How to store watermelons

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Everyone knows that watermelon is a very tasty, juicy and sweet berry. We are all so long and look forward to when the watermelons will ripen! We gladly eat them in the season, and many are thinking: is it possible to save a watermelon for the winter, at least until the New Year?

They can be preserved in cans, salted in barrels, and all this is very tasty. But the fresh watermelon is much tastier and more desirable! Unfortunately, these fruits are very poor and do not last long. But after all, I would like to put on a New Year's table a big, juicy and sweet watermelon! And that's why many began to look for all sorts of methods and methods that allow you to keep the watermelon in excellent condition for as long as possible until winter.

Which watermelons can be stored for a long time

First of all watermelon, which you want to store for a long time, you need to choose the right one. It should be thick-bodied - this is a big plus. Do not take one, pick a few fruits, so you will have more chances. Pay attention to the condition of watermelons - they should not be crumpled or cracked, it is desirable that there are no scratches.

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Well, watermelons have been chosen, now you need to prepare them for storage.

Ways to store watermelons

Do not put watermelons on storage on a hard surface. Keep them better at low temperature, humidity about 80%.It is desirable that the room is slightly ventilated, the best option is a cellar or a cellar. Every few days, watermelons should be carefully examined and cleaned by those that begin to deteriorate.

  1. Storage in alabaster or clay. Take the usual alabaster( or clay) and dilute it to a creamy state. Then take a brush and smear the fruit. After it dries, put the watermelon on a soft surface.
  2. Storage in moss. It is necessary to collect moss in the forest, it should be done in sunny and dry weather. It must necessarily be dry. A thick layer of moss is laid out on the bottom of a box or a large box, then we put watermelon on it and moss on all sides. Also store in a cool place.
  3. You can store watermelons in the warmth, but you have to understand that they will not last so long. We need a tight( without slots) box or a box of cardboard. With a thick layer of wood ash, we fill the bottom, put a watermelon there and top up with ashes, which, of course, must be dry.
  4. Storage in straw. This method is optimal if your cellar is wet. On the shelves we put straw and also a thick layer. Then we lay watermelons, each one must be wrapped in straw. Also store in a cool place.
  5. Storage in a bag. Put the watermelon in a small bag of natural cloth and hang it under the ceiling in the cellar.
  6. Storage of a house. Do not store watermelons in warm places, near batteries. Choose the coolest and darkest place in the apartment, be sure that there is no access to the light. One of the disadvantages is that every day watermelons need to be turned over.

Try all the ways and choose which one suits you best.

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