Types of swimsuits

At any moment of her life, a woman wants to look attractive. And the beach here is no exception. Now there are many varieties of swimsuits, which are chosen by women not only for their own taste. With a properly selected model, you can hide flaws and emphasize the beauty of your body.

The basic classification of swimsuit models includes continuous and separate swimsuits. But is this enough for lovers to defile on a beautiful beach? Of course, no, that's why designers annually please us with a large number of varieties of swimsuits.

Types of solid swimsuits

An indoor swimsuit is a suit with a connected top and bottom. This kind of swimsuit is preferably chosen for girls who would like to hide some of the flaws in the figure. In general, this applies to extra pounds at the waist, because this part of the body is tightly closed by a continuous swimsuit.


This classic swimsuit model is considered universal. It is perfect for any type of figure. Swimsuit majo has sewn straps and is pretty tight around the body, due to this it can be used for swimming. The neckline of the Mayo swimsuit, depending on the particular model, can be round, V-shaped, square or in the form of a heart.

Hulter Closed

In its form this kind of swimsuit is similar to the model of the mayo. The difference is that halter straps are sewn only in front, and behind them they are fastened or tied. In the latter case, you can slightly adjust the position of the breast. This kind of swimsuit very well supports even a large bust size. Excellent fit hulter owners of figures in the form of pears. He visually increases the shoulders, which allows you to visually narrow the hips and balance the figure.


Indoor swimsuit with sleeves. Also looks great on girls with full hips. This type of swimsuit visually shortens the upper part of the body due to lack of straps. The chest in the swimsuit of the bando is supported by the tight fit of the material in the decollete area. As a rule, for this purpose an elastic band or elastic braid is sewn into the upper edge of the swimsuit.


Kind of a solid swimsuit with wide straps. The bodice of this model is rather dense and most often has sewn on calyx, so it is great for owners of a large bust size. The shavers are wide and tselnokroenye, which allows to support the breast well. This model visually makes the figure less voluminous.


Indoor swimsuit with very deep neckline and neckline at the back. The model visually enlarges the chest. A large neckline from the neckline almost to the stomach allows you to visually narrow your waist. Plunge is more suitable for beach holidays than active water procedures.


Looks almost like an open swimsuit, however it refers to solid models. The top and bottom in it are connected by one strip in front, or on the sides there are very deep cutouts. This is an excellent alternative for those who want to wear a separate swimsuit, but can not afford it because of small flaws in the abdomen.

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Swimsuit with short skirt. This kind of swimsuit allows you to hide flaws in the bottom of the figure. An excellent option for water sports and sports on the beach.

Types of separate swimsuits

Open swimsuits are the best choice for slim persons. However, some models will also help to correct the figure.


The most common type of outdoor swimwear. The bodice in this model keeps on thin straps. Wearing a bikini swimsuit can afford only the owners of slender figures.


A separate swimsuit with a strapless bodice. The bodice in this case is a short top or ribbon supporting the breast. If the top of the swimsuit is made with folds, this model can visually increase the small chest.


Instead of a bodice in this model, there is a top or short T-shirt. A swimsuit in a variation with an elongated top clearly conceals the flaws of the figure in the waist region.

Hulter open

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Open swimsuit in bikini style, in which all-in-one straps are tied around the neck. This allows you to maintain a good bust.


This kind of open swimsuit has a short skirt or pareo.


Frank model, represented by a bodice on thin straps and strips with stripes from behind, so-called "thongs" or "tango".


We are used to divide swimsuits into combined and separate. It was interesting to read about their varieties. I really want to have every kind of swimsuit in the wardrobe.


Very useful information on the note! For a long time she chose a combined swimsuit, which would hide all the shortcomings. From the article, I learned that there are many varieties of them. Now I think with a choice of problems will not be. Thank you for the article!

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