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Waxing inhome conditions has now become an incredibly popular procedure for removing excess hairs from the surface of the face and body. Most often, waxing( this is another name for this procedure) is performed in the area of ​​bikini, armpits, legs and hands, as well as on the face: you can remove even the mustache and handle the cheeks.

Hair removal with the help of stringy resins is as ancient procedure as sugar epilation: they were used both by ancient Egyptians and captivating beauties of the East. Since then, the process of wax epilation has become much more convenient due to the appearance of special devices and the improvement of the wax formula.

Positive moments of waxing

Wax epilation has a number of indisputable advantages( the centuries-old history of its application is a very eloquent proof in favor of this argument).Let's list the good sides of this method.

Wax epilation is:

  1. A very simple and relatively inexpensive method that helps to rid the surface of the skin of excess hair of any type.
  2. A procedure that you can do yourself at home.
  3. A process that is not time-consuming.
  4. A fairly effective operation that allows you to forget about the need to remove unnecessary hairs for three or four weeks. This is evidenced by photographs taken before and after it.
  5. Constant carrying out of waxing promotes change of structure of removed hair( they become more soft), and also influences character and intensity of their growth( newly grown hairs grow more seldom and not so quickly).
  6. Correctly executed waxing is usually not accompanied by any complications and side effects( in the form of itchy, irritated and reddened skin).

Disadvantages of wax epilation

Considering all the pros and cons of waxing, you can not tell and its negative sides.

  1. The main negative aspect of this procedure is the strong enough pain , so it is contraindicated for people with a low threshold of sensitivity.
  2. Waxing removes not only the coarse, but also the hairs of the .
    As a result, on this part of the skin, in time, not a cannon, but a full-fledged hard vegetation( due to the degeneration of the hairs) may appear.
  3. By means of bioepilation, it is possible to remove only hairs with a length of at least five millimeters , therefore periodically it is necessary to wait for their regrowth.
  4. After waxing, the treated areas of the body are covered with a large number of red dots disappearing after only a few days.

Wax Epilation Mechanism

Wax Epilation: What is it?

  • The essence of the method is as follows: after application of melted wax to the surface of the skin, its hardening takes place, characterized by enveloping all the hairs there.
The removal of the wax stripe inevitably ends with the extraction of these hairs together with the hair follicles.
  • Due to the removal of these follicles, subsequent hair growth occurs a considerable time later.
  • How many hair do not grow after waxing? In most cases, this procedure can get rid of hair for 3-4 weeks.

Known contraindications

In general, waxing is a safe enough method of hair removal, however, it also has certain contraindications. When is it better to completely abandon this procedure?

  1. If the patient suffers from with diabetes mellitus , which is characterized by a slowdown in the recovery process. Damage to the skin in such a patient can lead to the development of sepsis.
  2. If varicosity in the patient is in the stage of pronounced veins, protruding in the form of unaesthetic nodes.
  3. In the presence of a large number of neoplasms on the skin( papillomas, hanging moles, warts).
  4. With individual intolerance of the individual components of the wax contained in the waxing cartridge.
  5. People with a tendency to allergies should definitely test the product for waxing in a tiny area of ​​their skin.

Wax types for self depilation

For home use, two types of wax are most commonly used:

  • Hot wax , a combination of resins, refined products and vegetable oils.

Bioepilation with hot wax passes almost without pain, because the action of hot mass, opening the pores, facilitates an easier removal of hairs.

Hot wax is an excellent tool for processing sensitive areas of the body: bikini and underarm zones.

Hot wax, requiring special skills, is usually used in professional beauty salons. It is melted in special canned waxes, often without thermoregulators, and applied to the skin with a wooden spatula.

Since the wax layer is thick enough, the customer can feel not only severe pain, but also a thermal burn.

All this is possible if the salon personnel do not have sufficient qualification, so a license is required to work with wax.

Epilation with hot wax is done without strips.

  • Warm( soft) wax , consisting of resins and all sorts of softeners - the recipe of the composition is indicated on the package label.

Wax intended for household use, is packaged in special cans or in roller cassettes( cartridges).Some manufacturers produce wax containing fruit flavors.

As practice has shown, no flavor can not smell the smell of paraffin, which is the main component of the epilating product, so do not give in to advertising.

A little bit about materials and tools for waxing

You decided to make wax epilation at home. What is needed for this? To perform waxing, the following materials and equipment are needed:

  • Cartridge wax is a device for warming up wax. Without this device, work with wax is impossible, because it provides a safe and qualitative heating of the epilation composition up to 60 degrees. It is this temperature that brings the wax to the working state and excludes the possibility of getting burns. In the recommendation to voskoplavu it is said that it is by no means possible to use a microwave oven or a saucepan of hot water to warm up the wax cartridges. Epilation with superheated wax is fraught with burns. If it is not hot enough, the roller in the cartridge will not start spinning.
  • Cartridges with warm wax , equipped with a wide or narrow head. Cartridge with a narrow head is convenient to process the bikini zone.

Wax in cassettes is often painted in bright colors. The instruction to them recommends the purchase of wax dark, contrasting with the color of the skin, colors: this facilitates the application of epilation composition.

