Wedding in the original rustic style

  • What is a rustic wedding?
  • The main features of the rustic style
  • The wedding organization stages
  • The place for the ceremony
  • The design of the festive space
  • The decoration of the invitation
  • The wedding flower arrangement
  • The bride in the rustic style
  • The groom in the rustic style
  • The festive menu and table decoration
  • The festive dress code

Recentlythemed holidays are very popular. To create an original wedding, you need to choose a certain style that will be present in everything: the design of space, the dress code, the festive menu. If you love nature and you are attracted by everything simple, natural, homely, then a rustic wedding is the perfect option for you!

What is a rustic wedding?

With the French "rustique" it is translated as "rural", "simple", "rough".

If you are romantics, like field plants and dream about an open-air ceremony, then rustic wedding is for you!

In this style there is no luxury, lush decor, only exquisite simplicity. He is very popular in Europe and America, from there he came to us.

Many newlyweds call this style sack-like, as this material is most often used in decor. The characteristic features of the rustic style are rough decor elements, natural colors, natural materials. This style is relevant also because such a wedding can be held at any time of the year.

For the decoration of the festive space use cream, beige, dark green tone, as well as the color of aged wood.

Traditionally, rural weddings were held in early October after harvesting and completing the main field works. And therefore the symbolic meaning of rustic weddings is the unity of loving hearts and the triumph of abundant nature.

The main features of the rustic style

  • Carry out the ceremony in the park, on the forest edge, the meadow near the pond, and the banquet - in a log cottage or restaurant, a cafe in a rustic style.
  • Use only natural materials for decoration. Decorate the festive space with wooden beams, live moss, burlap, glass vases and candlesticks, chintz, flax, string and hay. Beautiful look untreated branches, hemp, slightly withered, overgrown with green arches.
  • Create flower arrangements and bouquets of field chamomiles, lavender, cornflowers, wheat sprouts and cotton flowers.
  • The color scheme of the event should consist exclusively of natural shades: white, beige, blue, green, brown, gray, pink. As an accent, use terracotta and yellow.
  • Play on the contrasts. Decorative elements should be careless, rude, but at the same time elegant and beautiful. The house of rough logs and the hayloft should be very clean, the light and weightless attire of the bride can be supplemented with coarse cowboy boots.
  • Do your own hands with decorative elements and decorations for the bride.
  • Give up plastic, saturated colors, luxury goods, glitter, ornament in the decor of the festive space. The wedding limousine is replaced by a horse-drawn cart.

Stages of organizing a wedding

First you need to decide on the venue of the celebration. Most often rustic weddings are held in nature. With the help of the tent you can protect guests from the scorching sun or precipitation.

Organizers need to take care of the delivery of invitation cards. It is necessary to arrange attractive invitations, since it is with the help of this important detail that the guests get a first impression of the style of the future wedding.

The third important item is a festive banquet. It is necessary to carefully consider the festive menu. It can be dishes of Russian or European cuisine. The main condition - all treats should be simple, no culinary delights. The festive table should be decorated with confectionery, freshly baked bread.

You need to buy drinks. If you are planning a non-alcoholic wedding, then treat guests with juices, water, different kinds of tea. Lovers of alcoholic beverages can be pleased with berry or fruit liqueurs, home-made wine, herbal tinctures.

You also need to order a wedding cortege. It can be a horse-drawn cart or a retro car, adorned at your discretion.

Do not forget to invite a professional photographer who captures the best moments of the holiday. And the operator will create a whole film about your wedding.

Rustic style has European roots, and therefore the traditional ransom for Russia is not needed. Representatives of young people can come up with entertainment that will match the style you want.

  1. On the day of the wedding, the young are gathered separately, then they go to the registration.
  2. After the ceremony, a photo session on nature is held.
  3. Then a banquet with a professional presenter is arranged. As for the musical accompaniment of the event, the best option is country or jazz. At the break, the newly-weds are dancing, after which all the guests join them.
Beautiful fireworks - this is an excellent end to the wedding celebration.

Venue for the ceremony

In the warm season, you can register on a forest glade, chamomile, poppy or wheat field, on the river bank, in a picturesque cliff or in a cherry orchard. The main thing is to know in advance the weather forecast, so that a strong wind or rain does not spoil the registration. For securing, use awnings or portable hangars.

