How to organize a vintage wedding

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  • Features of style
  • Where to start?
  • Wedding dress of the bride
  • Wedding bouquet of the bride
  • Arranging the venue for the celebration
  • Wedding cake
  • Festive table
  • Features of the wedding in the style of the 20s
  • Features of the wedding in the style of the 30's
  • Features of the wedding in the style of the 50's
  • Features of the wedding in the style of 80-x

Although the idea of ​​holding a wedding ceremony in the vintage style is not new, it has not lost its relevance over the past three decades. Many people are attracted to the fact that this direction combines luxury and simplicity, sophistication and romance. Let's take a closer look at how to organize a vintage wedding so that the celebration will turn out to be beautiful and memorable.

Features of the

style The French word "vintage" literally translates as "good taste".It began to be used by winemakers to describe the high quality of the wine they produced. However, today it is widely used in various areas: fashion, interior design, furniture design, etc. It should be noted that among the youth, a vintage wedding is highly popular.

As a rule, a celebration is celebrated in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. However, it can with the same success be held in a luxurious setting with a large number of invited guests. Vintage celebration can be described as a small world of the past, fascinating and unforgettable.

Such a wedding has the following features:

  • In the decoration of the solemn event use gentle pastel colors without expression. It can be: white, tender green, coffee, pink, lavender, powdery, etc. As the basic shade take beige.
  • As you know, vintage is closely related to the images and objects of antiquity. Therefore, the interior of the room, where the celebration will be held, it is desirable to decorate the morally obsolete, but sound and original furniture.
  • Design will look harmonious in the style of the 20's, 30's, 50's and even 80's.
  • Special attention should be paid to the invitation to the celebration. They can be issued on rare paper. On the one side of the invitation card you should put an artificially aged photograph of the newlyweds, and decorate the other side with lace, rhinestones and dried flowers. Sign the invitation preferably in ink pen and antique font. Each specimen can be made individual by adding to it a certain element, for example, a bead, a feather, etc.
  • The dresses of the guests of the celebration must necessarily correspond to its theme.

Where to start?

Preparing a wedding in a vintage style, you should first decide on the theme of what era will be organized celebration. The fact is that each period has its own characteristics, from traditional dresses to music.

The following subjects are very popular among modern newlyweds:

  • Aristocratic and elegant 20th.
  • Chicago 30 years of the last century.
  • Stylish and bright 50's.
  • Free and unrestrained 80's.

Once you have decided on the topic, you can go to the search for a wedding venue and the selection of a dress for the newlyweds. Also, you should pay attention to the cortege, dress code for guests and photosession.

Dress for newlyweds and guests

One of the important moments of a vintage celebration is the right choice of the newlyweds' attire. The bride is best to choose a dress in the floor of a pastel shade or the color of champagne. It can be supplemented with a beautiful short veil, vintage hat and lace gloves.

It is desirable that the dress is decorated with a neat lace, as it is one of the main signs of vintage.
In addition to the veil, the head can be decorated with an exquisite comb with precious or semiprecious stones. In some cases, it will be appropriate to look like a neat bezel.

The bride's hair should be given special attention. As the most successful options are soft curls or neatly picked up hair. However, pay attention that the chosen hairstyle completely harmonized with the image of the bride.

For the groom, too, you need to pick up a special outfit. Necessarily in his image should be suspenders, a waistcoat, an exquisite butterfly and a hat in a vintage style. As accessories, you can take an antique watch on a chain, a cigar, a cane and cufflinks.

To make the wedding harmonious, guests need to be warned about the dress code. The ideal option is for the bridesmaids to be in the same vintage dresses, and the groom's friends - in the same suspenders and with the crochet.

Other guests can wear usual outfits, but decorate them with any element: stockings, veils, old hats, suspenders, etc.

Wedding bouquet of the bride

An integral attribute of the bride is her bouquet. Flowers for him should be elegant and at the same time simple and cute. It is advisable to entrust the composition of the floral composition to professionals, in which case you will get the best result.

