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Despite the fact that many children's haircuts seem monotonous, modern stylists try to do everything to give babies and their parents hairdresser variety. Modern haircuts for boys are original and at the same time nocturnal hairstyles that help the child form his personal style from an early age.

The most fashionable children's hairstyles of the year

Fashionable haircuts for babies often mean not only an interesting appearance, but also care for the comfort of the child. Strands should not fall on the face, preventing the boy from getting acquainted with the world. In addition, the haircut should not look stupid or too corny. What model hairstyles are now in high demand?

  1. A half-box option where the barber leaves the whiskey short with long strands on the forehead and crown.
  2. A haircut with a clear separation of the voluminous upper head of hear and a short cut neck with temples is considered popular.
  3. Hairstyle hairstyle, in which the curls remain rather long both on the temples and on the crown, is especially in demand among those kids that have not reached the school age.
  4. The "cap" hairstyle is also in high demand among boys of different ages.
  5. To pay the attention it is necessary and on original hairstyles with the shaved drawings.

Children can afford what many adults are not capable of: a variety of experiments with hair. For example, children's haircuts with shaved patterns are very popular.

Usually, to create a similar haircut, the hairdresser shortens the hair on the temples and back of the head, leaving a normal length on the vertex. Further, there comes a time of heavy and jewelry work to create a drawing. So, the master can use a razor to make the boy an uneven line of temples or shave symmetrical stripes for him, creating a bright, inimitable effect. The only drawback of this style solution is that parents will have to visit the hairdresser with a boy often enough to trim his hairstyle.

Haircut gavrosh, in which the hairdresser leaves long temples on the temples, obliterating strands in different lengths, is also a squeak of fashion. These hairstyles can be laid in the most bizarre way, changing the style of your child every day.

Perfect hairstyles for the preschooler

To pick stylish haircuts for boys of preschool age is not so difficult, as young mothers may seem. The fact is that hairdressers show a decent variety, allowing you to make the image of the baby and gentle, and cocky at the same time. Especially popular for these young customers are the following haircuts:

  • hairstyle with a casual style, in which the temples remain long curls, creating a neat shape with rounded back of the neck( close in appearance to the haircut, which was popularly called "potty");
  • haircut "cap" with combed forward strands and straight parting - great for absolutely any young fashionist;
  • cutting a half-box with short temples and elongated locks on the crown suitable for those kids that love the original images;
  • elongated models with original torn bangs - great for a creative, active kid.

Of course, the most popular is the classic, that is, boxing or semi-box. However, you do not need to consider that such haircuts look trite. Poluboks so and it's good that it leaves the maximum space for imagination:

  1. For example, parents can smoothly shave a whiskey boy, and on the vertex only slightly cut curls, daily ruffle them and get the effect of a stylish careless hairdo.
  2. Elongated strands can be laid with a tuft, as Brooklyn Beckham does, creating a spectacular image in the dandy style. A kid at the age of 5-6 years with such a hairdo will look extremely original and cute.
  3. Poluboks makes it possible even to create an original punk-style hairstyle. To do this, just lift the hair, leaving it sticking up and fixing the shape with a varnish. The effect will be very interesting.

If the parents adhere to more classical preferences in terms of the appearance of their child, then they will like the hairstyle in the casual style. Usually the hairdresser leaves the strands elongated, aligning them along one line and laying on a straight or oblique parting. Such a haircut reminds something of a "potty" hairstyle, but it is perfect for the smallest mods. Baby features become even more vivid in the background of such a simple haircut.

Adolescent options for hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle for teenage boys is a thankless task, because at the age of 13-16 schoolchildren try to completely independently form their own style without listening to their parents. What haircuts are especially in demand with these guys?

  1. A short hedgehog is an option for all times, actual both in 1986 and in 2016.
  2. Teens with long hair often prefer a shearing squat with an oblique cut and uneven strands that makes themimage more romantic.
  3. Fans of a variety of subcultures adore a grunge haircut, in which long hair straightens and fits into an oblique parting.
  4. Relevant for boys in adolescence and haircuts with patterns on the occipital part of the head.
  5. It will look great and the Canadian hairdo, in which the hair is cut rather shortly, but the bangs are still long.

Many of these haircuts are elementary simple, and they can be made independently by a machine using different attachments. However, if a teenager insists on a creative hairstyle, then it is better to trust the master.

For example, the popular "Canadian" will look interesting and worthy only if it is taken by a pro for its creation. Usually, with this type of haircut, the hair on both the temples and the back of the neck is cut rather shortly, but the bangs and crown remain of a decent length up to two to three centimeters. Then bangs must be laid to taste - either to the left or to the right and fix it with lacquer. By the way, many guys prefer a creative styling bangs, in which it is put like a Iroquois.

If a guy has a weakness for long hair, you should not limit it, because such haircuts are extremely popular in 2017.

For example, a boy can give preference to a square with an uneven length of a brace. Laying them on an oblique parting and leaving the hair free to curl, the teenager will create a spectacular mess on his head, which will add to his image a touch of romance.

Haircuts for curly boys

Short haircuts are always relevant and at all times, but kids with curly hair from nature, such hair styles do not fit in every case. Young mothers know very well how difficult it is to lay children's curls that can not be controlled and stick out in different directions.

  • The simplest option in this case is to leave curls chaotically sticking out, cutting them so that the strands are not too long. The ideal length of strands for a boy with curly locks is just over five centimeters. Such hairstyles are especially nice for children under the age of seven.
  • Another version of the fashionable at all times haircuts - "cap".Locks in this case are aligned along the entire length, but they are not cut short, creating the effect of a uniform cap of curls. This hairstyle looks great on curly hair, regardless of the age of the boy.
  • A very original image can be created using a half-box hairstyle, in which the whiskeys are cut short, and on the top of the crown the curls retain their length. As a result, the haircut of the boy will seem careless, but at the same time very stylish. This option is suitable for creative kids and the same original parents.

If a child's hair is curled very tightly, gathering in tight spirals, it is necessary to avoid excessively original haircuts. It is best to look at these locks free hair, under which the strands themselves can grow almost to the shoulders.

Of course, choosing stylish haircuts for kids, parents can not only rely on their own tastes. It is important that the boy liked his hair and he felt comfortable with this or that length of curls. In this case, the image of the child will always be bright, and he himself will begin to form an interest in his own appearance.

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