When and why men return after parting

When we see stories in Hollywood movies about the return of an intelligent man after he initiated the parting, it often looks like a kind fairy tale that has nothing to do with reality. In fact, the strong half of humanity is not so strong in the psychological aspect and has the property to return to where it was good. The question is whether you need it.

Causes of
  • Jealousy
  • Curiosity
  • Return from a whirl
  • Change of a vital position
  • Paternal instinct
  • Relations after return

  • Reasons for

    Let's find out when and why men return after parting.

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    No matter how trite, it is the sense of ownership that makes a man constantly in a tone, controlling the environment of his woman. Yes, it was "his", although you broke up a year or two ago. For men, it is often not the reality that matters, but her personal sensation. To answer, whether men always return because of jealousy, it is possible negative, but it is impossible to ignore this reason, in fact it remains the most widespread.

    So, if after parting he is subconsciously or rationally confident that he can return at any time, and will be received with open arms, do not expect a real resumption of relations. But as soon as he learns that the opponent has appeared on the horizon, all his thoughts will be directed to how to "return his".

    If you are interested in continuing the relationship, do not immediately take this bait: balance on the brink of easy interest in the former and your new passion( it does not matter if you really have it, or your man just thought).Give your chosen one the opportunity to conquer you, and he will appreciate his prey even more.

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    If you have parted for a long time without renewing contacts for a long time, then unexpectedly met in the street or a party, just human curiosity can cause thoughts of return.

    At first this will manifest itself in your interest in your work, then - your personal life, interests, failures and successes.

    This scenario means that the passion has long passed, the pain after the break has subsided, and the moments experienced together have made good friends, and even friends. This type of relationship after parting is very convenient, when a couple has children, because they can be taken care of together.

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    Return from booze

    Sometimes a break happens through the desire of a man to get away from problems:

    • responsibility for the family;
    • household troubles;
    • fatigue from a quiet existence without adventure.

    In such cases, they leave the subject, bringing so much trouble, choosing the ease of being in the embrace of a new passion that does not create problems. Often such men return to the former at the time of forming a serious relationship on the side, when they see the inevitability of life as such.

    Do men often return after parting because of a "binge"?Everything depends on the circumstances, the will power of the chosen one and your wisdom.

    But in such a situation it is worth considering before taking back into the family of a person who is frightened of her essence. In addition, a loved one can again go on an adventure search, as soon as he rest.

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    Changing the life position of

    With age, we all become wiser, more able to rethink the experience, to overestimate the role of people and events in our lives. This is perhaps the most pleasant, but the rarest reason for return. If your chosen one has managed to understand how much you care about him, it deserves respect and forgiveness. It is important to understand whether there are other hidden motives about which the man is silent.

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    Paternal instinct

    If the family has children, the man is certainly very attached to them. Sometimes a long separation from his child provokes a rethinking of his position and returning to the family.

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    Relations after return

    Most women are interested in how often men return after parting. But the more important question is, in which cases it is not worth thinking about the renewal of relations.

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    Of course, it all depends on personal feelings, feelings and desires. But if there is a precedent of violence over you, moral pressure or other elements of a joint life that you do not want to return at all, do not believe the elect's words that he has changed, he has rethought things like that.

    Nevertheless, often the reasons for distrust are absent, and feelings overwhelm. And it happens, men return to the former just because they can not otherwise. Everyone in life makes mistakes, and your loved one is no exception. Follow the call of the heart!

    In any case, the resumption of relations involves a more careful reflection of the joint life, weighing all the pros and cons, reflecting on the mistakes made in the past.

    If you are rationally and emotionally ready to take in your heart a man who once left you, there is reason to think that he really changed and is worthy of you.

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