. Girls should buy a few pairs of socks and think about a new image. Stylists advise to try the following bows:

  • Dress in the style of baby-dollar in combination with short socks of light color. Puppet shoes on a small heel will emphasize a gentle romantic image.
  • An interesting everyday solution: a short black skirt, an elongated jacket and a denim shirt. Socks are usually chosen by the color of the jacket. This outfit is suitable for those who do not have a strict dress code at work, or students.
  • Slender legs emphasize short shorts, which are tucked into a blouse or T-shirt. Long dark socks combine with high-heeled shoes, boots or ankle boots in grunge style.
  • An image of a naive gymnast will create light socks, a light chiffon dress, a flying blouse filled with jeans. Shoes - ballet shoes or shoes on a small platform.
  • Lacquered shoes, dark knee socks, a short skirt of black color cause an association with a sexy schoolgirl from the Japanese anime.
  • Fans of strict, but slightly hooligan bows can try a combination of "male" oxford, loffers or soft moccasins with short, monotonous dense but not bulky socks. They are suitable for light flying dresses, clothes of an A-shaped silhouette, jeans-boyfriends.
  • To create an image in retro style, you can experiment with elegant dresses with lush skirts below the knee. A classic combination provides closed shoes with a small heel. White thin socks, perhaps with lace ruffles, will add unobtrusive naivete.

Leggings or stockings will save on cool autumn days, when it's a pity to part with sandals, but to get shoes early. Thin socks made of capron with prints in polka dots or stripes will be the best choice for Indian summer. Dense textures and relief patterns are not welcome: the image looks "cheap".

Forget forever

The ideas of how to wear socks with shoes are what the fantasies of fashionistas are all about. Stylists remind you what can not be done:

  1. Be sure to follow the balance. Tight socks and open sandals look, to put it mildly, strange. The same can be said about kapron lacework in the company of warm, massive shoes.
  2. Transparent socks above the ankle with a colored cape or heel and open shoes disrupt the harmony of the image. Worse than this is only a combination of socks with barefoot gladiators. Stop on soft shoes and medium-density golf.
  3. Mottled prints on toes and bright prints on shoes are appropriate in a circus show, but not in real life.
  4. Girls with full or pumped calves can forget about the combination of gaiters, stockings and shoes. So the legs visually become short, massive, crooked. Do you want to follow fashion trends? Pick up wardrobe items: a midi skirt, cargo pants that will hide the massive part of the leg, and for public viewing only the ankles will be exposed. Crochet-colored little socks on them slightly lower at the bones, wrinkles visually reduce the full calves.
  5. Visually lengthen the legs of high stockings in a uniform color scheme with shoes. From afar, this outfit resembles boots. To wear them better with shorts, skirts look vulgar.
  6. Modest girls wishing to look in the backstage must-have modern fashion, can try white or pastel short socks. To combine them it is necessary with shoes-boats on low heels.
    Nude hosiery - this is an easy echo of retrostyle, which will not look extravagant.

How to wear socks on shoes, can show only very bold and confident girls. They are not afraid of the prospect of looking eccentric, impudent or a little reckless. If you are not afraid of criticism and crave experiments, socks and shoes are what the doctor prescribed.

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