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All newlyweds dream of a better design of the world, but for some reason they are often limited to a standard ceremony: similar brides, identical grooms, motley crowdguests and absolutely identical design of wedding processions and halls. Do you want to make the main event of life memorable, bright, unique? Then a green wedding is for you! Fresh and bright, noble and calm - the green color fits perfectly into any style of the holiday, and among the many shades it is easy to pick up the one that the newlyweds will like.

Color symbolism

Wedding in green color will suit a wide variety of people: cheerful or serious, young or mature, cocky or elegant. This color does not irritate the eyes, invigorates and soothes at the same time. Greenness fills the atmosphere of the holiday with harmony, with energy of life.

In different countries green has its own symbolism:

  • The Irish consider it a symbol of fun, joy, rejoicing.
  • Hindus in the green are hidden hope, peace, tranquility.
  • Muslims associate green with a garden of paradise.
  • The Chinese associate this color with youth, life potential.
The green wedding will look very fresh, vivid, bright, and if you associate the design with the symbolism of color, then young people will find prosperity, happiness and prosperity.

When planning a wedding ceremony, the groom and the bride can choose one of many shades of green to suit their character:

  • Grassy - all the tones from gentle to saturated will be especially appealing to supporters of ecology, naturalness, naturalness. Successfully combined with warm shades of white, yellow, purple, red, gold. Ideal at any time of year, especially in summer.
  • Emerald - noble and reserved shades, symbolizing luxury, depth of feelings, calmness, stability. Color will give the event an official, business style. As color-companions can be used white, gold, silver, dark purple, beige. Ideal for a wedding in the winter or late autumn.
  • Lime - a fresh tone for optimistic and joyful people who want to share their mood with others. You can supplement the bright shade of lime with white, yellow, pink flowers. This summer color, fills the atmosphere with warmth, freshness.
  • Mint - a pastel shade of green for romantic natures. Tenderness, elegance, touching - these are its distinctive features. It is effectively combined with silver and other pastel shades: pink, lilac, blue, vanilla. Ideal for a spring wedding.
  • Olive - for confident conservatives. Dilute it impregnations of white, gold, brown, copper color. Suitable for autumn activities.

Green wedding celebrated by those who are not afraid of difficulties are always open to new things.

Such decoration of the celebration is relevant at any time of the year, in the winter it reminds of summer. And in a warm period, the wedding can be played in nature, in the park, in the garden. Grass and trees are a natural frame of the holiday.

Ideas for a wedding in green

Wedding in green colors gives a huge space for imagination, the implementation of the most daring ideas. Subjects of the event can be any, but the most interesting look peculiar stylizations:

  1. Irish style - characterized by all the shades of lush grass, brown, floral ornaments( ivy, clover, wildflowers), floral wreaths.
  2. Scottish color - in the registration involved dark green hues, cage, a combination with red or blue flowers, sheepskins on the walls and furniture.
  3. Renaissance - rich greens, gold and milky shades. Openwork tablecloths, elegant crystal dishes and a lot of lush colors.
  4. Military - strict lines, olive and khaki in decoration, ascetic decoration.
  5. The harvest festival - natural shades of greenery, compositions from green apples.
  6. Экостиль - natural fabrics, muted shades of green all tones, an abundance of live wild flowers, earthenware.
Thinking over the design of the green wedding, remember that everything is fine in moderation. It is not necessary to use only one color for registration, it will look heavy, and in some cases even completely tasteless.
Dilute the green color, depending on its hue, white, gold, red, pink, gray, yellow, etc. Additional colors can be several, but it is better to limit two or three to not turn the holiday into a riot of colors.

White-green wedding

White-green wedding is a win-win option. The combination of these colors looks fresh, elegant, demonstrates the immaculate taste of the newlyweds. With white, absolutely all shades of green are combined. Mint or pistachio will become the basis of a touching, romantic ceremony, and emerald - a strict, elegant, restrained.

You should start with invitations, designed in this gamma. Bride's bouquet is better made of white-green lush colors: tulips, half-dissolved chrysanthemums, gladioli, callas, roses, bells. The bride's outfit can be left white, supplemented with green accessories: emerald ornaments, spectacular hairpin, bright shoes, belt, train, etc. The hairdo can be supplemented with green ribbons or an original floral wreath. Dresses for bridesmaids can be entirely green, complemented with white belts, ornaments.

The groom can put on a green suit. But if this step seems too radical, then a classic gray, black or beige jacket can be complemented by a snow-white shirt with bright green accessories: tie, belt, cufflinks, buttonhole, scarf.

If the wedding is celebrated in nature, then it is necessary to install white tents, pull garlands with paper lanterns between them. Decorate the grand arch, seeing it with greens and white flowers.

Decoration of the hall

At the design of the hall are used:

  • Dense green drapes in combination with curtains of white tulle or organza.
  • Balloons of only one or at once two colors, filled with helium.
  • Garlands of white flowers, volume pompons made of paper, hearts, satin ribbons, suspended above the tables.
  • Electric garlands with white warm light.
  • Double tablecloth. The basis is a dense white fabric, the top is green, laid at an angle.
  • Covers for white chairs. You can complement them with satin green ribbons or bows.

Decoration of desks

Tables decorate:

  • White porcelain and transparent glassware.
  • Crystal, glass or porcelain candlesticks with candle-colored candles.
  • Vases with apples of Granny Smith and limes.
  • Bouquets of low colors of white and pale pink shades.

The main treat is a wedding cake. It will effectively look like a multi-tiered design with a smooth glaze color transition from light green to white( from bottom to top).The decoration can serve as cream florets, apple slices or lime circles. Cream is best to choose a pistachio in combination with a light biscuit.

Other combinations of

The same principle should be used to arrange a green wedding with other color accents. Effectively look combinations of green and the following colors:

  1. Turquoise fills the atmosphere with summer heat, a romantic mood brought from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Such a wedding is best celebrated in the fresh air. A gentle variant is represented by pastel shades, and more strict and official - with a rich emerald and dark turquoise. Feel free to combine different textures of textiles, flowers, different in length and volume, colored candles.
  2. Gold - this combination always looks expensive, elegant, noble, moderately strict. Give preference to fabrics with noble shine, china, white flowers, satin ribbons.
  3. Yellow fits perfectly with warm shades of greens. Green-yellow wedding is ideal for nature, the atmosphere is sunny, warm, optimistic. The combination of lime and lemon shades, juicy greens and sunny-yellow look impressive. In the design use fresh fruit: apples, lemons, limes, candles in glass candlesticks, garlands.
  4. Red - a bold combination with green fills the wedding atmosphere of fun, celebration. Red-green wedding should be carefully planned, because an unsuitable choice of colors will spoil the whole impression. Choose between cold tones, always dilute with white, so it does not turn out vulgar. Such a wedding can be stylized in the country, using striped or checkered textiles, lanterns, natural wood, wild flowers in the design.
  5. Blue will suit supporters of restrained elegance. This combination looks noble, but fresh, ideal for the official style. It is good to combine both cold and warm shades, while decorating flowers it is better to use white, yellow.
  6. Pink - gentle shades will complement the juicy greens, and fuchsia will approach the emerald scale.
  7. Gray - the combination looks pretty formal, elegant, serious. The shades of greenery can range from lime or pistachio to a saturated emerald.

Do not focus on standard color solutions, green wedding can be multifaceted. Combine just a few shades of green, complement them with bright or pale tones of contrasting colors, play with invoices. Live flowers and fresh fruit of suitable color scale will always be able to smooth out the sharp corners, will serve as a link between the officiality of the event and fun.

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