Why do you want to have a lot of sweet before your monthly period and how to overcome the increased appetite

Increased appetite before menstruation is a consequence of ICP, when - the mood jumps, emotional vulnerability rises and at the same time irritability grows. Before the monthly, in most cases, the ladies want to eat more than usual and preferably sweet. Why is this happening and, most importantly, how can you deny yourself a month in excess and harmful, but such a welcome meal?

  • Causes of increased appetite
    • Ovulation
    • Hormones
    • Accent on sweet
    • Endorphin deficiency
    • Blood sugar deficiency
    • How to deal with increased appetite

    Causes of increased appetite

    PMS is familiar to almost all the fair sex representatives, with the rare exception of a few lucky ones whoit passes unnoticed. Before the months can be a strong desire to eat something salty, spicy, and more often, something sweet. Not just sweet, but very, very sweet: chocolate, cake or a mountain of chocolates. Control your appetite is much more difficult, and hated kilograms and strive to appear in this period.

    Of course, weight gain is very frustrating for women. However, it is worth remembering that the weight increases largely due to fluid retention, and not because of the growth of adipose tissue. If you watch your body, then perhaps you will notice that before the monthly abdomen, as it were, "swells", "swells," gas formation increases, the number of urination decreases, and constipation sometimes occurs.

    Extra fluid is necessarily excreted during and after menstruation, other symptoms will also go away. And, most importantly, if you do not overeat, then the weight will come to its normal rate. What to do if the desire to eat is simply irresistible?

    To find counteraction, you first need to understand the reasons that only 2 - it's ovulation and changes in the production of hormones.
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    Ovulation of

    There are 2 main periods in the work of the female body, approximately equal in duration and amounting to about 14 days: before and after ovulation. Even if the fertilization of the egg does not occur, the female body is set up for conception and after ovulation works as if it is necessary to start accumulating energy and strength for preservation and gestation.

    On the scales during this period, you see an increase, mainly because of the fluid retention in the body, so do not rush to restrict yourself. Firstly, it will greatly aggravate your negative emotional state during PMS, and, secondly, it is unlikely to completely suppress appetite.

    It is much more effective to carefully monitor your body and understand what weight gain, in your case, is permissible. If at the end of the monthly weight came back to normal, then you did not overeat. Completely eliminate the weight gain before the monthly will not work, it's our female nature.

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    Unlike men who have an even hormonal background, in women, the body is dependent on its cyclic nature. Each new cycle of a woman in a circle undergoes the same changes, including hormonal ones.

    There are 2 main female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. Before ovulation, the female body gradually produces more and more estrogen, which is necessary for the maturation of the egg, the peak is due to ovulation itself. During this period we have a good mood, strong sexual desire, high working capacity, the skin shines, the woman herself shines.

    After ovulation, estrogen is no longer needed, as the ovum ripens and leaves the ovaries, so the level of this hormone drops sharply. It is because of the decrease in estrogen that a woman's mood deteriorates dramatically, drowsiness and other signs known to you appear.

    After ovulation in the body, women are actively producing progesterone, it is also called the "pregnancy hormone".As we have already mentioned, regardless of whether the egg is fertilized or not, the female body is still preparing for bearing, and "releases" a large amount of this hormone.

    One of the side effects of progesterone is an increase in the secretion of gastric juice, and, consequently, the digestion rate is increasing, we can not get enough of the usual portion and eat more.

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    Emphasis on sweet

    Hormonal fluctuations cause appetite rather than hunger. Understanding this fact can already alleviate the condition of a woman. Despite the strength of this desire, it has a hormonal basis.

    Why do you want it sweet? There are two reasons:

    • endorphin deficiency,
    • blood sugar deficiency.
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    Endorphin deficiency

    That endorphin is a hormone of happiness, many know. Many also know that a small spleen can easily be brushed off by having a bite of chocolate. The habit is sweet, and especially chocolate, in order to stimulate the production of endorphins, has already become firmly entrenched. If you love sweet, it makes no sense to forbid it to yourself before the monthly ones. You only exacerbate your bad mood, our recommendation is better eat, but not much.

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    Blood sugar deficiency

    It turns out that endorphin reduction has one more negative effect that few people know about. Because of the lack of this female hormone, the production of insulin decreases. This cause also leads to an irresistible craving to eat sweet and, thus, increase blood sugar.

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    How to deal with increased appetite

    What can be done to overcome the increased appetite and avoid extra pounds and overeating:

    • to balance the food , make it more healthy, and not only before the monthly, but on an ongoing basis, then easierto withstand attacks of appetite;
    • to lead an active lifestyle : if before the monthly you are passionate about your hobby or sport, and not sit in front of the TV, the possibility of overeating will be less.

    The main thing, in the fight against increased appetite, is to take a close look at yourself, not to engage in self-flagellation and, if you really want, to afford small pleasures in the form of sweet. Moreover, you now know that the weight, in any case, will grow before the monthly and will necessarily decrease during them. Monitor his fluctuations, and if after a month you are at his usual weight, then you are all right.

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