Candles Natalsid - an effective remedy for hemorrhoids and related diseases

Hemorrhoids - a disease characterized by thrombosis, inflammation, an increase in hemorrhoidal veins, which form nodes around the lower part of the rectum.

Often the only symptom of the disease is the appearance of blood after bowel movement.

Its amount can be different: from a few drops to jet bleeding.

Another sign of chronic hemorrhoids is the appearance of hemorrhoids around the anus during and after the act of defecation.

With thrombosis and inflammation, there are pains in the anus. In this case, they speak of acute hemorrhoids.

According to statistics, up to 85% of the population suffers from this ailment. And the disease can develop not only in adults, but also in children. You can treat hemorrhoids medically and surgically.

Pharmaceutical preparations use local dosage forms: ointments, liniments, gels, rectal capsules, suppositories.

Candles or suppositories from hemorrhoids are inserted into the rectum, which in Latin "rectum", so they are called rectal. They are used for internal hemorrhoids.

They, inserted into the anal opening, are absorbed through the mucous membrane of the rectum, enter the bloodstream, and here they have a therapeutic effect. One of these remedies for hemorrhoids are Natalsid candles.


  • Ingredients
  • Pharmacological action
  • When and to whom will the drug help?
  • Limitations to be taken into account
  • Side effects of
  • Treatment regimen
  • Use of suppositories by pregnant and lactating women
  • If bleeding has opened
  • Opinion of patients and physicians
  • Price


Natalside is a rectal suppository with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostatic and regenerative effect. The active substance is sodium alginate, extracted from seaweed.

It eliminates all signs of the disease and relieves inflammation.

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As auxiliary ingredients in the formulation of solid fats: supposir and vitepsol. They are needed for preserving the pharmacological activity of sodium alginate, as well as for its uniform distribution throughout the dosage form.

Pharmacological action of

Suppositories of Natalside are included in the treatment regimen of diseases of the rectum. The therapeutic effect is provided by sodium alginate a natural substance extracted from laminaria.

The drug has a hemostatic and regenerative effect, eliminates pain and inflammation. The chemical composition of sodium alginate polymer, which includes:

  1. Alginic acid is capable of adsorbing water. Upon entering the rectum, it swells and passes into a gel that envelops inflamed hemorrhoidal cones. Alginic acid eliminates pain, slows the peristalsis of the intestine and normalizes its emptying, relieves spasm of the sphincter.
  2. Hyaluronic acid activates the reproduction of normal cells of the rectal mucosa, resulting in the regeneration of damaged tissues. The active substance of the candles participates in the synthesis of antibodies, which increase the local immunity of the rectal mucosa and it becomes resistant to the influence of pathogenic microflora. In addition to the analgesic and haemostatic effect, the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect. With daily use of suppositories after 7 days, inflammation decreases, and after 14 days all the symptoms of the disease go away.

When and to whom will the drug help?

Natalsid candles are used for such pathologies:

  • bleeding chronic hemorrhoids;
  • cracks in the anal opening of the epithelialization stage;
  • inflammation of the sigmoid and rectum, including after surgery;
  • colitis.

Limitations to consider

Suppositories of Natalside are contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.

In addition, do not use their children who are not yet 14 years old, becausethere are no clinical data confirming the safety of their appointment in this age group.

Side effects of

As a rule, Natalsid suppositories are transferred well, sometimes skin allergies are possible in the form of peeling, itching or urticaria.

Appearances of allergy require, the drug is canceled and the doctor seeks to change the treatment regimen.

If the therapy is wrong, there is a risk of developing a pararectal abscess.

Therefore, although suppositories Natalsid and have a natural composition, self-treatment by them is not permissible.

Scheme of treatment

Candles are used rectally twice a day, either after a natural bowel movement, or after a cleansing enema.

Before inserting the suppository into the rectum, it must be removed from the package and moistened with water. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor and is usually 1-2 weeks.

Based on the results of treatment, the doctor can prolong the course of therapy, as well as increase the frequency of admission. The dose should be increased gradually first to 3 candles per day, if this is not enough, you can use the medicine 4 times a day.

Candles for pregnant and lactating women

The drug does not have teratogenic and fetotoxic effects, so Natalsid suppositories are approved for use in all three trimesters of pregnancy, and the active substance of the candles does not enter the mother's milk, which means that they can be used for breastfeeding.

No dose adjustment is required for this group of patients. The medicine is inserted in the morning and at night, if necessary, the number of candles per day can be increased to 4 pieces. The course lasts 7-14 days.

The doctor can extend the duration of therapy.

If bleeding has opened

The drug can be used to stop bleeding from the rectum, which can be caused by diseases such as hemorrhoids, intestinal infection, proctitis, sigmoiditis, inflammation of the colon.

To eliminate bleeding, the suppository is injected rectally, pre-cleaning the intestine.

After the introduction of the candle, it is necessary to lie down for half an hour. During this period, bleeding should stop. If this does not happen, call an ambulance immediately.

If bleeding from the rectum is very common, also do not delay the visit to the doctor. This dangerous sign is characteristic not only of hemorrhoids, but also of other serious diseases.

Natalsid candles are allowed to be used with other medicines, as there are no cases of chemical and pharmacological interaction.

Opinion of patients and doctors

Having studied the opinions of patients and doctors who use Natalside suppositories in their practice, it is possible to reveal additional subtleties and nuances of using the drug.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

Hemorrhoids appeared on my 8th month of pregnancy. Constantly bothered by an itch in the anus, hemorrhoids got out, each evacuation of the intestine was accompanied by the release of scarlet blood, it became painful to sit and walk.

I was very afraid to take any medication because of the risk of harming the baby, but the doctor calmed me down, saying that the drug Natalsid is completely natural and it does not have a negative effect on the fetus.

I inserted it in the morning and in the evening for 14 days. I felt relief immediately. On the third day the hemorrhoidal nodes began to decrease in size.

However, because of the threat of miscarriage, I did not make cleansing enemas, but on the second day my stool was normalized, and the need for them disappeared by itself. Although before the treatment began to suffer constipation all the time.

After the birth of the son, the hemorrhoids recovered again, but I again turned to a proven and reliable remedy, since this drug is allowed during lactation.

Rosalia, 30 years old

Unfortunately, quite often pregnancy is accompanied by the appearance of hemorrhoids. This is due to the constant impact of the enlarged uterus on the rectum and stagnant processes in the pelvic area.

Candles Natalsid are a drug of choice in pregnant and lactating women.

Insert them twice a day for 1-2 weeks. The drug has hemostatic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

But, despite its natural composition, a non-prescription vacation, the minimum number of contraindications and side effects, Natalsid's self-treatment with candles is not permissible.

Elena, gynecologist


The average price of candles Natalsid - 350 rubles.

In the drugstore the drug releases without a prescription.

At present, the pharmaceutical industry produces the following structural analogues of Natalseed for the active substance:

  • Alginatol;
  • Sodium alginate.

Analogues for pharmacological action:

  • Relief;
  • Ultraproject;
  • Anusole;
  • Candles with sea buckthorn oil;
  • Proctosan;
  • Proctosedil;
  • Proctogliolol;
  • Flebodia;
  • Detraleks;
  • Venarus.

Any disease and hemorrhoids, including, it is easier to cure at the initial stage, therefore at the first signs of the disease one must immediately register with a doctor and take a full course of therapy.

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