Hairstyles for hair with bangs

  • Choose the perfect bang type by the face type
  • Casual hairstyles with bangs for medium and long curls
  • Casual styling with bangs for short hair
  • Evening hairstyles: the most fashionable hair styles for different lengths

Without a bang, many women can not imagine their everyday image, because with her help you can hide the flaws of the face, focus on the eyes or on your own inimitable style. Beautifully remove the bangs, as well as picking the optimal shape of it, is a real art, which many ladies mastered perfectly. What kind of hairstyles and bangs can make an image ideal, and what will only ruin the perfection of the female style? We tell.

Choosing the perfect bangs for the face type

The first thing to do is to choose the right bang. Now hair in the forehead and temples are sheared in the most bizarre way, giving preference to a ragged or direct form. Which options will look optimal in those or other cases:

  1. Ladies with an oval face shape can afford absolutely any bangs - from short to ultra-long, which will slightly cover your eyes.
  2. Ragged version will suit those girls who have a square face, as such a detail in the haircut will help to smooth the sharp lines of cheekbones.
  3. If the shape of the face resembles a triangle, then the lady should pay attention to the bang in the form of an arch that will smooth out the pointed chin, adding to the whole image of the individuality.
  4. If the lady has a round face with puffy cheeks, then she will opt for slanting bangs.
  5. Without this detail in the image can not be exactly dispensed with if the lady has a very wide forehead against the backdrop of unremarkable cheekbones and an acute chin. In this case, the hair will look best with a straight bang that will reach the eyebrows.

If a woman has a standard size forehead( about 3 fingers high), you can do without a bang. If the forehead line is very narrow, then this detail in the haircut will be disastrous for the whole image as a whole.

A wise lady who is well versed in modern hairdressing fashion, can beautifully remove a bang or beat her presence, so much so that each new image will look fresh and original.

Casual hairstyles with bangs on medium and long curls

In principle, the bangs itself is a very expressive detail that can add to any image of sharpness and individuality, but this does not mean that the curls do not need to be laid. Daily study of your hair is the way to create recognizable, individual images that will allow the girl to always be in the center of attention.

Here are just a few fashionable everyday stylings that will look great on medium length hair:

  • if the bang is long, then it can be braided into the side braid, creating the effect of the absence of the forelock;if it is short, you can straighten the strands themselves and, combing them, add the usual spit of originality;
  • the perfect ponytail with fully curled back curls and a straight bang that frames the forehead down to the eyebrows is an ideal option for a strict everyday image;
  • if the lady prefers wavy strands, then the hair can be curled into light curls, leaving a bang straight, but combing it slightly to the side;
  • laying "Malvinka", in which several front strands are retracted with a simple gum, is also an excellent variant of the daily hairstyle;
  • the simplest bunch with the effect of negligence also looks great with a bang.

There are a lot of options for daily laying with a bang, if it is long or short, there are a lot. If a woman likes the gathered strands, then she can experiment with the tail or braids.

When you want to create an absolutely smooth hairstyle without protruding strands, you can remove a short bang with invisible. To do this, it is enough to carefully comb the short locks back, biting them in several places with hardly noticeable invisibles. The hair itself should be either removed to the ponytail, or braided into a curly braid of 6-7 strands.

If a lady prefers loose curls, she should think about creating light waves in the style of the old of Hollywood:

  1. To do this, carefully comb the strands, and then start to twist them on the curling iron in one direction, not letting the locks tangle.
  2. When all strands are wound, they should be carefully divided with fingers( not comb, because then curls can lose their shape).
  3. All this beauty should be sprinkled with varnish, leaving a bang straight. Such a contrast between wavy curls and a straight bang gives an image of playfulness.

Also, a lady can give preference to loose, straight strands:

  1. For this, it is necessary to dry them with a hair dryer, using a round comb at the same time to create a volume at the roots.
  2. All strands should be carefully straightened with iron, twisting the tips inside.
  3. A bang should not be straightened, but it is necessary to make sure that all the strands in it clearly lay and did not buckle in different directions. This style looks simple and bold at the same time.

