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The number "13" has always been considered a sign of evil spirit from time immemorial. For this reason, people usually try to avoid everything connected with this mystical figure. But there are inevitable things. For example, different dates, directly related to the "fucking dozen".Today, let's talk about the anniversary of 13 years: what kind of wedding, what is its symbol, how to celebrate and what to give.

What is this wedding?

Thirteen-year joint life has two names:

  • "lace wedding";
  • «lily-of-the-valley wedding».

The lace of this anniversary is called for the following reasons:

  1. The fates of a man and a woman living side by side, like threads of lace, are woven together. Which pattern is formed in this case depends entirely on how harmoniously the couple's relationship develops.
  2. How to weave lace is time-consuming, and the establishment of family life is not in one year.
  3. The work of lace makers is very laborious and requires attention. It is worth doing one wrong move, and the pattern will be irretrievably corrupted. So, on the 13th anniversary of the wedding, the spouses should once again remember that it is necessary to carefully preserve the relationships that have been intertwined for years.

Lily of the valley wedding is also named not accidentally. The fact is that our ancestors considered the number "13" a symbol of renewal, a new life. Lily of the valley is a perennial plant. Fading, he is reborn every spring. So in family life. If the relationship begins to come to the stage of extinction, the lily-of-the-valley wedding is an occasion to refresh the former passion, and perhaps to think about something completely new, for example, the construction of a house or the birth of a baby.

As celebrated 13 years of joint life

  • This anniversary is celebrated in a circle of close relatives and trusted friends. It is believed that extra people can bring unnecessary negativity into the home and discord in the family.
  • The room where the celebration will take place is decorated with white or cream flowers. Ideally, it should be lilies of the valley. But since they are really only to be found in May, you can replace them with any colors for the season.
  • You should inspect the curtains on the windows. Of course, it would be good to buy a new lace tulle. But if this is not possible, you need to wash and bleach the one already available.
The festive table requires special attention. It should be laid light lace tablecloth, not necessarily expensive. A plastic version or even an ordinary tulle over a canvas of contrasting color is quite suitable. Under the plates, you can put napkins with lace trim, prepared in advance.

When serving the table it is advisable to use silver or silvered cutlery and crystal glasses. Silver has been known from time to time to scare away the creation of darkness, and the sound of crystal can not stand evil spirits.

You should think about special dishes."Lacy" patterns from mayonnaise on salads and delicate dough molding on a large family pie, thin pancakes with holes, snacks from eggs in the form of flowers will come at an opportune time.

This day members of the family wear the attire corresponding to the anniversary. They should be light or white with lace and floral elements.

Young women and girls can wear blouses of guipure or dresses trimmed with lace or shimmering. On the head will look good decorative tape with a lace bow or flowers. Mature ladies will decorate an openwork shawl or stole.

Men can insert a handkerchief with a thin lace strip into the breast pocket or pin the jacket to the jacket.

Jewelry on this day is best chosen from silver, pearls or crystal.

Rites and traditions

Every important date in a person's life is associated with traditions that have developed over the centuries and special rituals. For 13 years of marriage, one should take care of protecting one's hearth from the influence of hostile forces. Let us dwell in more detail on the symbolic rituals that are recommended to be held on this day.

  1. "Interweaving hearts".The husband and wife should pull out the thread from the old woolen clothes and twist each other's wrists or fingers. In this way they symbolically "tie" good thoughts and feelings and drive away all bad things.
  2. "De-structuring the house".
    A housekeeper, or master, although a domestic spirit, nevertheless refers to the evil spirit. Therefore, on thirteen-year-old life together it was necessary to give it before. It was believed that then he would not indulge, but continue to keep the house.
    In the old days, it was customary to tuck in a lace handkerchief under the stove. Nowadays, a gift can be put under the battery - the quietest and warmest place in the room.
  3. Weaving of wreaths. Since the main concepts of this day were weaving and knitting, the hostess of the house, together with the children, wove wreaths-amulets from the stems of nettle and young aspen branches. Of course, the occupation is not the most pleasant, but such items hung on the gates or doors of the house scared away all evil spirits.
  4. Knitting of brooms. The head of the family from the same materials made a broom and swept the house, symbolically clearing it of negative energy.
  5. Cobwebbing. A natural "weaver" is a spider. But people have never appreciated his products. It was believed that Satan himself endowed the spider with the ability to weave lace from the void. If in a lace anniversary of the family found in the house of a spider, then it threatens great trouble. Therefore, during the cleaning of the , before the celebration, it was necessary to check all the nooks of the room and remove the cobwebs.
  6. Planting birches. This tree is considered a symbol of fertility and renewal. In addition, it can drive away evil dreams and evil spirits. On the 13th anniversary of our joint life, to protect our dwelling from dark entities, the whole family went out into the street and planted a birch near the house. On the seedling tied a thin strip of lace.

What can you give

In the most "mystical" anniversary of a joint life, relatives and close friends give a couple a thing related to protection from spoiling, as well as symbolizing prosperity and strong family ties.

  1. The mistress of the house is presented with a bouquet of lilies of the valley. They symbolize tenderness and purity, and also spread around themselves waves of positive energy. Only two things should be considered. Firstly, lilies of the valley do not tolerate the neighborhood of other flowers. Next to them they fade very quickly. Secondly, the bouquet can not be put in the bedroom, since its aroma causes a headache.
  2. Wicker, lace or crocheted things will become an excellent gift, for example: decorative napkins, curtains, pots, tablecloths, baskets for bread, baking or fruit.
  3. In home use always useful and bedding. By the anniversary, you can pick up kits with lace inserts or with a floral pattern.
  4. A young husband can present lace toilet items to his wife. A spouse at an age will approach an openwork shawl crocheted, or a scarf-cobweb.
  5. The owner of the house will probably love the knitted things( sweater, scarf or jacket).If a woman is engaged in needlework, she can present her favorite lace butterfly or heart.
  6. As a souvenir, there are various statuettes or amulets made of birch or pine wood.

Knowing what the 13th wedding anniversary is called and what you need to do on this day, you can organize a wonderful and memorable family holiday.

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