List of youth serials

Modern cinema is full of new films, but not every story can really interest. The list of youth serials is a successful collection of short stories that you want to watch until the end and find out the finale. Colorful and charming characters, twisted plot lines, mystical landscapes and beautiful music are the main advantages of each series.

Hill of one tree

The series "Hill of one tree" shows how the fates of different people are closely intertwined. Neyton is from a wealthy family, the main player of the basketball team and just a confident guy. Lucas - lives with his mother, a calm and gifted young man. Common acquaintances and basketball confront them face to face, forcing to learn a secret that will change their lives.


The life of the hero of the series "Wolf" Scott changes after a mystical incident. The bite of an unknown animal turns a guy into a superhero. But he needs to learn how to use super abilities in the name of good. A childhood friend - Styles and a new acquaintance - Derek help Scott control himself and resist the evil living on the streets of the city.


The heroine of the series "Gossip Girl" Serena returns home. A long-time friend Blair meets her with a smile on her face, and a secret desire to cling to her claws. Two girls did not share the glory and the guys, and neither of them is going to retreat. Every day, new gossip, which everyone believes and discusses, appears on the pages of the blog. Nobody knows who owns the eloquent lines.


Talented and purposeful athletes appear before the audience in the series "Gymnasts".Payson, Lauren and Kaylee are trained on a special base, achieving good results. They are preparing to participate in the Olympic Games. Everything changes with the appearance of the new gymnast Emily. Between the girls there is a spirit of rivalry and a desire for victory.

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The series "Bad" is a story of criminals practicing their petty hooliganism in public works. Life of the characters changes after a lightning strike. The phenomenon of nature rewarded them with super abilities. Kelly - learned to recognize the thoughts of others, Curtis - to manage time, Simon - to turn into an invisible person. But not everything is as simple as it seems.

Beverly Hills 90210

The series "Beverly Hills 90210" shows the problems of adolescents, their growing up and becoming as individuals. A family with two twins-schoolchildren moves to a sunny town. Brandon and Brenda find new friends, make friends. Each of the heroes will have to survive the loss and gain, farewell and new meetings, tears of grief and joy.

Vampire Diaries

"The Vampire Diaries" is a story about supernatural beings and their inherent human feelings. The usual girl Elena becomes subjects of sighing two brothers of vampires Damon and Stefan. One vampire is cruel and uncompromising, the other is kind and naive. They are united by love and the desire to protect the only thing that awakens humanity in them.

In the style of Jane

The story of an ordinary girl, who wanted designer's fame, tells the series "In the style of Jane."Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl considers her life uninteresting and seeks to paint her in bright colors. Create a clothing line and become famous - the dream of a young dreamer. Soon her desires begin to be realized and the world submits to the girl.

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Jess from the series "New" tries to start life from scratch, after parting with boyfriend and loss of space under the roof. Cheerful, sweet, charming and crazy girl works as a teacher of junior classes. Her friend Cecil finds a brand new room for Jess, only the guys are a little confused that they will have to live in the same apartment with a woman.

Helen and the guys

"Helen and the boys" - a story about young people full of energy and a desire to achieve their goals. Three young guys dream of becoming musicians, but due to circumstances they enter another faculty. The whole company is devoted to rehearsals. One day they get to know Katie, Helen and their girlfriend Joanna. Destiny does not in vain bring together purposeful and talented people.

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Playing in lies

Native twin sisters with different destinies, entangled in one, appear in the series "Playing in lies".Kind and sweet Emma - the absolute opposite of self-satisfied and rude Sutton. They lived in different families. Having met, the sisters decide to find their own mother. While Sutton is searching, Emma, ​​pretending to be her, lives in a wealthy family, delighting in the behavior of her parents.

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Adolescents from Degrassi Street

The series "Adolescents from Degrassi Street" tells about the life of teenagers, students in a regular school. Their daily routine is filled with student cares, communication, knowledge of the world around them. Each of the characters is experiencing its drama. Someone will lose relatives, another will become disabled, one of the heroines will have to endure the sorrows of a young single mother.

suckers The destiny of teenagers and their relationship shows the series "Milk Pumpers".Charming and errant guy Tony - instigator of small hooliganism. The boy meets Michel, a clever but arrogant girl. Antipode Tony - a shy and judicious friend of Sid. Each character is special and reveals its character due to circumstances.


The story of the series "Friends" is based on the friendship of three charming girls and three guys. Beauty Rachel loves cooking, Monica likes cleanliness, Phoebe is a songbird. Smiling Joe, who raves about acting, clever Ross and Monica's husband - Chandler. They are all friends from the school itself. Most of all, this six likes to joke and live in pleasure.

Closed School

The series "Closed School" is full of mysteries and mysteries. The school is in the middle of a dense forest. At leisure, the children tell terrible stories about their habitat, about what evil is hiding in these parts. None of them have any idea what the reason for the loss of people and mystical incidents really is. The truth will not leave anyone indifferent.

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