28 years of marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give

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Many will confirm that almost three decades of living together is a very important milestone that not all can overcome. Today we will tell about the anniversary of 28 years: what kind of wedding, what they give to her. You will learn about its meaning and traditions, get acquainted with the options of the holiday program. Despite the fact that this is not an anniversary, the date is very strong energetically. Behind the shoulders of the couple - a lot of testing, and in the relationship reign, understanding and tenderness.

Symbols of the anniversary of

Not everyone knows that the 28th anniversary of the wedding is nickel. The main properties of metal: increased hardness, ductility, corrosion resistance, high level of magnetic characteristics. In the same way in family life: the couple experienced loud scandals and youthful passions, thanks to which their relationship has become so strong that it is almost impossible to break them. Spouses become more calm, wise, they know how to find compromises, they are like strong magnets, which are difficult to tear apart from each other.

From the point of view of astrology, every 7 years there is an update and the couple gets new life tasks that need to be solved. According to numerology, 28 years is an energetically strong date. And that's why many couples do not celebrate this anniversary because of fear in this regard. Discard superstitions and do not be afraid to celebrate this date with your family and friends.

Many "newlyweds" prefer to celebrate the anniversary together. You can go to the resort or have a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant. It does not matter which option you choose, the main thing is to have a good time, to get positive emotions, to wake up romance, which so was not enough recently.

The 28th anniversary is a landmark date, it symbolizes the stable family happiness that has been forged for so long. Yes, the spouses are no longer young, however, their union is strong, they understand the seriousness of marriage bonds and go through life hand in hand. They, like nickel, do not lose their luster with the years, remain vivid and unique, their love grows stronger every year. Therefore, people who have lived together for 28 years, deserve the most sincere congratulations and pleasant pastime with their families.

Folk signs of the nickel wedding

As 28 years is not a jubilee date, it's not necessary to arrange lush festivities. But if the spouses want it, then you can organize a noisy party, invite many guests, come up with a fun festive program. However, whatever kind of event you choose, you must follow the traditions of the nickel anniversary: ​​

  1. In the morning, a husband and wife should congratulate each other and present gifts. Then they can be congratulated by children and grandchildren, and only after that comes the turn of the guests.
  2. Spouses need to visit the places where they met, met, as well as where they were on the day of marriage. For example, "newlyweds" can walk in the park or sit in a restaurant where they had a romantic date. So they will refresh their feelings and wake up romance.
  3. Most anniversaries are designated by this or that metal. On this day the spouses exchange wedding rings from nickel. The 28th anniversary is associated with nickel, so that the husband and wife can give each other the appropriate jewelry.
  4. On this day the hostess needs to thoroughly check all the dishes made of nickel. There is a belief that dirty dishes made of this metal attract quarrels and strife into the house. So the hostess needs to clean the spoons, forks, knives and other nickel dishes.
  5. The presence of nickel-plated instruments on the banquet table is mandatory. These can be spoons and forks with inserts.
  6. Tea party will be an excellent end to the celebration of the nickel anniversary. On this day, you can not do without an important attribute - a samovar with a nickel finish. After the banquet you need to remove all the dishes, put the samovar in the middle of the table and treat the guests with aromatic tea or coffee. Prepare delicious desserts: cakes, cookies or muffins.

It is not necessary to follow all traditions, especially in each region its customs.

Variants of the festive program

Wedding anniversary of 28 years is an important milestone, which is not achieved by all couples. And therefore, such a date should be noted, and how to do it depends on the desires and possibilities of the "newlyweds".

Ideas for the holiday:

  • If you do not like a noisy meal, spend time together. It can be a romantic date in a restaurant or cafe. Remember the past, dream of the future, confess your love. Visit the memorable places where you were on your wedding day, you can go to the same restaurant, take pictures in memorable places for you.
  • If you want to celebrate the nickel anniversary cheerfully, invite a lot of guests, then first determine the place for the event. You can celebrate a nickel wedding in a restaurant or a beautiful cafe. Entrust the organization of the holiday professionals: decorators decorate the hall, cooks will prepare a festive banquet, and waiters will provide a decent service. Be sure to clarify all the nuances with the staff and enjoy your holiday.
  • If you celebrate the anniversary in winter and like active rest, then you can go to the ski resort. Invite the closest people with you to go skiing together, have fun at a banquet, and you can finish the holiday with fireworks.
  • If you are religious people, then you can go to the temple, put candles for strengthening your union. Pray for your loved ones, wish them health. Such a spiritual rest will help cleanse, recharge with clean energy. After that, you can simply take a walk in memorable places to refresh past emotions.
  • You can arrange a fun party, but for its organization you will need a professional presenter. Since this is a party in honor of the nickel wedding, you can not do without original contests and jokes.
  • A nickel anniversary can be celebrated in a country house. A warm comfortable atmosphere, a pleasant company, a generous table, songs in chorus will make the event unforgettable. Often for the organization the children of the couple are responsible, and therefore the holiday promises to be unique.
  • As a place for a holiday apartment or house is quite suitable. Make a sweet table, invite guests, socialize, view family albums. It will be quite a warm and pleasant holiday.
Whichever version of the celebration you choose, be sure to invite a photographer who captures the best moments of the celebration. Put the pictures in an album that you can view at your golden wedding!

Gifts to "nickel newlyweds"

Many wonder what they give to the nickel anniversary. I want that the present corresponded to the symbolism of the holiday and was useful to the spouses. Gift Ideas:

  1. The most appropriate gift for the nickel anniversary is the jewelry with nickel. A husband can present his wife with a necklace or earrings with a nickel finish. Also these may be wedding rings, which they will exchange in private or in the presence of guests.
  2. Kitchen accessories are also quite popular present. These can be nickel-plated forks, spoons, knives, pots or pans. This is a very practical and symbolic gift.
  3. "Young" can give a pair of candlesticks for two candles. Looks like a present quite stylish and exquisite. A beautiful candlestick made of nickel will perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom of the couple.
  4. The couple can exchange a mechanical wristwatch with a nickel finish, on which their names are engraved. Such a gift will remind them of the best moments of the nickel anniversary.
  5. Spouse can give her husband a nickel cigarette case. The product can be ordered from the master and asked to engrave on it the wishes. This is a very stylish and symbolic gift that the husband will be proud of.
  6. Guests can present their spouses with a large chandelier with nickel elements. This chic present will suit the taste of "newlyweds".The main thing is to make sure beforehand that the ceilings in their house or apartment are quite high.
  7. Pleasure the culprits of the celebration with an outdoor clock with a nickel finish. This luxury element will decorate the interior in a classic style. However, before handing such a gift, make sure that the spouses are not superstitious.
  8. Very popular gift - a set of bed linen or a beautiful veil with the initials of "newlyweds".Choose a bed of metallic shades. Spouses will be pleased with the name linen.

For the perpetrators of the celebration, you can organize a party or arrange a water trip for two. Also, a group of guests can give "young" household appliances, only such a gift should be discussed in advance. Children can send their spouses to a romantic trip for a few days.

Now you know what to give to "nickel newlyweds" on their 28th anniversary. The main thing is that the gift was from the heart, and congratulations - sincere. And as for the perpetrators of the celebration, their main task this day is to love and cherish each other!

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