How long does one cartridge last? The content of such a cassette is usually enough for two-fold treatment of both legs, provided the wax is applied from the foot to the top of the thigh.

Due to the presence of a special roller, the composition is applied to the skin with a very thin layer.

  • Special strips( of non-woven fabric) for epilation. Manufacturers offer two variants of strips: in the already cut form and in the form of rolls.

Experienced users are advised to purchase already cut strips, with which it is more convenient to work. In case of using a roll option, it is necessary to cut pieces not more than ten centimeters long, since for the operation with longer strips, simply the hand swing may simply not suffice.

All listed materials can be bought in specialized stores for stylists and beauticians, as well as via the Internet.

  • Any cosmetic oil ( coconut, massage, baby, olive) to remove the remnants of the epilation composition from the skin surface.
  • Baby powder ( it removes excess moisture from the skin).

How to do waxing at home

How to do waxing? The technology of the procedure is simple.

Preparation of the skin is to take a shower( without moisturizers and peelings) for a couple of hours before the session. The skin should be well dried. If necessary, you can use baby powder.

  1. Cartridge is put into the wax and heated according to the manufacturer's instructions( the description of the sequence of actions is always attached).
  2. After warming up the wax the device is disconnected from the mains, the cartridge is turned over for a couple of seconds( to drain the composition) with the head down and is applied a 10-centimeter strip of wax on the hair growth. After that, put the cartridge vertically( you can not put it, because the liquid wax may leak and something to stain).
  3. A strip of non-woven fabric is adhered over the wax strip so that it has one free edge( this will facilitate its tearing).Carrying several times by hand in the direction of hair growth, achieve a more tight fit of the strip.
  4. Taking a strip for the lower corner and slightly stretching the skin( otherwise it will hurt), it is sharply torn against the growth of hair .Tear should not be up, but parallel to the surface of the treated area.
  5. The operation is repeated until hair is completely removed. At the edges of the strip wax usually remains, in this case it is possible to re-overlap.
You can do waxing with the same strip until it stops sticking to the body. The composition layer on it by that time will reach several millimeters.
  • If, after application of the wax, the glued strip does not come loose( the composition is either smeared or stretches), this indicates an increased skin moisture. After waiting a couple of minutes, take a new strip and try again.
  • In case of wax cooling, the cartridge is reheated in the wax and continues to be epilated.

How to do wax epilation at home - video:

  • After finishing the epilation, the treated surface is wiped with an oiled tampon, removing the remnants of the epilating composition.
To prevent irritation, the treated area of ​​the skin can not be wetted with water, therefore, water procedures can not be performed for several hours after hair removal.

Also it is not necessary to go to the pool and sauna for three days.

  • To prevent skin irritation, it is recommended to use a special spray or lotion.
  • Waxing is often combined with rubbing into separate areas of the skin of various means that help slow the growth of unwanted hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should hair be before waxing?

The minimum hair length before waxing is 4 mm, the optimal length is 7 mm. The longer the length of the hair, the more painless the procedure will be, and its effectiveness will be much higher.

Is bioepilation possible during pregnancy( especially the abdomen during pregnancy)?

Pregnancy and waxing, in principle, do not contradict each other. If a woman is not particularly sensitive and regularly before doing waxing, then during pregnancy she can afford this procedure.

Pregnant women, who have never done waxing before, should not first get acquainted with him during this period.

It hurts, and no one can foresee the consequences of such strong painful sensations( especially with varicose in pregnant women).

Waxing or shugaring( sugar): which is better?

Shugaring is cheap, less traumatic and more painless, and the effect of both procedures is approximately the same. A large set of positive sides makes shugaring a more advantageous procedure.

Epilation with wax or epilator: which is better?

This question does not have an unambiguous answer, because everything depends on the individual sensitivity threshold: those who are not susceptible to pain and who do not like to wash off the wax prefer the epilator.

Important: the use of the epilator provokes the appearance of a large number of ingrown hairs.

This side effect is not observed after waxing.

How to carry out anesthesia procedure?

  • Do waxing better on the fifth day after the monthly( pain threshold at this time increases).
  • An hour before the session, you can take an anesthetic( only not aspirin).
  • Strip stripping is better during exhalation( coughing before its ripping will give the same effect), and conversations during the procedure distract from pain.
  • Shortly before the session, you can lubricate the skin surface with an anesthetic cream containing lidocaine.

How long does the waxing effect last?

Depending on the characteristics of the body, new hair will begin to appear after 2( maximum 6) weeks.

Waxing in the cabin

The average price in the salon is determined by the impact zone.

  • The cost of epilation over the upper lip( mustache and mustache) starts from 250 rubles. To the same price category is the treatment of the eyebrow zone.
  • Waxing of the abdomen depends on the area of ​​the treated surface and starts with the same amount.
  • You can process your feet for 1000 rubles.
  • Epilation of buttocks costs 400 rubles.
  • The epilation of the deep bikini zone fits within 1100 rubles.

The price list given is approximate and gives only an approximate idea of ​​the price level in the Russian Federation.

The presented characteristic of the wax epilation method allows the reader of this material to weigh the pros and cons of the ancient waxing procedure before deciding to try it on yourself.

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How to do waxing at home
Waxing at home
Waxing at home
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