Autumn gives a lot of materials for decorating the wedding celebration. The ceremony of marriage in the forest or park will be especially beautiful. Register a marriage can be open-air, and hold a banquet - in a restaurant or cafe. For such a program is perfect for a country house.

Very beautiful looks winter wedding in rustic style! With the help of decor elements, the lack of warmth and comfort, which is so lacking in the cold season, is compensated. For the wedding is most suitable for a country hotel. Wedding ceremony take place in a large hall with a wooden decoration and a fireplace. And organize the banquet in a specially designated room, the main thing is that the interior has a stone, a brick and wooden beams. The advantage of a country hotel is that guests can spend the night and leave in the morning.

Design of the festive space

The decoration of the wedding in the rustic style should be refined and simple at the same time. The place for the ceremony must be zoned with the help of an arch, near which registration will take place and the places for guests will be located. Use arbors or roots as the basis for the arch. You can decorate it with the help of field flowers, textile garlands, antique lace. You can experiment with the shape of the arch.

These can be old doors or gates. It looks very solemn and symbolic!

Furniture for the ceremony should be made entirely of natural materials. Guests can sit on folding chairs, haystacks or hemp, covered with burlap. Hemp can serve as a stand for various decor elements.

Conventional wooden tables can be replaced by homemade ones. To do this, take two large wine barrels and cover them with a wooden covering. It looks very stylish!

From briquettes hay it is possible to create tables, chairs or even sofas for newlyweds and guests. Cover the hay with a natural thick cloth, decorate with pads and wildflowers.

Rustic style implies minimal use of fabrics. Most festive space is decorated with sacking, linen, chintz. These materials cover chairs, tables, create compositional elements and accessories for the wedding. Very nice look linen or cotton napkins with lace or ribbon trim.

To decorate the space use a string. With the help of this thin rope, luminaries, candlesticks, flower arrangements, cones, textile garlands are fixed on the branches of trees. Also, glass containers are used to decorate glass containers, which are used as vases for flowers.

Decorate the festive space with daisies, bells, cornflowers, fragrant peas. For bouquets use paper, twine and burlap. The contrasting combination of delicate colors with coarse materials looks very stylish and exquisite. Bouquets can be put in hanging vases decorated with fabric, lace or paper or a basket. To keep them fresh and fragrant for longer, pour in a bowl of water.

The registration space can be decorated with paper garlands, aged furniture, books with yellowed sheets, wooden barrels, window frames or carts. Give up the shiny materials in the decor, they will look ridiculous.

Invitation cards design

Invitations are a visiting card of the newlyweds, they can be created with their own hands. This may be a invitation card decorated with lace, a scroll tied with a rope or a piece of cloth or a piece of bark with a cut out text. You can not do without cardboard, kraft paper, openwork napkins, homespun lace, dense fabric, wrapping paper. You can experiment as much as you like, most importantly - adhere to the natural color scheme, avoid synthetic materials and gloss.

In one style, you can create all wedding accessories: invitations, gift boxes, wedding cushion. For decoration use coarse cloth, lace, beads and ribbons.

In gift boxes there can be sweets, jars of jam, honey, self-soap, etc. These are souvenirs for guests so they remember your wedding.

Wedding flower arrangement

A wedding bouquet in a rustic style creates mainly from wild flowers. Bridal bouquet can be complemented with bright decorative plants. Dilute the composition can be herbal grasses, which give a positive symbolism to the bouquet.

To create a contrasting bouquet combine blue or purple flowers with bright sunflower. A rich and juicy composition is obtained with clusters of viburnum, mountain ash or sea-buckthorn. Most often, the bouquet of the bride is decorated with chamomiles, cornflowers, lilies of the valley, bells, small roses, daisies, etc.

  • For the decoration of , use lace, coarse string, sacking.
  • Contrast and very stylish looks eco-bouquet with several artificial flowers.
  • Dried flowers, moss, branches will make the composition even more interesting.

Bride in rustic style

The image of a young man should be light and gentle. Straight, slightly fitted style, flowing, natural material: cotton, linen or silk. This can be a sarafan with a lace trim or a dress with a long sleeve, open back or shoulders. The winter outfit of the bride can be supplemented with a shawl, a volumetric scarf, a cape or a cardigan.

The hairstyle should be slightly careless and natural, as if the bride only gathered her hair. It can be different kinds of weaving or loose curls, decorated with flowers, rim, beads. To complement the image can be a wreath of wild flowers, twigs, dried flowers, etc. The wreath should be created from the same colors as the wedding bouquet, and the groom's boutonniere.

