Salsola with cabbage

You can cook a lot of wonderful dishes from cabbage, because it perfectly fits not only with any vegetables, but also with mushrooms, meat, fish and sausages. That is why the cabbage solyanka has earned such popularity from our ancestors and is still considered one of the favorite traditional dishes.


  1. Preparation of products
  2. Useful tips and cooking details
  3. Ways and recipes for cooking
    • Cabbage solyanka in a multi-wok
    • On a plate: lean cabbage tossed with beans
    • In the oven: sauerkraut with mushrooms and meat

This dish is high-calorie andnourishing, because the most delicious is a hodgepodge, cooked on a broth with a lot of different meat products. But there are so many kinds of saltwort that everyone will find for himself. Solyanka from cabbage can be meat, vegetable, diet, fish, meat in a dish is easy to replace with beans or mushrooms. Another advantage of the saltwort is that it can be prepared in advance for the winter, as a semi-finished product or a full-fledged dish.

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Preparation of products

You can use fresh or sauerkraut to prepare the saltwort, also add onions, pickles, carrots and tomatoes or tomato paste in the dish. In addition, it is necessary to prepare meat, fish or mushroom broth in advance, sometimes a brine is added to the dish.

Fresh cabbage must be freed from the top leaves and finely chopped, the sour cabbage is already chopped, which is very convenient, but it needs to be processed to get rid of the brine. To do this, cabbage for a couple of minutes lowered into boiling water, folded into a colander and squeezed.

The rest of the vegetables must be thoroughly washed and finely chopped, the broth is prepared from meat for bone - pork or beef, the longer it is cooked, the richer and more richly the dish will be. A special flavor and aroma is attached to the smoked meat dish - sausages, bacon, sausages, ham. Smoked products and semi-finished products are cut into identical pieces about 1 cm wide.

In the classic recipe for saltweed, there are necessarily a lightly salted cucumber, olives and lemon.

If the cabbage solianka is cooked with mushrooms, their choice depends on the season. In summer and autumn, these are forest mushrooms, pickled or dried in the winter, and mushrooms and oyster mushrooms can be used all year round. It must be remembered that dry mushrooms are pre-soaked for several hours, preferably overnight, after water is drained, mushrooms boil for 20-30 minutes, the resulting broth can be used in the subsequent cooking of the dish.

Useful tips

Despite the fact that the composition of the saltwort includes many ingredients, it is very easy to prepare it, especially if you remember a few tricks and observe the basic rules.

  • Cabbage soup with meat will be more delicious if it is prepared from several types of meat with the addition of finished products( sausages, sausages, ham and others).However, the meat component should not be too greasy.
  • In the hodgepodge with mushrooms do not add lemon and tomato paste, fish cook without sour cream.
  • Onions and other vegetables are diced in butter or vegetable oil.
  • Pickled cucumbers before peeling in a dish are peeled.
  • Beans for saltwort can be taken canned, or pre-soak and boil dry beans, since this process takes a long time.
  • Before serving, add a slice of lemon to a serving plate of horseradish.
  • Cabbage stewed separately from other vegetables and mixed with them towards the end of cooking.
  • During extinguishing cabbage should be stirred occasionally, but not too often, so as not to turn it into a "mess".
  • Cabbage soup prepared for the winter, stored in tightly sealed sterilized jars in a darkened cool room - basement, storage room, cellar or on the shelf of the refrigerator.
  • You can freeze a semi-finished product - a breeze, which is made from onions, tomato paste, cabbage, pickles and olives. Shredded vegetables are stewed with laurel leaves, spices are added, then laid out on plastic containers, cooled and put into a freezer. Such a preparation without thawing is thrown into the broth along with fried meat or mushrooms and brought to a boil.

Ways and recipes for cooking

Cabbage soup is prepared on a stove, in an oven or with the help of multivarkers. The way and time of preparation depends on what cabbage - fresh or acidic is added to the dish, as well as from the type of saltwort and additional ingredients that will be part of the dish.

The same applies to the winter billet, the dish is prepared with the addition of natural preservatives - salt, vinegar and rolled into pre-sterilized over steam or in the oven cabinet jars.

Solyanka with cabbage in the multivariate

In the multivariate, cooking is much easier and more convenient. To prepare a cabbage salad in this miracle oven, it is enough to lay the sliced ​​products in a certain sequence and process them in the "Frying" mode, and then "Quenching".With the help of multivarkers, you can prepare a hodgepodge for dinner or prepare it for the winter.

