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From year to year, beauty salons please us with a lot of novelties and fashionable procedures. Trend for several seasons is a natural and natural beauty. That is why the mad staining techniques of ombre and balayage have become very popular. And if the first has long been heard by everyone, then the second only comes into fashion. Its result will be a deep color and shiny strands, in which the hot summer sun seems to be entangled. The image will acquire romantic, gentle and feminine notes, and the complexion will improve, as if there were no last five years.

If you like to turn over the glossy magazines, watching new fashion trends and watching the life of celebrities, you already have a clear idea of ​​what this new trend represents. Balayage decorates the heads of such famous women as the Australian actress Rose Byrne, Lauren Conrad, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and, of course, Erin Wasson.

What is balaž

Hair coloring balaž
Painting Balažage / Balayage highlights /
Balaža: dyeing technique for hair
Coloring Balayage 2017( Balayage highlights 2017) Hair Tutorial
Ombre / Balayage / Hair coloring

Color combinations

The success of staining and its final result largely depends on the correctness of the selection of color combinations and contrasts. Most stylists are guided by the following scheme:

  • For the owners of delicate, light skin, blond hair and gray-blue or gray-green eyes( ie, summer color), natural glare of ash or hazel colors is suitable.
  • Bright colors are suitable for a rich winter contrast color. Balayazh on dark hair organically combines, for example, with rich-scarlet tips at roots of color of a rotten cherry.
  • On sunny, spring girls balayazh hair looks unusually organic and natural, they are suitable honey, copper or wheaten shades, as well as bright amber or bronze contrasts.
  • "Autumn" to face contrasts, but also highlighting in the technique of "sweeping out" in color "coffee with
    milk" or "caramel", also looks good, very gentle and feminine.

The most natural balayazh looks on light and blond hair, because it is these shades from nature are subject to burnout. But the owner of dark hair is a similar kind of staining to the face. A skilled stylist with the help of super-lighter will change the color of the head of hear to 3-4 tones.

More contrast combinations are undesirable, since too light strands on dark curls look rather sloppy. However, if the soul still asks for bright accents, choose the bright colors that will advantageously shade the main color and look neat.

And why. .. yes! Advantages of balaž technique

  1. Allows you to look stylish and confident for a long time, does not require visiting the beauty salon every few weeks after staining. Stylists recommend balayazh to medium and long hair no more than once every four months.
  2. Staining has no clear boundary, therefore it is very economical. In most cases, the curls do not stain the entire length, the roots remain in their natural or close to it color. Therefore, even if you can not visit a hairdresser yet, for example, for a month, your hairstyle will still not lose its appeal and the consequences will not be catastrophic.
  3. Due to the transitions of shades, a natural look of the hairstyle and a visual volume are created. Balayage is suitable for thin and weak hair.
  4. With the exception of ultra-short haircuts, balayage looks great on hair of different length and color, which makes it truly versatile. Ideal is the length from the shoulders and below, although in short hairstyles such as pixies, quads and beans, "sun glare" fit surprisingly organically, giving them personality and femininity.
  5. Allows you to accurately and smoothly make a change in appearance, enrich the image.
  6. Balajou all ages are submissive. He comes face to face with ladies from different age groups, younger and more affectionate.
  7. The choice of contrasting shades for "solar staining" will help emphasize the haircut lines, give the appearance of individuality and uniqueness.
  8. Combines with all shades of hair, allowing you to reliably hide the gray hair.

Perhaps the only drawback of this technique is its price. Balayage only comes into fashion, and masters, able to perform the procedure correctly and beautifully, are still few.

Balaž or ombre?

Differences of different types of highlighting of

Such concepts as balaž and ombre are confused quite often. And even hairdressers are not always able to explain the difference between these two types of melioration. If the master in the beauty salon assures that he will do "all the best", without even trying to get into explanations, his qualifications raise serious doubts. We advise you to think several times before you trust your head with such a "specialist".

Despite the fact that both techniques are quite similar, there is a difference, and significant. Ombre is made for the entire length of the hair, and with balaže, the curls are stained selectively, mostly at the ends, bangs and near the face, which makes this type of staining more sparing. In the first case, the border of colors passes vertically, and in the second - horizontally.

The choice of the most suitable option is a matter of taste, but keep in mind that the ombre more goes to the owners of fussy curls, and the balayage is equally harmonious with both straight and curly hair.

The choice of many cinemas is exactly balayazh. It is a fairly simple and effective way to change your image, adjust your appearance and complement the daily style. Its merits repeatedly outweigh minor drawbacks. For the first dyeing, you should turn to a professional who can choose the most suitable palette for you, and the sun will play in your hair.

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