Correct snack

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Essential questions for any diet-based dietary lover are: eat or not eat, and snack or not snack. The main thing in the right snack is to get rid of hunger, but there are only useful products.

Useful snack

It's never worth to give up a useful snack. In medical diets often promote fractional food, in which a person does not feel hunger and his body does not include a saving mode, in which he begins to save fat stores. And for weight loss is very important.

But if in addition to the basic meals at the same time and snack with useful products( up to three times a day), then the relaxed body will quickly part with excess fat, and you will lose weight.

Frequent meals can improve the production of digestive enzymes, normalize blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

When to have a snack

The correct snack also has its own rules. He is satisfied between the basic meals or when the thought flashed through my head that I want to chew something.

If you are too busy and forget to eat, then set yourself a reminder in the phone, or set up an alarm clock( although if you work in the office, it's not a good idea).

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Snacks during the day

The most useful snacks are breakfast and afternoon snack.

Second breakfast

If you have a good breakfast, then for a second breakfast you have enough fruit. The main thing is that they are sweet and fresh. Although in bananas and grapes too many calories, so they better not get carried away. You can eat a large apple, orange, a couple of kiwi or tangerines.

The snack rate is equal to one fruit or a handful of chopped. And the maximum dose is three.

If as a snack you decide to eat dried fruits( prunes or dried apricots), then do not forget that the calorie content of one dried fruit is equal to its fresh equivalent. And dehydrated apricot or plum can not satiate you, so to get the necessary amount of dried fruits it is better to pour boiling water a few hours before a snack.

It is not necessary to equate dried fruits with dried fruits. After all, these are candied fruits that are almost equal to sugar-refined sugar for your figure.

If at breakfast time you just drank a mug of tea or coffee, then let your second breakfast be more caloric. Eat curd casserole, cheese cake, hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. And maybe you will be satisfied with buckwheat or oatmeal.


Another useful snack you expect later in the evening - afternoon tea. If you work late or home, come too late, then learn how to arrange a similar snack at the end of the day. So you will get rid of acute attacks of hunger in the evening.

For snacks, the best suited are dairy products: yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese or curdled milk. They contain calcium, which our body best assimilates in the evening.

Another important moment of a snack - all sour-milk products should be consumed slowly, so that the saturation is better. Even kefir is best not to drink at a gulp, but to drink a teaspoonful.

Snack on the run

It's good when there is time to eat in a relaxed atmosphere. But this wealth is not all, and most often have a snack on the run.

Once in this situation, you should remember one thing - in any case, do not have a snack with fast food. It can only bring harm, both to your health and your figure.

If you want to have a snack on the run, then opt for a banana, drinking yoghurt with bran, bar with flakes, nuts and cereals. They all relate to slow carbohydrates, and in small doses of them with a light heart you can eat even those who stick to the diet, trying to lose weight.

You can even afford to eat a sandwich. Only it should be properly composed - on a slice of bread with bran, put a thin piece of baked or boiled beef, on top of a lettuce leaf and a couple of twigs of greens.

Obligatory snack during illnesses

Persons suffering from heart, liver, kidney, stomach and intestinal diseases, snacks are vital.

Due to the frequent intake of small doses of food there is a decrease in the load on one or another organ of the digestive system, the digestive juice begins to stand out with a certain rhythm, as a result, jumps in the production of glucose and insulin and the like go to zero.

Proper nutrition is impossible without proper snacking, because they allow us to keep our health, figure and even our nerves. After all, a well-fed man is kinder than a hungry. ..

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