The hunger is true and imaginary

The attacks of hunger are so strong that we begin to chew anything, just to satiate the stomach. Often, we chew just what is harmful - sweets, fat heavy food. This affects our digestion is not the best way, we are starting to gain weight. How to prevent an intolerable famine?

It turns out that hunger can be both true and false. Before you eat, you need to understand, what kind of hunger did you see? To determine its nature is not so simple, hunger can arise suddenly, happen several times a day or come daily at the same time.

If you are constantly attacked by a sudden intolerable hunger, then he can add you kilograms, because you immediately try to eliminate it, and then reproach yourself for incontinence. Sometimes people try to delay the moment of saturation, drink water, and then all the same they give up.

The real hunger

The true feeling of hunger is expressed in weakness, dizziness, in the eyes it becomes dark and feet are wadded. This is a real hunger when the body has not received food for a long time. Hunger occurs when a person has not eaten or eaten for a long time, but very little, or the food was not rich in vitamins and nutrients. With a sharp decrease in blood sugar, you must eat sweet.

How to deal with the true hunger

Do not ignore three meals a day, especially if you are used to leaving home without breakfast, and then in the office to eat until lunch, eat sweet flakes. In this case, you should change the diet and train yourself to a full breakfast.

What is the right breakfast? It should be enough protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat. For example, white bread with butter, yoghurt, fruit, cottage cheese.

If you eat in the morning a salad or a sandwich, then the famine will not depart from you until dinner. Try to add to the usual breakfast dairy products, fruits, to experience satiety for a long time. Or arrange a second breakfast in the form of cottage cheese, fruit, steep eggs or dried fruits.

Hunger on the nerves of

When you are uncomfortable, uncomfortable, you are irritated or nervous, then you try to seize this negativy delicious. But it is negative emotions that cause hunger. You want to eat necessarily something sweet, because you feel hungry, but do not want to eat yogurt or fruit. It seems to you that you really want to eat, but in fact it is not. If you really were hungry, then with pleasure and appetite would eat everything that you have near at hand - and fruit, and yogurt.

What is the nature of such hunger?

Nervous hunger can occur with malnutrition, unbalanced ratio of carbohydrates and proteins consumed. A woman needs about two thousand calories each day. At the same time, if more than 5 percent of calories you have from consumed sugar, then the rate is exceeded. Accounting for sugar is not only when counting spoons of sugar placed in tea or coffee. This includes sugar, consumed from sweet drinks, sweets, flour and confectionery products, packaged juices.

This sugar causes the desire to eat more and more sweet, the body needs to adhere to one level of sugar in the blood. If you eat something sweet, the sugar level jumps up and your hunger disappears. When the lunch time is suitable, the body no longer wants fish, eggs, meat or vegetables. That sugar, which got to you in the body, goes to the waist, sides, hips and is deposited in the form of fat folds.

How to deal with emotional hunger?

To begin with, it should be understood that quenching hunger with sweets is not an option. After a while you will not care, the problem of stress sugar does not solve, you need to gradually deprive the body of the ability to consume the sweet, until you stop depending on sugar.

To help yourself, you should eat more protein products, especially for breakfast. Let it be cottage cheese, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, bacon, an omelet. Plus, it is desirable to add bread from whole grains and fruit. Gradually, you will see that such healthy breakfasts will deprive you of the desire to eat sweets in the morning, and then generally during the day.

If you still want sweet, do not give in to provocation, and drown out hunger with food rich in protein. Eat a cup of cottage cheese or a couple of boiled eggs. Dine with meat low-fat, or fish with vegetables, dairy products, fruits. This wholesome light food will help you keep your desire to eat sweets. It will maintain a normal level of sugar for a long period of time.

No one canceled the water

Cross out the menu with sweet soda and all the "light" drinks. They are harmful, since they provoke cravings for sweets, when they are consumed, sugar rises. Thirst should be quenched with fresh simple non-cold water, it best saturates the body with moisture.

Learn to distinguish a false hunger from the true, this knowledge will help you in the battle with excess fat.

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