How to prepare mushrooms for the winter

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Salted mushrooms are a truly Russian dish. For pickles, the mushroom is the first mushroom. In ancient times, for the winter, the mushrooms were prepared with whole barrels. There is nothing tastier than salted mushrooms, yes with sour cream and boiled potatoes! But how to prepare mushrooms for the winter, not every mistress knows. This business is not easy, requires patience and diligence.


  1. Use of Marshmallers
  2. Methods of harvesting mushrooms for the winter
    • Pickling
    • Pickling
  3. Features of the workpiece
  4. Delicious recipes

And are the mushrooms useful?

Mushrooms are considered to be a family of raw russets. By the amount of protein, this mushroom is more substantial than beef. There is a lot of ascorbic acid in them. The mushrooms are very nutritious, and for not being able to cause a rise in glucose, they are recommended to be injected into the diet of diabetics.

Those who eat mackerel are less prone to nervous breakdowns and depressions. Due to diuretic action fungi contribute to the elimination of toxins.

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Even pharmacy has adopted this wonderful mushroom - they make anti-tuberculosis medications out of it.

The fact that the mushroom - the decoration of the table and a kind of delicacy, you can not say.

Cooks are not too fond of fried and boiled mushrooms. This is due to the fact that when you use them in food prepared in this way, you can feel bitterness in your mouth. But, of course, there are gourmets with which this taste seems piquant.

Modes and rules for harvesting the load for the winter

Prepare the mushrooms for the winter, mainly in two ways: salt and marinate. Drying and freezing are practically not used, since the packs prepared in this way are not very suitable for further preparation.

Most people think that salted mushrooms are more delicious with marinade. The mushrooms are very fleshy mushrooms, and in salty form they crunch so great! But marinating is also very popular, because it is safer.

The main rule in the procurement of marshmallows is the soaking procedure, which is time-consuming.


The shakes are salted in two ways:

  1. Hot is a fast way. A week, and an appetizing dish can be served to the table.
  2. Cold - long. To prepare the "ripe", it will take at least forty days.

Basic options for pickling

1. With hot , the mushrooms must be cleaned, cleaned and well rinsed. Then they are poured cold with slightly salted water and boiled for half an hour. Periodically remove the foam.

At this time, you can prepare a brine for pouring mushrooms. It puts salt and spices. Proportion: a liter of water a tablespoon of salt, and the rest of the ingredients - the taste of the hostess. Most often, dill is used. The brine is brought to a boil.

Boiled mushrooms are thrown back onto a sieve, letting the water drain and then put back into the pan( it is better to take a wide and deep pan).Everything is poured hot with a raspolchikom and left under the yoke for a week. The place for "aging" is better to choose a cool one. At the end of the period, the mushrooms are laid out in sterile cans and rolled up with lids.

2. With cold , cleaned mushrooms are washed and leave to soak for at least half a day, although it is better - a day or even more. Then they prepare a large enamel saucepan, where the mushrooms are laid in layers, alternating with the salt, mixed with finely chopped dill and garlic.

On mushrooms put oppression, and the very capacity is placed in the cold for a month and a half. After the expiration of the term, they are placed in banks. You can close it even under nylon covers.


Mushrooms are washed and soaked. Then they should be boiled in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Leave on a sieve and drain.

For a liter of water, take a couple of tablespoons of salt and sugar, bring to a boil. Add six tablespoons of 9 percent vinegar. Gruzdei for such a quantity of water should be a kilogram.

Brine the mushrooms and cook for twenty minutes. Banks take sterilized. Rinse with lids.

Features of preparation of workpieces from the load

  • For pickling and marinating, almost all mushrooms are suitable, but from old specimens one has to get rid of. If the mushroom has specks of rust type or spots that break the integrity of the cap, then you better abandon them.
  • Do not use mushrooms with wormholes and insects for billets.
  • The hat of the mushroom should be washed with a hard brush( steel sponge is better suited).
  • When soaked in mushrooms, water changes every four hours. This will make them more gentle and rid of the bitter taste.
  • The most suitable container for storing mushrooms is glass. If, of course, do not talk about oak barrels, which are beyond any competition, but are unlikely to be found among residents of city apartments. An enamel saucepan will do, but be sure to inspect it for cracks, chips and rust. If any, then to prepare the pickles you can not use this dish.
  • Sugar can only be added to the marinade. This gives the pears tenderness in taste.
  • As strange as it sounds, doctors do not recommend making sealed covers for these blanks. The use of simple nylon helps reduce the risk of infection with botulism.
  • Salted mushrooms can not be stored for more than six months, but the pickled period is given for a year.

Interesting recipes

Milk in a spicy marinade


  • mushrooms( only white);
  • leaves of currant and cherry;
  • a pair of garlic cloves.

Marinade: a liter of water is added a tablespoon of sugar and a couple of the same spoons of salt. Still need to put a laurel - 1 leaf, peas of pepper - 5-7 pieces, you can add a carnation.

Add a teaspoon of 9% vinegar to a liter jar. Vinegar is placed directly in the banks in the last turn.

Washed mushrooms soaked and boiled, then drained and washed. Ready marinade is added to the mushrooms, brewed for a quarter of an hour - boils constantly, but on low heat.

Black mushrooms, salted with horseradish


  • black mackerel;
  • leaves of black currant and horseradish;
  • laurel leaf - two medium;Dill - umbrellas with
  • .
  1. Mushrooms are processed, the legs are cut and soaked for a day or more in cool water, periodically replacing it.
  2. At the bottom of a large enameled pot spread horseradish leaves and fill them with salt( it is better to take a large one).
  3. The mays are laid out in layers of approximately five centimeters, so that the caps look down. Lay the layers with salt. On top of the last layer of salt lay the currant leaves, cover with a cotton napkin and put under pressure for a couple of months.
  4. If a brine does not appear in a couple of days, the weight should be heavier.
  5. Saved salted mushrooms in the cold - in the refrigerator or cellar.
Blanks for the winter
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