Bread diet

The very phrase "bread diet" at first glance seems strange. But this is only at first glance, because the concept of "getting fat" is absolutely wrong. Recollect, than the majority of inhabitants of Russia ate all age-old history. The main thing on the table was bread - the basis of the diet, porridge and various vegetables and fruits. And the expression "to sit on bread and water" from whom causes associations with full people? All this indicates that the bread was undeservedly placed in the category of products harmful to the figure.

Another question - in the amount of bread eaten and in the composition from which it is baked. This is where the problem of extra kilograms hides. It's about the number of calories of different types of bread. White bread has twice as much grain as grain. Peasants in Russia baked loaves and various buns only on holidays, and even then only those who had such an opportunity. On weekdays they ate bread of coarse grinding.

The right choice of

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is important. Today the bakery assortment is amazing. Counters are bursting with variety of varieties and forms of all kinds of baking. How not to get lost in the choice of really useful bread?

First of all read the label, study the composition. The first thing that is indicated in it, and is the basis of the product. If this is "the finest flour of the finest grinding" put the bread back on the shelf, it will only spoil the figure. Although, for sure, it will be delicious. Prefer bread from wholemeal bread, cereal. Popular bread types with various additives( bran, grains, nuts and seeds) can be both useful and not very useful. Look at the composition and calories and draw conclusions.

I eat bread and lose weight. ..

These words are the dietary style of the author of the method of weight loss on the bread of Olga Rat, a biologist by education. She believes that carbohydrates are not an enemy to our body, on the contrary, they have a positive effect on the level of serotonin - the "happiness hormone".Such a carbohydrate, like cellulose, is able to quickly and permanently saturate the body. In the methodology there is a basic rule, observing which one can not refuse bread and keep the harmony of the figure: it is not "sweet bread"!Baking, generously flavored with syrup, powdered sugar, with high-calorie stuffing inside - is contraindicated.

And a sandwich?

Sandwiches fans have nothing to worry about. Bread diet does not prohibit the creation of bread from individual culinary creations - sandwiches. You just need to be attentive to what you put on bread and how much. If it's not sweet and not fat, then boldly smear it on a bread slice. Ketchup, mustard, low-fat cottage cheese, garlic paste, caviar overseas eggplant - the list goes on.

A more serious sandwich can contain a slice of lean fish, chicken breasts without skin, lean beef and even( if without sweet it is impossible in any way) a little jam.

How much can you?

Apparently, the bread diet does not severely restrict us in the choice of products. What is the catch then? In how much all this can be eaten. Yes, you can eat bread, but not more than twelve pieces a day. And in sandwiches it is important, what layer do you use that you can smear. If this layer is larger than the bread itself, then such a sandwich can not be called dietary precisely. Whatever you put on bread, it should be small, and yet it should be one. By building a sandwich from several ingredients, you significantly increase its calorie content.

Take in the allies vegetables

Vegetables can eat as much as you want. Of these, you can and should make multicomponent sandwiches. Tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cucumbers, carrots, onions and all kinds of greens - such a sandwich will not leave anyone indifferent. If there is no desire or time to create such a masterpiece, simply eat vegetables along with bread.

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