Exercises for press with wheel

A gymnastic wheel is a sporting device that is used to strengthen the muscles of the press. Exercises with the roller are quite complex, but with the help of such exercises get rid of fat deposits and tighten the skin in the waist area in a relatively short time. This projectile is a small diameter roller with two handles on each side. It takes up very little space in the room and is affordable, which gives it great advantages over the most modern exercise machines for strengthening the muscles of the press.

  • Efficiency of exercises for press with wheel
  • Recommendations for doing exercises with wheel
  • Exercise complex with wheel for muscles of press
  • Exercise 1 - Swing
  • Exercise 2 - Hold
  • Exercise 3 - Body lift
  • Exercise 4 - Skate wheel with bent knees
  • Exercise 5 - Raising the body in the sitting position
  • Exercise 6 - Riding the wheel on straight legs
  • Exercise 7 - Swing to the sides

Efficiency of the exercises for the press with the wheel

Experienced argumentconsider changing gymnastic wheel most efficient way to pump up the press, as during exercise on the abdominal muscles have to pretty big load. Training with a roller works well for the lower press, which can not be done with other types of gymnastics. This is especially true for women who want to clean the tummy after childbirth.

In addition, during exercise, the load is distributed to the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms, back and thighs. This allows you to use the gymnastics roller as a universal means for forming a slender body. After the first session, you can feel the tension of all muscle groups. Judging by the reviews, after a month of training the body becomes more fit and slim.

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Recommendations for performing exercises with the wheel

The first few sessions for beginners are difficult, therefore, in order not to overload the muscles, it is recommended to perform 5-10 approaches. To achieve the result, you need to do 3-5 times a week. After about 3-4 weeks you will already notice the effect of training. It is worth noting that the difficulty of performing exercises depends on the diameter of the roller. The smaller the size of the wheel, the more load you have on the muscles.

During the training it is important to observe the following rules:

  • breath control - to perform slopes or roll-ups necessary for inspiration, and to return to the initial position on exhalation;
  • before training it is recommended to do a short warm-up and 1-2 cardio exercises;
  • on the floor it is desirable to lay a mat to avoid pressure of the knees on the floor.

Classes with this sport equipment are not recommended for people with diseases of the spine and cardiovascular system, so consult a doctor before starting the workout.

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A set of exercises with a wheel for the muscles of the press

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Exercise 1 - Swing

Get on your knees. Sports roller pick up and put in front of you. Leaning against the floor and transferring the weight of the body to the wheel, on the inspiration, slowly move forward along the floor. In this case, watch the position of the body. The back should be straight, do not bend the lower back. Hands are straight, do not touch the surface of the floor with the body. The load during training, first of all, falls on the muscles of the back, the press and hands. Move forward, and on exhalation gradually return to the starting position. Do 2 approaches 10 times.

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Exercise 2 - Hold

Get on your knees. Sprinkle on the floor, holding onto the sports roller. Now, straining the muscles of the press, lower the body, rolling the wheel forward. Lowering as low as possible, hold the position for 20-30 seconds, then slowly rise. During the retention on the muscles of the press there is a fairly strong load, so this exercise allows you to effectively affect this area.

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Exercise 3 - Lifting the

Tilt the body down and press your palms into the floor. Fasten the feet on the gymnastic wheel handles. Roll the roller as close as possible to the palms of your hands, your hips are lifted upwards, and your palms are parallel to your shoulders. Now gradually move the wheel with your legs back, using the muscles of the press, thighs and calf muscles. At each rise of the body, try to drive the wheel as close as possible. The maximum distance will depend on your plasticity. This type of training helps to develop body flexibility. Perform 15 body lifts.

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Exercise 4 - Rolling wheel with bent knees

Lay your hands on the floor, straighten your legs, and place your feet on the gymnastic wheel. The palms should be parallel to the shoulders. From this position, roll the roller closer to your hands, bending your knees under yourself. Try to keep your knees pressed to your chest. This is an excellent training not only for the muscles of the press, but also for the hips. Make 10-15 rolls.

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Exercise 5 - Lifting the body in the sitting position

Lie on the floor, put your feet on the gymnastic wheel. Cross your arms behind your head, and begin lifting the body, as with the usual push-up. During training, you need to hold the roller with your feet, so that it does not roll back forward. Raise the body to the maximum height, without bending the back in the chest area. Perform 15 lifts.

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Exercise 6 - Riding the wheel on straight legs

Stand straight, place the legs parallel to the shoulders. Take the wheel in your hands and lower it to the floor. Begin rolling the roller forward, completely lowering the chest to the floor. Then return to the starting position. Exercise is quite difficult, so at the initial stage of training beginners will have to perform 5 rolls.

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Exercise 7 - Swing to the sides

The starting position is on your knees. Take the wheel and put it in front of you. Begin to roll the projectile forward, return to its original position, then roll the wheel to the left, again to the starting position, and to the right. Do 10 repetitions in each direction. This exercise helps to work out the lateral muscles of the press.


I had such a wheel, or rather my mom presented it. Load on the press, for the untrained person is crazy, and for the athletes, of course the most! !)))

Irina Golovenko

The most effective and more or less feasible for an ordinary( unsportsmanlike) girl is the sixth exercise. At runtime, all muscle groups of the press are involved. The dream of a flat tummy can very quickly come true if you do it right. Do not forget to eat properly 🙂


Exercises for the press with the wheel, although heavy, but very effective and you can really achieve good results in a short time. I know this not by hearsay, as I often do at home with such a roller for the press. By the way, in the article I found some new exercises for myself, so I take myself to the note, only for this it is necessary to purchase a roller with leg fasteners.


How difficult it is at first to cope with the wheel. More often it coped with me).But the results of such exercises are simply amazing. And it's much more interesting to deal with than just rocking the press lying down.

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