Diet "Method of plates"

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Conventional diet for weight loss offer to exclude some foods from the diet or every day to count calories, weigh portions of food. But it is known that any exclusion of any habitual products from the diet leads to stress for the body. And the body reacts to it with the desire to postpone fat stores. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to develop the right eating behavior.

By norms more than 50% in a daily set of products should make carbohydrates, about 30% - fats and almost 20% - proteins. To observe such a ratio enables a diet by the method of a plate. This is one of the most simple and safe diets. Its principle allows you to balance eating, losing weight, practically not limiting yourself in nutrition, and not then gain extra pounds.

The rules of the diet

The essence of this method is that you can eat everything, but in a certain proportion. Take a plate for the second and divide mentally in half. Then one of the halves is divided in half.

  • One-fourth of the dish should be filled with protein food( meat, fish, cottage cheese, etc.).Well, if the products used are baked, boiled or stewed, but not fried. The weight of this part is equal to about 120 grams.
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  • The second quarter is filled with complex carbohydrates: potatoes, cereals, pasta. The weight of the carbohydrate part is 120-150 grams.
  • The rest of the plate( 1/2) should be filled with vegetables and fruits( fresh, stewed, baked).
  • If you have to eat a complex dish( casserole, lasagna), then it should take half the plate, and the other - vegetables and fruits.
  • It is allowed to increase the vegetable part due to carbohydrate.

Do not use a large amount of oil, sauces for dressing salads. Drink food can unsweetened tea, kefir, low-fat milk. You can not add food to the plate.

In accordance with the method of plates you need to prepare soups and salads. Only in them not less than half should be vegetables, a quarter of meat or fish, nuts or mushrooms. For dressing, use light sauce or sour cream.

There is a method of plates need 4 times a day. Approximately half an hour before the next meal is recommended to drink a glass of water. She will fill the stomach, and appetite will be less. If you really want to eat, then you can do snacks. They are suitable for vegetables, fruits, berries.

This diet will provide a balanced diet. It requires a minimum of restrictions. Only very fatty, salty and sweets are limited. It's easy to use this diet. The food is varied and balanced according to the basic elements. The weight decreases gradually and is easily preserved.

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