List of interesting Russian series

Day off, a cozy house and delicious food, just missing an exciting movie? List of interesting Russian series will help to solve this issue. The dramatic fate of the heroes, the quality play of the actors and the dynamic plot will not make you bored and yawn. The desire to learn the film's outcome will keep you in front of the screens until the last series of the novel.

Senior sister

One of the heroines of the series "The Oldest Sister" Lida - lives a quiet life in a small settlement, working as a teacher. She, along with her daughter Masha, expects the husband to return from a business trip. Her older sister, living in Moscow, is engaged in the science and education of her son. But what happened in Dagestan will turn the world of sisters.


The series "Abyss" introduces viewers to Alexander Varlamov. His job is to find mentally unbalanced, especially dangerous serial killers. Under the leadership of the protagonist, the team does its utmost to destroy the threat. But Varlamov can not accept the idea that not everything is subject to him and tries to overcome his own demons.

Two sisters

The heroines of the series "Two Sisters" - Varya and Lusya are absolutely different. Varya - a responsible girl, thanks to the help of a coach, becomes a champion in figure skating. Ice gave her a friendship with hockey player Andrey. Lusia is a naive girl who dreams of becoming an actress. Her mother's fate predetermines her, sending her to study as a teacher, where she gets to know the love of her life.

Classroom school

"Classroom School" - is a series that shows the life of schoolchildren and their teachers. Only in this school, ordinary teachers masterfully and creatively conduct boring lessons, making them exciting and fun. One series is a page of school life. Such a sketch show will be interesting for both children and adults.

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Pregnancy test

The series "Pregnancy test" tells the story of obstetrician Natalia. On the one hand, the girl is surrounded by people who admire her talent and femininity, on the other - envious and ill-wishers. But none of the workers is aware that Natalia had a connection with a married official named Yuri. Realizing that he would not leave his family, she left the city, learning soon after the move that she was expecting a child.

The game

The series "Game" intersects the fate of two absolutely contradictory personalities. Investigator Belov, who follows his duty, principles, and the bandit Smolin, who forgot what honor is. The protagonist is mired in his passions and criminal deeds. Each of the characters hopes to win in this confrontation of good and evil.

The Moscow saga

The series "The Moscow Saga" is a story about how the country's domestic policy influences the fate of individuals. Family Gradov, in which three children, proudly and confidently looking to the future, reaping the fruits of their labors. They have many relatives and friends who support a young family, but it is difficult to resist external circumstances.


The characters in the series "Department" are engaged in the disclosure of criminal intrigues of law enforcement agencies. They find evidence of crimes and use them against their colleagues. Such actions make the employees, whose steps are carefully controlled, become embittered and rally.

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The events of the series "Inquisitor" take place in a small town. A cruel killer killer destroys people, leaving crumbs of bread - tips in Latin. But even such pointers do not help to prevent murders. To help local investigators from St. Petersburg comes Natalia, who will face a cunning criminal.

I believe

The main character of the series "Believe" - ​​Anna - a caring mother, a demanded teacher and a beautiful woman. Suddenly, the girl is fired from work, because of her ex-husband's fault, there is a fire in the apartment, due to which the mother of the heroine is dying, while she and her daughter are on the street. They are warmed by the grandmother of Anna's best friend, who dreams of Ivan's grandchild's wedding.


The series "Ladoga" tells the history of the war years. Supplying food to Leningrad occurs on the "Road of Life" - the only free, but dangerous way. The Soviet military will learn about the intention of the Germans to interrupt the receipt of food. Their goal, led by Captain Sergienko, is to prevent the upcoming diversion and destroy the danger.


The knowledge of the impossible, the search for treasures and the source of eternal life are the aspirations of the characters of the series "The Alchemist."In this they can help the philosopher's stone, which is being searched for thousands of years. Many individuals and entire generations dreamed of gaining forbidden knowledge in order to rise above the rest. Modern seekers in search of a source are helped by the latest technologies and exercises.

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Good hands

The series "Good Hands" is a story about the head physician of the maternity hospital Olga, which helps rich, but childless families get what they want, after the mothers refuse the newborns. Her son Nikita successfully passes the exams, and notes entering the university with friends. Soon Olga learns about the murder of her son. A former husband - investigator finds out that Nikita's death is connected with the activities of his wife.


The destinies of the heroes of the novel "Gemini" are closely intertwined. Captain Peter, who is in the capital, refuses to serve in the KGB.His acquaintance Vahid, who lives in Central Asia, works in the militia. Peter is a female lover, and Vahid loves his daughter and tries to help her. One of them will be killed, and the other will investigate the crime, having met the love of his life.


The series "Rust" tells about a team consisting of former law enforcement officers fighting for truth. Under the leadership of General Kumov, they are trying to destroy the gangster system, eliminating illegal sales. Neutralizing the threat one by one, the team is moving closer to the source of evil, which is an influential person.

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