The main errors in nutrition

Many people have harmful eating habits and addictions that lead to unpleasant consequences: a violation of digestion, excess weight and even health problems.

Get rid of serious errors in nutrition!

These are the main mistakes that very many of us commit. Getting rid of these habits, you will very quickly feel a surge of strength and energy, better health!

  • The 1st habit is not to have breakfast. This deprives you of the tide of strength and energy, and also pushes for unnecessary unnecessary snacks.
    Remedy: You do not have to force yourself to eat breakfast in the morning, you can simply grab a snack with milk or yoghurt, or toasts from cereal bread with a cup of tea.
  • 2nd habit - to eat from large, large plates. At us on a psychological level the desire to fill a plate completely, to edges and to eat everything that have imposed, is developed to the end. Therefore, the more we have a plate, the more we eat.
    Remedy: Eat small portions of small plates. Not even a very large serving is enough for you. The feeling of saturation should come not because of the amount of food, but because of its balance.
  • 3rd habit - there are at night. This will not only increase weight, but also the disease of the digestive tract.
    Remedy: You can satisfy your hunger with fruit or yogurt. In general, it is advisable not to sit up late and go to bed on time, in a dream we are not haunted by the desire to eat.
  • 4th habit - snack with harmful products( rolls, chips, hamburgers and drink soda).
    Remedy: Learn how to replace harmful products with useful ones: chips - different nuts( hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts);buns and other pastries - bread, toast from grain or malt bread;soda - a mineral water without gas with lemon and honey. Include in the diet of various dried fruits( prunes, figs, dates, dried apricots).
  • 5th habit - quickly there. Often we take food too fast, without even having time to properly chew. This causes a number of negative consequences: we overeat, which is already undesirable for the body, as well as the stomach can not cope with a large amount of unheated food, hence gastritis and other problems with the digestive system.
    Remedy: You need to slowly, slowly and thoroughly chewing food. The time allotted for food intake must be at least 20 minutes. As long as you eat, a sense of satiation must come to you.
  • 6th habit - to seize the stress. Many people think that after eating a chocolate, ice cream, cake, life will be more fun and joyful. As a result, it becomes a habit to constantly eat up unpleasant moments with sweet and high-calorie foods.
    Remedy: Depression is a disease that needs to be treated, but not snacks and food. It's better to change the situation, go to the movies and go for a walk, talk with friends, that is, get distracted from the problems. If this does not help - contact your doctor.
  • 7th habit - do several things and perform at the same time. It is useful in life, but not in the process of eating.
    Remedy: During meals, you should only think about it and not be distracted by watching TV and working on the computer.

Correct mistakes in your diet, and be healthy!

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