As accessories, use bracelets from field plants, miniature earrings, thin chains.

Decorate the legs of the bride can be summer ballet, open sandals, low-heeled shoes or cowboy boots. Shoes can be decorated with burlap or flax.

Makeup young must be natural and only in pastel colors. Use a tonal base that is as close as possible to the natural shade of the skin, a light lipstick, a little mascara and a little rouge. The eyes can be slightly underlined by the eyeliner.

Groom in rustic style

The groom can safely abandon the classic tuxedos, trousers with arrows, lacquer shoes. The most successful option is the style of kazhual. For example, a light shirt in a cage, which can be undone from the top, a waistcoat or a tweed jacket. Pants can be any shade, only not black, material - flax or thin cotton.

The perfect color combination - blue with sand. You can supplement the image with braces, a colorful butterfly, a hat or a buttonhole. Lacquered shoes replace with sandals, moccasins or boots.

Wedding Rings

Rustic style rings should be simple, the best material is silver or white gold. Taboo - large precious stones, fine work.

The classic stand for wedding rings looks like a cushion of dense natural fabric, decorated with lace. Stand from a wooden frame with carved names of young and the date of marriage can be decorated with ribbon. Very original and symbolic looks stand in the form of nests of grass and twigs.

Place a small napkin in the nest, and on top of the ring. As an ornament, use sprigs of needles, cones or field plants.

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot

A wedding in the rustic style will give unforgettable emotions, the main thing is to properly embody them. The best ideas for a photo:

  • Shooting on a background of a rural fence from the laths, wheat, sunflower or poppy fields.
  • As a background, an old barn or a herd of cows that graze in a meadow will suit.
  • Beautifully look photos with animals: horses, dogs, goats, etc.

Use any old things that you will find:

  • bicycle;
  • garden tools;
  • rocker arm;
  • large barrels;
  • wooden bench, etc.
You can take a photo near a haystack, an old well, a swing.

Festive menu and table decoration

Tables should be covered with tablecloths of natural fabrics, decorated with fresh flowers, glass candlesticks, vases, wicker baskets, coarse wooden boxes, etc. Flower bouquets diluted with dried flowers and green twigs. Do not forget about natural napkins with lace trim.

Seat guests on briquettes with hay, hemp, benches or wooden chairs. Furniture cover with textiles and decorate at your discretion. If the day is cool, then guests can offer plaids. You can make guest cards on wooden discs.

As for the menu, you will not see any frills in the form of chocolate fountains, cheese fondue or salmon in a wine sauce. According to the concept of the event, simple village dishes are welcomed: young potatoes in uniform, jellied fish, chops, vegetable stew, fresh and canned vegetables. You can not do without fruit and cheese bar. Treat guests with compotes, fruit drinks, homemade wines, tinctures. In cold weather, keep warm with mulled wine, grog and hot chocolate.

Treat sweet tooth with mint gingerbread, berry muffins, chocolate biscuits, capkeys, rolls. As for the wedding cake, it can be a simple biscuit with milk cream, decorated with fresh fruit or berries. It can be served on a tray or a wooden frame.

Festive dress code

It is necessary to warn about the dress code in the invitation cards so that guests can think through their image. Ladies better dress in light linen sarafans or dresses of pastel shades, and men - in wide shirts and thin pants.

Girlfriends should shade the bride, and therefore for their outfits it is better to choose beige or cream color. Supplement the image can be original ballet or cowboy boots. Careless hair and lack of bright accessories are a must. The bridesmaids can give out bouquets remotely resembling a flower arrangement in the hands of the bride.

Wedding entertainment and motorcade of young

As for the entertainment program, there are lots of ways to have fun. On the trees you can hang a swing decorated with ribbons. The most popular games are twister, tower, towns, Cossacks, robbers, etc. You can include musical competitions in the program. The

Tuple of the young is also a very important point. For this purpose, a car in the style of country, decorated with branches, flowers, textile frills, paper garlands and figures of young people is suitable. By tradition, the car can be decorated with cans tied to tapes.

The ideal option is a horse-drawn carriage, littered with hay. Such a trip will bring a lot of pleasure to the young. Rustic wedding is a unique event that will remain in your memory for a long time! Related Videos:

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