Another important point of composing a bouquet is that it should carry a piece of the past. Therefore, it should not be modern wedding jewelry.

Design of the venue for the celebration

To celebrate the old-style wedding is best in the banquet hall of a restaurant or mansion. In other cases, you can use an outdoor terrace, a lawn or a garden in front of the house for the celebration.

You can decorate the wedding celebration with the following items:

  • Antique chandeliers, luxurious chandeliers, artfully executed plaster and crystal statuettes.
  • Walls and chairs can be decorated with drapery from translucent and light pastel colors.
  • With ancient chairs, massive chests and suitcases.
  • With gramophones, gramophones and antique telephone sets.
  • Threaded pearls, large crystals, mirror balls and brooches.

Musical accompaniment of

A special role in the solemn banquet is played by music. Thanks to her, you can create an atmosphere of the past with success. Best of all as a musical accompaniment choose the hits of 20-30 years of the last century.

Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are ideally suited. For a wedding of later eras, you can use disco hits.

Wedding motorcade

It is customary to rent a retro car for a vintage wedding. You can do this at one of the specialized rental locations.

Especially popular are:

  • Cadillac;
  • Mini Cooper;
  • Rolls Royce;
  • GAS Seagull;
  • GAS Victory;
  • Limousine Excalibur Phantom;
  • Ford Mustang.

Since renting such cars is quite expensive, renting a retro car is best not for the whole day, but for two hours. On it the newlyweds will reach the place of registration of the marriage and return to the wedding banquet.

Festive table

The menu of special significance does not have a vintage celebration. The main thing is to properly decorate the festive table. For him, you should use these attributes:

  • Tablecloths made of high-quality cloth in the floor. Particularly beautiful will look like these products with fringe trim.
  • Antique candlesticks, crystal glasses and lacy napkins are essential attributes of the festive table decor.
  • Antique tableware. It can both be bought in specialized stores and rented for the duration of the celebration.

For the celebration you should order a cake made in vintage style. As a rule, it has several tiers, covered with mastic and decorated with confectionery lace. Color - pink or gentle-pastel.

As a decor for a wedding cake you can choose the following:

  • Marzipan flowers.
  • Sugar pearls.
  • Various curls.
  • Ornaments from marmalade.

The decor should not be too bright and flashy. It should be sustained in traditional colors and shades.

You also need to pay attention to the drinks that are served to the festive table. It can be cognac, champagne or wine. Drinks should be served in appropriate bottles, stylized in antiquity. An ideal, but rather expensive option will be collectible wines.

Features of the wedding in the style of the 20's

The wedding, organized in the style of this era, will not leave indifferent neither the newlyweds nor the invited guests. It is characterized by the following features:

  • Aristocratic dresses.
  • Retro cars, decorated with fresh flowers.
  • Elegance and Hollywood glamor.


It's better for to choose a stylish three-piece suit, which should be supplemented with a cane, a cylinder, a butterfly and gloves. Color can be any. However, if the groom chooses a frock-coat as a wedding dress, then he must necessarily be black. For a tuxedo, let's say white. To complement the suit will help shoes with a sharp toe.


Should choose a dress made of satin, silk or lace guipure. The outfit should be necessarily decorated with at least a small train and a deep neckline on the back. The style must be designed in such a way that the dress freely flows and simultaneously emphasizes all the curves of the figure. To complement the outfit will allow elegant gloves, a fur cape, a clutch bag, a pearl string around the neck and jewelry with precious stones.

Features wedding in the style of the 30's

For this era is characterized by a lot of contradictions. On the one hand, fascism, the world crisis and the approaching war. On the other - the flowering of Hollywood, luxury and style. Therefore, to organize a wedding in the style of a given epoch is, first of all, harmoniously combining all these contradictions in oneself.

Neither the wedding dress, the decoration of the solemn event, nor the festive banquet should have a single extra detail. Therefore, it is best to entrust the wedding to the professionals.

