List of Brazilian TV series

Do not know what to watch with your loved one? The following list of Brazilian TV series will help you brighten up long evenings. Touching stories, unusual life situations and amazing adventures will give a lot of impressions and a storm of emotions.

Voice of the Heart

The protagonist of the series "Voice of the Heart" - Raphael grows roses in the city of Roejeral. Everything goes well with him, except for his personal life. Having met the ballerina of the Moon, he falls in love. But the happiness did not last long, the loved one is killed. At this time, Selena is born in the village, her visions are in the process of growing up. When the girl is 18 years old, she comes to Rozeillal. She has to learn that she is the reincarnation of the moon.

City of men

In the novel City of Men, there is a clear contrast between life in the slums and elite areas of Rio de Janeiro. Larangina and Acerola are teenagers who live in a poor neighborhood. Violence, drug trafficking and begging are triumphant here. The main task of youth is to survive and, if possible, to move to the elite area. People living here do not need. Both worlds are closely intertwined.

Brutal Angel

Nissi is the main character of the series "Cruel Angel".She was born in a poor family, but she dreams of marrying a wealthy businessman Rodrigue Medeiros. For this, Nissi becomes the nanny of his nephew. Cunning and deceit, she upsets Rodrigue's relationship with other women. As a result, he decides to a wedding with Nissi. Now she needs to wake up love for Rodrigue.

Land of Love, Land of Hope

"Land of Love, Land of Hope" - a story about the inordinate love of Mary and Tony. She is the daughter of a wealthy widower. He is the son of a poor pianist, endowed with talents and beauty. Parents of lovers hate each other. Maria's father is going to marry a rich signor. Plans for a joint escape did not come true. Tony himself leaves for Brazil, but promises to return.


In the heroine of the series "Clone" - Jadi dies mother and she has to leave Brazil and go to Morocco. Here the girl has to get used to a different culture and customs. In the rich family of Leonidis, a tragedy happens - one of his sons dies. His godfather, the professor decides to clone his beloved godson. The destinies of all the heroes of the novel are closely intertwined.

Delicate poison

Valdomir Serkeir, the hero of the series "Gentle poison" - a rich owner of the marble empire, who was a simple worker. His family does not like it at all. But when he meets Inessa, the wife and daughters rise up against Valdomir. He realizes that he fell in love. However, Iness disappears, as well as diamonds. But they are destined to meet again.

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New victim of

Sisters Ferutto from the series "New victim" do not get along very well. But with the advent of a common enemy, they had to unite. The husband of the average sister deceived her and more than 20 years lived on two families. Francesca hires a lawyer, but suddenly dies with him. Who is behind their murder? Soon the city covers a series of mysterious deaths.

Presence of Anita

In the series "Anita's Presence" each hero has his own dreams. New Year holidays are approaching, which means that one can make a wish. Lucia wants to return the passion in her relationship with her husband. He dreams of having fun holidays and realizing himself as a writer. Zezinyu passionately wants to meet at last love. Only Anita is sure that everything goes on as usual.

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Women in love

The heroines of the series "Women in Love" - ​​three sisters who have a well-established family life. Eleanor thinks she is happy with her husband and son. But one day she meets Cesar - her lover, with whom she has long since left. The feelings that flooded her made her think, but did she make the right choice?

The second lady

Maraly and Analu of the heroine of the series "The Second Lady" - twin sisters. However, after the tragedy in the family, they were divided. The life of girls has developed in different ways. Maralie is now a saleswoman in a cheap shop. Analu became the wife of a wealthy businessman. Once they meet, the sisters decide to switch places.

In the name of love

In the series "In the name of love" describes the immeasurable love of the mother for her daughter. Elena and Edward go to Venice. My daughter will be married. Mother meets her love and also gathers under the crown. Both get married and become pregnant almost simultaneously. Give birth to Elena and Edward too. After the baby daughter dies, the mother decides to replace the children.


Julia Assumpsao the heroine of the novel "Belissima" is an intelligent, young woman. My grandmother turns her life into a nightmare. She constantly reproaches Julia that she is worse than her mother, who was a famous model and created a brand of underwear. Grandmother also blames the woman for the death of her parents. It was Julia who was a child who initiated the flight of parents on an airliner.

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Blood ties

The history of the heroes of the series "Bloody Ties" begins with a tragedy. Saving the daughters who fell into the turbulent course of the river, my father managed to pull only Inesh. Trying to help the younger Nogueira, he dies. The grown-up Inesh is successful and beloved. Everything is going well with her until Nogueira is announced, now called Diana.

Three sisters of

Suzanne, Alma, Dora are the heroines of the novel Three Sisters. The youngest of them likes surfing and works as a teacher. Alma only recently returned to the city after she learned of her mother's illness. To the elder sister, after death of the husband it is necessary to live with the mother-in-law which plans to construct the tourist center, having spoiled that life to local residents. Passion is increased when the city is visited by surfers.

Dream Shore

Libya - the heroine of the series "Dream Beach" lives in Rio de Janeiro, where she works as a web designer. One day the lover persuades the girl to go to Bahia. It's a fictional country. In one of its cities - Porto dos Milagros - lives the young fisherman Gunma. Libya gets to know him and falls in love. Now her life is drastically changing.

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