24 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give

  • Traditions of the 24th anniversary of the wedding
  • What to give to her husband and wife for a satin wedding?
  • Gifts from friends for a satin wedding

Living together for 24 years is a huge period of time for which the couple managed to pass through quarrels and through numerous joyful moments. What is the wedding and what to give for 24 years of living together - burning issues that concern many. It is important not only to think about the gift, but also to organize the celebration correctly, because it often becomes the main rehearsal before the celebration of the silver wedding.

Traditions of the 24th wedding anniversary

The anniversary, which marks the 24th wedding anniversary, is commonly called satin. This noble and incredibly beautiful material became a symbol of strong and prosperous relations. Of course, the atlas becomes the main motive of the celebration, and it is with this material that the lion's share of all the festive traditions is connected. So, what are the nuances of celebrating this anniversary?

  1. On the eve of the holiday, a man should give his wife a satin nightgown that will not only bring a note of romance to the couple's relationship, but also become a symbol of the couple's unfading feelings.
  2. Celebrating the 24th anniversary better in a narrow family circle or together, remembering the main twists and turns of the relationship.
  3. On this day, the couple can swear an oath, decorating each other's wrists with beautiful satin ribbons, symbolizing the inviolability of marriage.
  4. Also on this joyful day, you can decorate the holiday table and the interior of the house with elements of oriental style.

Eastern elements are extremely relevant precisely in the framework of celebrating the 24th anniversary of joint life. The fact is that the atlas is the material that came from the east, and it is believed that decorating the house with various candlesticks, unusual lamps and pillows will bring good luck to the house.

From ancient times it was considered a good sign to exchange satin garments for the twenty-fourth anniversary of the wedding. So, a man can give his wife a nightgown from this beautiful material, and a woman can get a chosen shirt from an atlas. Now satin garments are considered a sign of luxury, because they are worth a lot, but they look really chic.

On the eve of the holiday, the spouses can exchange oaths of fidelity by tying beautiful ribbons from the satin at the wrist to each other. Such a rite will not only be romantic, but also emphasize the sincerity, longevity of the feelings of the newlyweds.

What to give to her husband and wife for a satin wedding?

What to present for a satin wedding - the question is always relevant and important, because the couple lived together for so long that hackwork in choosing a presentation will seem insulting insult. What can you give your beloved wife on such an important day?

  1. Various jewelry is always a relevant and significant gift, emphasizing the seriousness of men's feelings.
  2. Satin clothing or a set of underwear with satin inserts is another present that will lead a woman to full rapture.
  3. You can also present your beloved wife with a bouquet of 24 beautiful flowers that will symbolize each year spent by spouses in a marriage.
  4. Romantic candlelight dinner is the best gift that can bring your zest to the relationship of spouses.

Of course, every gift is chosen exclusively individually according to the tastes of a woman. For example, some ladies adore huge bouquets of roses, and someone is nicer than a good book, which a man should sign before giving away his lover.

A gift can help a man express his imagination. For example, he can make a collage of 24 pictures illustrating the relationship of the couple for many years. This touching present will not leave indifferent any lady.

Satin wedding anniversary( 24 years) - this is also a man's holiday, so the lover can be presented the following presents:

  • beautiful picture, made by own hands from satin ribbons;
  • is a gift that corresponds to the interests of a man, for example, a beautiful weapon or fishing rod;
  • a satin tie or an unusual butterfly made with your own hands, is also suitable for a gift on such an important day;
  • a woman can present her husband with expensive alcohol with an exposure of 24 years.

The last gift is just universal, and it will suit you as a present from friends. The donor can say a beautiful speech about the fact that the couple's relationship is strong, like the taste of this alcohol.

Also, a man will be delighted with a variety of gifts that match his interests. So, a connoisseur of books can give a rare edition of his favorite work, and a fan of cars to give new car covers. The organization of a thematic romantic evening is also an excellent gift, because with the help of such a dinner, the spouses will be able to escape from everyday worries, immersed in their own love with a head.

Gifts from friends for a satin wedding

Satin wedding is traditionally celebrated in the family circle, and therefore numerous gifts from friends and acquaintances on this day - it's still a rarity. However, if a person is invited to such an important anniversary, he should think ahead of all about the gift presentation. What should be presented to the couple on this significant day?

  1. Any items made of satin, for example, napkins, tablecloths, bedding, will be an actual gift on such an important day.
  2. Friends can present tickets to the theater, certificates for a romantic dinner or horseback riding, because such presents always bring variety to the established life of the couple.
  3. You can give preference to presentations made by yourself, for example, various decorations, figurines or paintings.

On the twenty-fourth anniversary of the wedding, in principle, it is not customary to spend a lot of money, as soon as the couple itself, and their friends expect a bigger silver anniversary. This is why it is better to make presents with your own hands. For example, from satin ribbons you can make beautiful flowers, and such a bouquet will decorate the house of the heroes of the celebration for a long time.

Any presents from the atlas are considered traditional. So, you can give a pair of beautiful tablecloth with unusual embroidery or pillows with satin pillowcases. All these presents can be safely used on the farm, and besides, they will be able to remind the spouses about the duration and uniqueness of their feelings. An excellent gift is also a variety of services, on which you can draw a symbolic inscription, one way or another associated with the holiday.

By the 24th anniversary of the wedding, the romance usually goes away from the life of the couple, and therefore even ordinary movie tickets can be for the couple to revive the relationship. Also they can present a certificate for a photo shoot or a romantic walk on a motor ship. Such gifts are not only of material value, but also give an unforgettable experience, and this is sometimes more important than any benefits and money.

Living together for 24 years is a real feat, especially now, when many couples break up without reaching the five-year anniversary of the relationship. That is why it is necessary to celebrate such a monumental anniversary, but it is better to pay attention to a modest family celebration, once again emphasizing the depth of the feelings of the spouses to each other.

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