First of all, you should choose the direction of the celebration. It can be a party in a gangster spirit, a holiday in the style of surrealism or Hollywood glamor. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to further consider all the details of the solemn event: refreshments, script, attire of guests and newlyweds, contests, musical accompaniment, etc.

The interior of the wedding venue should be strict and functional. The room can be decorated with items made of steel, chrome, mirrors and glass. Ideal place of celebration will be the last floor of the skyscraper. If there is no such possibility, you can prefer a banquet hall of the restaurant with large panoramic windows.

Wedding dress of the bride

It is made of silk or satin. In addition, as a material for the dress you can take lace gypyur or crepe.

It is advisable to choose a model with a cut on the back and a train. In addition, an obligatory element of the outfit is a hat - a hat with large fields, an elegant veil, a lacy mesh or a small hat. Supplement the image will allow a fur cape.

For the groom

Choose a traditional double-breasted suit and a strict shirt. Ideas can be drawn from the images of Hollywood movies of those times - Keri Grant and Clark Gable.

Dresses for the newlyweds do not have to be sewn to order. They can easily be purchased in ready form in many wedding salons.

Features of the wedding in the style of the 50's

The wedding celebration organized in this subject selects mostly bright and creative couples who are not afraid of experiments. For the era of 50 years of the last century, the following features are characteristic:

  • Striving for self-expression.
  • Freedom.
  • Belief in a brighter future.

Bridesmaid Dress

He is chosen by in the style of Grace Kelly. Mostly it is dresses in length on an ankle with a magnificent skirt. Outwardly they resemble an hourglass. Hairstyle should be high and lush. To create it, it's best to use a chignon. Luxurious and appropriate will look lush styling, tied with a satin ribbon and executed in the tone of the dress.

The image of the bride must be stylish, elegant and fragile. A beautiful diadem or rim, as well as a pair of shoes and a clutch bag, will help to supplement it. As other accessories you can use pearl earrings and short gloves.

Attire for the groom

It must be traditionally white. Most often choose a tuxedo, which is complemented by an elegant butterfly and a vintage boutonnier. However, fans of shocking can choose a bright suit in the style of Elvis Presley.

As the venue for the solemn event, it is best to choose a banquet room of the restaurant, decorated in the appropriate style. With this there should be no problems, since such a decor is very popular today.

You also need to take care of the music. You can choose from fun and fervent rock and roll, as well as lyrical or jazz compositions.

Features of a wedding in the style of the 80's

Wedding celebration in the style of a fun and bright disco - what could be better for an outrageous newlyweds?

Such a holiday will appeal to those who like to have fun, dance until the morning and enjoy life to the fullest.

A wedding celebration in the style of the 80s of the last century is held in a spacious and bright banquet hall. The ceiling is decorated with a large mirror ball, which should rotate. Also, the decor is complemented with color music, garlands, posters of the stars of this era and smoke.

Wedding dresses of this time differ a lot of variety. Due to this it becomes possible to easily choose the option to your liking.


The bride's dress can be elegant and strict, classic white, bright with original trim, etc. Most often choose outfits with a lush long skirt adorned with tulle, lace or satin inserts.

Hair is best picked up and decorated with a wreath with small flowers and a veil. You can also decorate your head with a wide-brimmed hat.


Suit for the groom can be black, blue or brown. Complement it with a classic tie or stylish butterfly. The shirt is best selected with a contrasting shade. To make the image more careless and cheerful, it is complemented by bright multicolored socks, worn under the trousers.

You can also choose a less formal style. For the bride pick up a light and airy dress with a floral or geometric print. The groom puts on a bright shirt and jeans.

Thus, to organize a wedding in a vintage style, you should work hard. First you need to decide on the era in which the celebration will be held. Especially popular are the 20th, 30th, 50th and 80th years of the last century. Proceeding from this, they select the appropriate outfits for the groom and the bride, make out the venue for the solemn event and organize a banquet.

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