Fashionable jeans: spring-summer trends of 2016

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  • Main fashion trends
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Jeans continue to be the most sought-after garment. Typically, stylish trends are more interested in the beautiful half of humanity, but men also try to keep up with the times and keep up with fashion. The long-awaited heat is just around the corner, it's time to talk about which fashionable spring-summer jeans will be worn by representatives of both sexes.

Women's jeans models, summer-2016

For women's jeans models, presented in the latest collections of famous designers, characterized by a maximum departure from the classical direction and bold decisions.

Conservative girls have nothing to fear: the classic will never go out of fashion, but the trend of the spring-summer season will be the rule "the more creative, the better."Strict canons tend not to dictate.

In fashion and vintage flare, and frank skinny, and democratic boyfriends, but the setting for the summer is this: jeans should emphasize the individual style and uniqueness of their possessor.

Scuffed jeans

At the peak of popularity, there remain jeans flares that came to us from the 70s of last century and firmly established in the wardrobes of modern women of fashion. In the coming season, designers offer both shortened versions, and an elongated bottom, fringe and wide legs, resembling bells.


And thin and gorgeous girls are perfect jeans for men's cut. That's why boyfriends deserve the sincere love of women of fashion all over the world. For the summer period, stylists recommend to acquire a shorter model.

Jeans with lapels

Joggings - a highlight of the spring-summer season. It is not necessary to purchase this model, you can tuck your beloved jeans in the belly, so the familiar image will get a new interpretation.


Actual and seductive tight models, however, the main accents are made for a high landing. Outrageous girls like skinnels with stripes in the form of fringes, contrasting in color bands, ornaments from large applications and eyelets framing neat holes on the legs.


Ragged jeans have somewhat lost their positions, but many designers have included them in their collections, making the legs straight and decorating them with large, torn holes in the knee area. The shabby zones can be additionally whitened, which creates an effective contrast between surfaces having different texture.

Multi-layered jeans

It's a little strange that the eminent couturier, despite the fact that the summer period does not need warm clothes, bet on multi-layer models consisting of trousers and skirts. Products are made of monochrome denim. Fashionable jeans this summer can be both narrow and wide, skirts - mini or midi, freely falling down folds.

High fit

Very popular models with a high fit that allow full girls to visually hide the flaws of the figure, in particular, the wide hips.

Basic Trends of

  1. Fringes in the form of stripes or on the bottom of the pants.
  2. Original printed prints and inserts.
  3. Two-color jeans.
  4. Eyelets - decor with metal or plastic elements.
  5. Volumetric overhead pockets in the front.
  6. Finishing with buttons.
  7. Short trousers with a wide elastic band at the bottom of the legs.
  8. Patchwork( patchwork denim).
  9. Floral ornament, exquisite abstraction, cage.
  10. Decor in the form of scuffs, patches, cuts, decorative seams, edges.
  11. The effect of negligence in detail: the rough edges of the pockets and the torn line of the pants.
  12. Additional decorations in the form of sequins, bright accessories, metallized thread.
  13. Perforation, lacing, contrasting inserts, giving the impression of spray paint.

The current color palette of

The success of jeans depends largely on their color. In spring and summer, the following colors are popular:

  • white - mast-hev of the summer season;
  • is a traditional dark blue and all its shades;
  • is a noble gray;
  • saturated blue;
  • universal hacks.

Monochrome denim products predominate, but jeans made of contrasting fabrics such as coffee and salad, yellow and blue are also welcome.

Men's jeans for the summer-2016

And now let's see what surprises the designers prepared for the stronger sex. Contrary to the general misconception that men's clothing does not shine with variety, summer collections of jeans indicate the opposite.

Here we can see both traditional models, and creative, outrageous. There is a tendency to move away from narrowed skinnies and appeal to a sporting style.


Traditional style takes place to be, however, and it has undergone some changes, jeans have become shorter by a couple of centimeters and already. The products are made of standard denim without the addition of pulling synthetic threads, characteristic for the skin.


Fell in love not only with women, but also with men. A distinctive feature is the neat width of the pants, unlike the shapeless and dimensionless last year's models in the style of king size. Today these are ordinary wide pants, decorated with original decor elements, for example, patch pockets or suspenders.

Or narrow

For men with impeccable physique fit tight pants, emphasizing muscular legs and lack of abdomen. The key to success is that jeans are matched to fit.

Ragged jeans

Products in the style of grunge attract a somewhat aggressive design. If previously tattered pants were relevant exclusively for creative young people, now, thanks to the growing popularity, grunge is the prerogative of not only young men who are trying to demonstrate their rebellious spirit, but also men of more mature age.

Fashionable lapel

Traveled from the women's wardrobe and firmly established in the men's wardrobe. Ideal for hot summer, jeans with joggings are pleasing with a variety of color solutions and different textures.


In summer, men will wear even flared jeans, however, shortened, with a very small flare. This model will be interesting to look with moccasins.

Main Fashion Trends of

  1. Appliques made of both denim and other fabric.
  2. Large pockets on the hips.
  3. Large holes and holes through which a naked body or a sewn fabric of contrasting color is shining.
  4. Patchwork patchwork technique.
  5. Metal rivets, but in a less aggressive form than in last year's collections.
  6. Natural abrasion on the buttocks and front parts of the pants.
  7. Various belts made of rough leather.
  8. Multilayer top combined with jeans.
  9. Wide cuffs at the bottom of the pants.
  10. Stitches finished with contrasting threads.

Color scale

If for a cold season models with classic shades are preferred, then for summer a bright or bright palette is more suitable.

  • Stylists recommend light gray and sky-blue shades, the real hit is crystal-white, though, it is appropriate only in dry hot weather. For rainy summer days it is better to choose more practical models.
  • Welcome monochrome staining and whitened front and back thighs and buttocks.
  • Often there are models with a visual effect of creases, which create unpainted folds in the zone of the tube and under the knees from behind. In general, we can say that for men's jeans, fashionable this summer, are characterized by naturalness and naturalness.
  • Color jeans also found a place in designer collections, but to a lesser extent. Basically, these are free models visually reminiscent of "bananas" from the distant 80's.

New collections of fashionable spring-summer jeans in 2017 amaze with a variety of creative models, but rely solely on the canons of fashion and blindly follow them not worth it. Creating a unique stylish image can be achieved only by passing through the prism of their own perception and taste of fashion trends.


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