How to keep the bread fresh for longer

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Hardly anything attracts so much smell and taste like fresh, still warm bread or a croissant, which the baker just took out of the oven. But sometimes the next day, the fragrance is lost, and, in the end, with incorrect storage mold is formed. And mold toxins are very harmful to our body: they can cause damage to the liver or kidneys, vomit, weaken the defenses of the body and even, with prolonged exposure, can trigger cancer.


  1. Why does the bread deteriorate
  2. Bread storage times
  3. Where to store bread
  4. Can bread be stored in the refrigerator?
  5. When it's time to discard bread
  6. How to prevent the formation of mold
  7. How to use dry bread

Quite often bread gets into household waste. According to research in 2012, about 20% of bread and pasta from 11 million tons of food products are deposited in garbage containers. This not only causes damage to the environment, but also costs a lot of money. How to keep the bread fresh? A little knowledge will help to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Why does bread grow old?

Food chemists talk about rehydration. This is the process by which starch in bread, which binds water to baking, releases it in time. This moisture then rises to the surface of the product and evaporates, and the bread becomes stale. If the bread lies, for example, in a plastic bag, then "thanks to" this moisture it becomes moldy.

How long are bread and pastries stored?

The taste is the best bread - especially white - fresh from the bakery. Thus, ideally it is better to buy it more often in small quantities.

Generally speaking, the more wheat flour in bread, the faster it ages. Nevertheless, the aging of the bread largely depends on the storage conditions.

Bread and bakery products remain fresh for about the next time:

  • bread from wheat: up to two days;
  • mixed-wheat: from two to four days;
  • mixed-rye: from three to five days;
  • rye: from four to six days;
  • bread from wholemeal flour: from seven to nine days.

Bread and biscuits remain in the package for up to one year. More complex general recommendations for biscuits and cakes, because they consist of very different types of dough and stuffing. Dry biscuits can be stored for up to several months;puff pastries, yeast cakes are best fresh;most cakes are stored for several days.

Where is the best place to store bread?

To keep the bread and buns fresh for longer, they are best kept at room temperature in a place that is neither wet nor dry. Bakers recommend clay pots, but suitable and well-closed plastic containers. In wooden bread-bins, the smell of wood can be taken over. Paper bags, which wrapped bread in bakeries, are also good enough.

The plastic bags are controversial: because of the high humidity, their contents quickly deteriorate, becoming moldy. The cookie is well stored in foil;pies wrapped in foil is not recommended because of the possible reaction of acid from the filling with aluminum.

Is it possible to store bread in the refrigerator?

Refrigerator, as a rule, is not a good place to store bread or biscuits. Products there are aging much faster. There is only one exception: white bread or toasts should be stored in the refrigerator if the apartment is warm and humid. In addition, cakes and pies with cream and fruit should be stored in the refrigerator, but no more than one or two days.

No problem, however, with freezing all bakery products. Packed in packages for freezing, they easily stand for many weeks or even several months. Ideally, they should be frozen in batches for convenient defrosting. It takes almost 5 hours to unfreeze the whole product.

When is it necessary to dispose of bread?

If mold marks are visible on the surface, you must discard the bread for safety reasons. Bread with green or white spots should also go to the trash. Moldy fruit pie must be discarded. Due to its high water content, the mold spreads very quickly.

If pests such as moths are eaten in flour or pasta, these foods are not recommended for eating.

How to prevent mold formation?

Mold can become a problem, rather, in the warm season. The most important preventive measure is the storage of bread in a clean, washed with the addition of vinegar container, well dried paper towel. Under such conditions, the bread will last from one to two weeks.

How can I use dry bread?

If the bread is a little dry, it can be sprinkled with water and heated in a microwave or oven. More stale is used in salads, French toast or soup. Stale bread can be rubbed and used as breadcrumbs.

But it's better, of course, to keep the bread fresh for a longer time. We hope that the above recommendations will help you in this.

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