Recipe for winter: fast cabbage soup with mushrooms


  • 1.2 kg fresh cabbage;
  • 600 grams of champignons;
  • 2 onion heads;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 glass of high-quality tomato paste;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • 120 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 25 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 30 grams of salt;
  • 2 large spoons of vinegar;
  • ground pepper.


  1. Wash the mushrooms and cut into quarters.
  2. Onion finely chopped, grate carrots on a track with large divisions.
  3. Cut cabbage into thin strips, it is convenient to make a special vegetable cutter, rub with a pinch of salt.
  4. Pour half of the oil into the bowl of the multivark and fry the onions for 10 minutes, setting the "Baking" mode with the lid open.
  5. Add the champignons and cook for another 10 minutes.
  6. Add the carrots to continue cooking for the next 5 minutes.
  7. Put the cabbage rubbed with salt, add the rest of the oil, mix and cook for another 5 minutes.
  8. Put tomato paste into cabbage, pour in spices and cook in "Quenching" mode for 60 minutes.
  9. Pour in the vinegar, mix the ingredients and spread them over sterile jars.
  10. Tighten the jars with covers, cover with a warm blanket and leave until cooling.

If you cook such a dish with forest mushrooms, they need to boil for 20 minutes, decoction.

On the stove: lean cabbage hodgepodge with beans

Solyanka can be cooked and during fasting without adding meat or replacing the protein component with beans.


  • 500 grams of fresh cabbage;
  • 3 carrots;
  • 2 onion heads;
  • 3 pickled cucumber;
  • 0.5 tsp.vinegar;
  • 2.5 cups of water( broth);
  • 1 can of canned beans;
  • 1 can of olives;
  • 50 grams of any vegetable oil;
  • greens;
  • spices.


  1. Grind the carrots with a medium-sized grater.
  2. Finely chop onion.
  3. Cut cabbage with thin straws and grind with salt.
  4. Dissolve vinegar in water( 0.5 cups) and pour cabbage for 15 minutes.
  5. Grill carrots and onions in a frying pan, add cabbage to them, pour liquid( water or broth).
  6. Stew until fully evaporated, about 60 minutes.
  7. Pickled cucumbers or grate them in small cubes.
  8. With beans and olives drain the liquid and add to the rest of the food, cook for another 5 minutes. Olives can be pre-cut with rings.
  9. Sprinkle hodgepodge with chopped herbs, decorate with lemon slices.

In the oven: sauerkraut with sauerkraut with mushrooms and meat

The preparation of cabbage salted salted bread takes a lot of time with this recipe. Sauerkraut and dried mushrooms need to be further processed, all the ingredients are first cooked on the stove, and then brought together to taste in the oven. But the result is worth it. The dish turns out very rich, fragrant due to forest mushrooms, and nourishing - in fact it is cooked with meat and meat products.


  • 500 grams of pork;
  • 1 kg of sour cabbage;
  • 2 onion heads;
  • 1 tbsp.flour;
  • 120 grams of ham;
  • 6 tbsp.butter;
  • 120 grams of sausage;
  • 6 pcs.large white mushrooms;
  • bay leaf and spices.


  1. Mushrooms pre-soak overnight, then rinse and boil for half an hour.
  2. Broth, which cooked mushrooms, strain, for the recipe will need 1 cup mushroom soup.
  3. Sauerkraut should be washed in several waters, wrung out.
  4. Grind onion, fry in 2 tablespoons.oil.
  5. Add cabbage and simmer for about 40 minutes, gradually pouring a mushroom broth into the frying pan.
  6. Meat cut into small pieces in small pieces.
  7. Melt the oil in a clean frying pan and fry the pieces of meat until ready.
  8. Cut the sausage and ham into cubes.
  9. When cabbage is extinguished, add meat, sausages and mushrooms to it, put bay leaf and spices, cook for another 30 minutes.
  10. In a separate bowl, preheat 1 spoonful of oil, pour in flour and bring to a thickening, stirring constantly.
  11. Add the resulting mixture to meat with cabbage.
  12. Put everything in the baking dish, put in the oven for half an hour. The temperature should be set at 180 degrees.

Prepare a delicious hodgepodge with cabbage, you definitely will not lose! And having prepared a hodge-podge for the winter, you can enjoy it all year round.

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