Everyday laying with bangs on short hair

Beautiful hairstyles with short strands, and even with a bang, is not uncommon. Many modern ladies prefer precisely shortened strands, because it is easier to take care of such hair, they can be laid without problems using only a hair dryer and mousse. If a lady wants to create an interesting styling on short strands, she should pay attention to the following options:

  • hairstyles with oblique bangs look great with the created effect of light disorder, and in this case, the curls must be laid in a chaotic order, and the bangs themselves up, combed overthe back of the head and varnish;
  • is another great option for owners of short curls - straightened strands with outwardly protruding tips;
  • a fringed bang can be effectively curled along with all the other strands, creating a style style of 20 years;
  • laying on one side, in which absolutely all the strands are shifted to one side, is a very fashionable and stylish version of the everyday hairstyle.

The first thing you should always think about is the desired style of the styling being created. If a lady wants something insolent, then she can put every strand chaotically on an oblique parting or completely abandon it. In this case, the short strands are carefully straightened with ironing, and then stacked in different directions. To make the hairstyle look even more original, the roots can be given the volume with the help of a small fleece.

Remove the bangs of medium length as part of this laying, and it will not be difficult: for this, you need to comb the locks back, lay them with foam and leave, despite the tips sticking out in all directions. It looks like this everyday styling, like an extravagant fantasy, but it only adds an image of originality.

If a woman stops on a strict hairstyle, then it is worthwhile to straighten all of her strands, having done the same manipulations with ironing and bangs. Next, using a round comb, the tips should be curled outward, using a hairdryer to fix the result. As a consequence, the lady will get a very original hairstyle with protruding tips and a straight bang, which will suit both the everyday image and the evening meeting with friends.

You can clean the bangs beautifully, tearing it along with the rest of the strands. In this case, all the strands need to be curled in one direction, avoiding too tight and dense curls. Locks should lie neatly one after another, which will create a very interesting effect of a complex hairstyle.

Evening hairstyles: the most fashionable hair styles of different lengths

Hairstyles with a short bang, as well as with a long one, can fit not only in the framework of everyday style, but also in the evening images. Many Hollywood stars, who adore unusual bangs, have long proved that with their help any image can be made more effective. What are the options for evening laying now considered the most relevant?

  1. Hollywood curls with a straight fringe is a safe option for any official event.
  2. Styling in Greek style is an excellent choice for a wedding or any other festive event.
  3. Spectacular "baskets", woven from curls, with oblique bangs - an excellent option, which will be attractive to look at strands of medium length.
  4. The variant with a fleece and ribbon or rim is suitable for happy owners of short curls.
  5. A tall tuft or babette with a straight or oblique bangs is an excellent option for owners of medium to long hair.

For the oval face with bangs, hairpins with curled locks, for example, with a basket of curled strands, are ideally suited: for the creation of such a hairstyle all the locks are worthgather in a low tail at the back of the head.

  • Next, the strands should be curled, but not much so that the curls are not too tight.
  • Now it remains to fix each strand, passing it through the elastic and fixing with the help of invisibility.
  • As a result, the girl will get a very effective styling, in which the strands will be chaotically arranged on the head and carefully fixed. The fringe can be both lateral and straight, and it should only be straightened, giving the volume at the roots.

    How can I remove a fringe as part of creating an evening image? This is a fairly common and easily solved task:

    1. The bangs must be removed back, with this fixing its tips on the back of the head.
    2. Next, you need to scratch all the strands at the roots, carefully laying them back. To the curls are not knocked out, the lady should fix a rim or ribbon on her head.
    3. You just need to fill your hair with varnish. To make it look even more impressive, you can attach a hair clip on the side.

    Such a styling with fully retracted and combed hair can only be afforded by a girl with perfect facial features, since there is nothing to cover a wide forehead or bulging cheek bones.

    Spectacular hairstyles for girls with a bang should not necessarily include incredible frills. Sometimes the most spectacular looks simple waves, especially if the girl is a happy owner of long strands.

    In this case, it is necessary to make a direct parting, distributing the bangs on two sides. Next, each strand should be curled and gently laid to create the effect of uniform waves. Such a spectacular styling will suit a woman of absolutely any age.

    You can also remove the growing bangs by evening laying on one side. To do this, it is necessary to comb all the strands on one side, simultaneously fixing them in problem areas with invisible ones. The curls can be curled or plaited in a braid. If such a scythe woven flowers, the image will certainly be unforgettable.

    Hairstyles with an overgrown bang can be both everyday and festive, but the main thing in them is a reflection of a woman's personality. Not afraid to experiment with their images, a woman can accurately create vivid images at least every day.

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